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Solstice and Sun Wild Cherry CBD Taffy 10ct Review

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Imagine marrying the irresistible chew of classic saltwater taffy with the contemporary wellness phenomenon of CBD. Solstice and Sun have crafted exactly that: a delightful CBD Infused Modern Twist Taffy for the discerning candy lover and health-conscious individual alike. This delicious, THC-free delicacy melds familiar textures with the innovative benefits of CBD, offering a Wild Cherry adventure in each 20 mg bite. You'll find ten of these gems in every pack, summing up a generous 200 mg of premium CBD distillate for your wellbeing. Solstice and Sun's vigilance in maintaining the highest quality and purity is evident, with their rigorous third-party testing to reassure you of their standards. Plus, their attention to dietary needs is impressive—vegans, allergy sufferers, and those avoiding dairy and gluten can all indulge without hesitation.

Hands-on Experience

From the first glimpse of Solstice and Sun's bright, inviting package, it's clear that this is a modern take on an old favorite. Their pocket-sized pack makes it a breeze to keep this little luxury within arm's reach. Each piece of taffy is neatly wrapped, keeping the product fresh and making it simple to monitor your CBD intake. Economically priced, the taffy sits as a standout choice for those seeking a cost-effective yet upscale CBD experience. The Wild Cherry flavor bursts forth with a balance of tangy zest and smooth sweetness, artistically concealing the earthy undertones of CBD. The texture? Like a gentle, chewy cloud, evoking pure candy shop nostalgia. For peace of mind, the assurance that each treat is entirely free of THC means you can savor the benefits of CBD without any unintended effects. Their commitment to inclusivity shines through, too, with a recipe thoughtfully devoid of dairy, gluten, and animal products, inviting everyone to enjoy a taste. The package's subtle design and lightweight character make it the perfect companion for discreet enjoyment anywhere, anytime.

What We Like About This Product

  • Masterfully combines the timeless allure of taffy with the modern wonders of CBD.
  • The Wild Cherry flavor charms the senses, beautifully masking any hint of CBD.
  • Product quality and purity verified through third-party tests.
  • Remarkably considerate of diverse dietary needs, ensuring broad accessibility.
  • Strikes a fine balance between luxury and affordability.
  • Maintains a THC-free formulation for those desiring only the essence of CBD.
  • Designed for discretion and ease of transport, without sacrificing style or freshness.


  • Limited to a single flavor, which might not cater to everyone's palate.
  • The 20 mg CBD per piece might fall short for those requiring higher dosages for therapeutic effect.


  • Each piece provides a solid 20 mg dose of CBD, totaling 200 mg per elegantly presented package.
  • Blends the zesty excitement of Wild Cherry with a thoughtful, allergy-friendly formulation.
  • Positioned at a friendly price point, making CBD indulgence more accessible.
  • Free from dairy, gluten, and animal products, welcoming a diverse consumer base.
  • Absolutely zero THC included, ensuring a pure CBD experience.


  • Designed for a delightful and efficient CBD absorption experience.
  • Capable of delivering the serene or therapeutic advantages commonly associated with CBD.
  • Portions out a consistent dosage, supporting regular and predictable consumption.
  • Liberates users from concern over psychoactive reactions due to its 0% THC content.

Final Verdict

Solstice and Sun's CBD Infused Modern Twist Taffy stands as an exemplary innovation for those eager for a delectably discreet CBD delivery system. This boutique blend of quality CBD and nostalgic candy not only pleases the palate but also holds promise for holistic well-being. With an accessible price and an inclusive formulation, it speaks to a broad audience. While the solitary flavor and the dosage may not align with every preference or need, the overall charm and integrity of the product shine through. The Wild Cherry essence has won hearts, and the third-party testing underscores the brand's quality pledge. For those tracing the path to daily CBD integration without psychoactive effects, this taffy can be a joyful touchstone. Whether you're new to CBD or seeking to zest up your ongoing journey, Solstice and Sun's CBD Taffy could be your next step toward balanced wellness.

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