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Bluebird Botanicals Signature CBD Oil Softgels 60ct Review

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For those who wish to integrate the wellness benefits of CBD into their daily routine with utmost convenience, the Bluebird Botanicals Signature CBD Oil Softgels present a stellar choice. Wrapped in the form of easy-to-consume capsules, each softgel is a tiny powerhouse containing 15 mg of CBD, amassing to a robust 900 mg in every bottle of 60. Crafted by a pioneer in the hemp sphere, this product is the answer for people who desire the holistic properties of full-spectrum CBD whilst steering clear of the earthy hemp undertones.

With the backing of a brand that doesn't waver in its quest for excellence, Bluebird Botanicals' commitment shines through their B Corp Certification and their stringency in adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices. It's not just CBD that graces these softgels, but also the presence of wildcrafted Frankincense and organic black cumin seed oil, infusing each capsule with an added layer of therapeutic goodness. Tailored for the discerning, these vegan capsules are free from animal testing, glyphosate, and are birthed from the finest Canadian industrial hemp, ensuring that you're receiving a product that doesn't compromise on health-centric virtues.

Hands-on Experience

When I first laid hands on the Bluebird Botanicals Signature CBD Oil Softgels, the packaging immediately spoke volumes about the brand's professionalism and attention to detail. It's thoughtfully designed for folks with an active lifestyle. True to claims, the softgels are without any notable taste, making the experience quite agreeable, especially for those who might shy away from the characteristic flavor profile of hemp extracts.

Fiscally, it's a win too. At $0.75 per serving, and a mere $0.05 for every milligram of CBD, it positions itself as an economical contender amidst its full-spectrum peers. The inclusion of the aforementioned sophisticated botanicals and the brand's ethical pledge only serves to amplify the perceived worth of these softgels in the eyes of a judicious buyer.

Throughout my personal sampling phase, I hewed to the suggested use, downing one softgel up to four times daily. Sliding seamlessly into my day-to-day, the softgels were not only a cinch to swallow but also left no lingering aftertaste to contend with. In terms of storage, they're fuss-free, requiring no chilling, and boast a generous two-year shelf life that promises enduring freshness.

What We Like About This Product

  • The pure convenience and subtlety of the soft gel capsules
  • A rich full-spectrum CBD formula augmented by additional plant-based ingredients
  • Financial accessibility and overall cost efficiency
  • The commendable ethics of a B Corp Certified entity
  • Formulations that heed the callings of health-aware individuals: wholly vegan, rigorously cruelty-free, and resolutely glyphosate-free
  • Impressive longevity and uncomplicated storage requirements


  • A singular potency option of 15 mg per capsule may limit customization for users' varying needs
  • The full-spectrum formula, while rich in plant compounds, might not be the best fit for those sensitive to THC, even though it remains below the 0.3% legal threshold


There are several marquee features that give the Bluebird Botanicals softgels a certain luster. This high-grade, full-spectrum CBD encapsulation embodies ease and user-friendliness. It draws on the unique properties of wildcrafted Frankincense and organic black cumin seed oil, potentially bolstering anti-inflammatory responses and fortifying the immune system, setting it apart from more generic offerings.


  • Simplified daily CBD consumption free from the typical hemp taste
  • The promise of overarching wellness benefits thanks to the full-spectrum blend
  • The added botanical constituents may confer anti-inflammatory support and enhance immunity
  • Excluding mind-altering effects with THC levels securely under 0.3%
  • May pose a limitation for those whose needs dictate higher CBD dosages per intake

Final Verdict

In the pantheon of CBD products, the Bluebird Botanicals Signature CBD Oil Softgels carve out a special niche, marrying quality with practicality for those seeking to weave CBD into their everyday health practices. The brand's dedication to principled production, paired with a thoughtful curation of beneficial botanicals, presents a compelling proposition for consumers aiming for a well-rounded health approach.

While the product's concentration and trace THC content could present minor stumbling blocks for a handful of users, it stands as an exemplary choice for a broad spectrum of CBD enthusiasts. If your quest involves a convenient, neutrally flavored, and ethically crafted CBD product, these softgels from Bluebird Botanicals are undeniably a commendable option to contemplate.

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