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Hemp Bombs Immunity CBD Gummies 1500mg Review

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Stepping into the limelight among wellness aficionados, Hemp Bombs has further expanded its horizon with its Immunity CBD Gummies. Elegantly housed in a generous bottle that carries 100 gummies, each infused with 15mg of premium CBD, this product boasts an aggregate of 1500mg of CBD. Far from being an ordinary player in the ever-growing realm of CBD edibles, these gummies are crafted with a distinctive formula aimed at bolstering your immune defenses. The inclusion of elderberry extract, renowned for its antioxidant prowess, complements the serene indulgence of CBD. More than mere candies, each gummy is a capsule of well-being, marrying 15mg of CBD with a robust 50mg dose of elderberry—an ideal concoction for daily health support. Lovingly concocted on American soil, these gummies are the fruit of stringent manufacturing standards and are meticulously verified by independent labs to assure both the consistency and the purity that you deserve. The rich essence of grape transforms this daily supplement into a delightful treat, while the robust, full-spectrum hemp extract promises a symphony of cannabinoids, always maintaining a THC content that stays under the 0.3% threshold.

Hands-on Experience

The delivery of Hemp Bombs Immunity CBD Gummies was met with an immediate impression of high-grade professionalism—the packaging exuded trust and excellence. The labels were a testament to transparency, highlighting the product’s purpose to fortify the immune system, with the incorporation of elderberry signifying a comprehensive vision for health and vitality.

When it comes to worth, these gummies stand out. Priced at a modest $0.70 per serving, they represent a shrewd investment in the CBD marketplace, particularly for such a specialized offering. Delving deeper into the economics, the cost-per-milligram of CBD pans out to a mere $0.05, showcasing the product’s affordability for sustained use.

The taste is equally impressive—a delightful surprise, indeed. The grape flavor does an admirable job masking the natural earthy tones of hemp, which can sometimes be less palatable. The gummies have a perfect chew, neither too stubborn nor too delicate, and mercifully, they do not cling to your teeth, an irksome trait common among lesser gummies. I found that whether taken with a meal or on their own, the experience was consistent, although it's worth noting that absorption and effectiveness may differ due to individual metabolic rates.

What We Like About This Product

- The synergistic blend of CBD with elderberry extract takes a two-fold approach to wellness, nurturing both mind and body. - Transparency shines through with clear labeling and comprehensive product details, instilling a sense of trust for the consumer. - The grape flavor is a delightful twist, ensuring the daily supplement routine is both indulgent and enjoyable. - The pricing is attractive, striking a fine balance between affordability and the high-quality, specialized nature of the product. - The gummies are a breeze to incorporate into a daily regimen, offering an effortless approach to health without the fuss of preparation. - Featuring full-spectrum extract, this product promises a complete hemp encounter, enriched with an array of beneficial compounds.


- Individuals with sugar sensitivities or those managing sugar intake may be averse to the gummies' sugar content, as they do contain corn syrup. - Despite its minimal presence, the hint of THC within the full-spectrum extract may give pause to certain users, even though it remains well within the legal limit. - The subjective nature of CBD's effects means that the gummies' impact may not be universal, varying from one person to another.


- Within each gummy lies the potent combination of 15mg of CBD alongside 50mg of elderberry extract. - Assurance comes with the territory, as each batch is scrutinized by independent labs to guarantee top-tier quality. - The full-spectrum hemp extract, a product of USA-grown industrial hemp, is integral to the formula. - Encased in a substantial 100-count bottle, these gummies offer longevity for the dedicated user. - Conscientious consumers can take solace: these treats are devoid of artificial sweeteners, gluten, and common allergens.


  • The calming properties associated with CBD may contribute significantly to a holistic sense of wellness.
  • With elderberry's antioxidant capabilities, these gummies are allies in supporting robust immune function.
  • They may also aid in enhancing sleep quality and managing stress, contributing to a balanced lifestyle.
  • The presence of full-spectrum CBD could induce the much-vaunted entourage effect for a richer experience.
  • Differences in individual metabolism and body chemistry underscore that the effects can be as unique as the user.

Final Verdict

The Hemp Bombs Immunity CBD Gummies are a testament to innovation in the burgeoning sphere of CBD supplements, concocting a harmonious blend of CBD's calming effects with the immune-boosting virtues of elderberry. A feast for the taste buds and a boon for well-being, the grape-flavored gummies artfully balance enjoyment with health benefits. While a perfect match for consumers eager to weave CBD into their daily lives, it's wise to consider specific dietary preferences and sensitivities. Nonetheless, for a broad swath of wellness seekers desiring a trustworthy, palatable, and immune-supporting CBD option, these gummies stand out as an exemplary selection, deserving of the investment.

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