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Social CBD Rest CBD Gel Capsules Isolate THC-Free 30ct Review

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In a world where restful sleep is a coveted treasure, the Social CBD Rest CBD Gel Capsules emerge as a beacon of hope. Known for their dedication to quality and purity, Social CBD, once celebrated as Select CBD, presents this blend as an ally to those in pursuit of tranquility. Each amber bottle cradles 30 capsules, each infused with a substantial 33.33 mg of premium CBD isolate. This formulation is consciously created to be THC-free, serving the needs of those who must steer clear of psychoactive elements or who could be subject to drug screening. What's more, its affordability at merely $0.04 per mg positions these gel capsules as a cost-effective sleep aid for both newcomers and veterans in the world of CBD.

Hands-on Experience

Embarking on a journey with the Social CBD Rest CBD Gel Capsules proved to be an enlightening affair. The minimalistic yet sophisticated packaging immediately impressed with its professional demeanor. Delving into the specifics, the capsules deliver a robust serving of CBD that comes with the added serenity of botanical extracts like passionflower and valerian root, agents of relaxation that I found immensely helpful following days fraught with stress and endless tasks.

Introducing these capsules into my evening routine, I was pleasantly surprised by the notable difference in my sleep onset. The capsules, which are effortless to swallow and gentle on the stomach, blended seamlessly into my health practices. The absence of soy and sugar is an attribute I greatly appreciate, and while the inclusion of coconut oil and yellow beeswax may require attention from those with particular allergies or dietary restrictions, it complemented my needs perfectly.

I adhered to the suggested usage, taking one capsule when needed, discovering that this simple directive was ample for fostering a sense of calm. The beauty of the encapsulated form is the cleanliness and precision it offers – ideal for anyone who values straightforwardness in their health routine.

What We Like About This Product

  • Uncomplicated Ingredients: A fusion of pure CBD isolate with the soothing nature of passionflower and valerian root results in a formula that is both effective and uncluttered.
  • Fully THC-Free: Perfect for those who must avoid THC, these capsules deliver peace of mind along with restful sleep, minus any psychoactive concerns.
  • Convenience Personified: The pre-dosed capsules eliminate guesswork, making daily or occasional use as simple as possible.
  • Accessibility for All: With a price that won’t break the bank, these capsules make exploring CBD benefits for sleep more achievable than ever.


Admirable though they may be, the Social CBD Rest CBD Gel Capsules aren't without their limitations. The inclusion of gelatin in the makeup of the capsule locks out a portion of potential users, namely vegans and certain vegetarians. Furthermore, the presence of MCT Coconut Oil signals a red flag for those with coconut sensitivities. Additionally, while CBD isolate is celebrated for its absence of THC, some may yearn for the entourage effect offered by full-spectrum CBD products.


  • Each bottle is a repository of 1000 mg of refined CBD isolate, split into 30 portions
  • Natural sleep promoters like passionflower and valerian root are thoughtfully included in each capsule
  • A guarantee of zero THC presence ensures a purely non-psychoactive experience
  • An allergy-conscious formula, this product steers clear of soy and sugar, embracing a wider audience
  • Crafted for effortless incorporation into nightly rituals, these capsules support uninterrupted and profound slumber


  • Relaxation: Deliver a serene influence on both body and psyche, setting the stage for restorative slumber.
  • Sleep Support: The thoughtful pairing of CBD with time-honored sleep enhancers fosters a deeper, more rejuvenating sleep cycle.
  • Stress Response: CBD isolate is known for its ability to modulate stress responses, potentially leading to a more composed state of being.
  • Convenience: The straightforward capsule form ensures consistent dosage and an undemanding routine.

Final Verdict

In wrapping up, Social CBD's Rest CBD Gel Capsules stand tall as a formidable ally for those seeking to enhance their sleep without THC's involvement. The harmonious blend of CBD with natural herbal elements, together with its affordability and ease of use, positions it prominently in its class. Although it might not be the go-to for everyone due to its non-vegan formulation and lack of the full-spectrum synergy, it shines as a potential key to unlocking peaceful nights for the discerning consumer. Social CBD has crafted a product with mindful ingredient selection and thoughtful formulation, making it a worthy addition to your pre-slumber ritual.

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