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Koi CBD Nighttime Rest Full Spectrum Gummies Black Cherry 30ct Review

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Step into the tranquil embrace of the night with Koi Naturals' exclusive remedy for the sleep-seeking soul. Each Black Cherry-flavored gummy offers a sanctuary of restorative cannabinoids, skillfully interwoven to foster slumber. Nestled within this treasure trove are 30 gems, each a mini-bastion of serenity containing 25 mg of CBD, 10 mg of CBN, and 5 mg of delta-9 THC. This concoction isn't merely a nod to nocturnal bliss—it embodies Koi Naturals' unyielding dedication to the confluence of craftsmanship, purity, and the sheer pleasure of a good night's rest.

Hands-on Experience

Right from the start, the product's presentation captivates. Encased in packaging that marries function with elegance, the gummies promise freshness with every use. Affordability meets excellence here, revealing a thoughtful pricing strategy that doesn't skimp on quality.

The very essence of Black Cherry bursts forth upon the first taste, creating a genuine fruit experience that skillfully drowns out any trace of hemp's earthiness. Simplicity reigns in the recommended use—a single gummy before bedtime slotting seamlessly into evening rituals.

The brand's commitment to openness is laudable. Accessible third-party lab results forge a bond of trust, while the gummies' American provenance in cGMP compliant facilities, allied with domestically cultivated hemp, showcase an unwavering quest for superior caliber.

What We Like About This Product

  • The strategic trifecta of CBD, CBN, and Delta-9 THC join forces to usher in a restful sleep.
  • The Black Cherry flavor provides a delightful veil, disguising the natural hemp backdrop.
  • Pricing is fair, complemented by unambiguous dosage guidance.
  • Third-party validations of purity and consistency infuse confidence.
  • Homegrown manufacturing processes reflect a commitment to quality.


Despite the gummies' many virtues, there's room for pause, particularly concerning the subtle presence of delta-9 THC, which, while legally compliant, may not resonate with everyone's wellness philosophy. The anticipated wait of up to an hour for effects may require some foresight. Moreover, the subjective nature of cannabinoids warrants a mention—individual experiences may differ, reminding us of our unique biological dances with such substances.


  • Expertly crafted cannabinoid profiles in each gummy aim to enhance sleep quality.
  • Full-spectrum CBD extract enriches the entourage effect, enveloping users in a holistic experience.
  • Federal compliance guarantees peace of mind, with THC levels within the legal embrace.
  • A timely onset of effects, unfolding within a predictable window, caters to evening planning.
  • The convenience of portability marries an unfussy mode of consumption.


  • Sleep Support: A harmonious concert of CBN and Delta-9 THC orchestrates a lullaby for the weary.
  • Relaxation: The artful coalition of cannabinoids is a balm for the senses, easing the body into tranquility.
  • Onset Time: The curtain rises on relaxation within a golden timeframe after indulgence.
  • Taste: The genuine Black Cherry melody sings a sweet serenade, delighting the palate.
  • Accessibility: With compliance under its belt, this product parades confidently on the legal stage.

Final Verdict

The Koi CBD Complete Full Spectrum CBD Gummies – Nighttime Rest encapsulate the essence of what modern consumers crave in a nocturnal aid: an embrace of nature, a dash of delightful flavor, and a well-conceived mix of cannabinoids. The refreshing Black Cherry divergence is a testament to the ability to marry health-oriented goals with pleasurable experiences.

For those seeking a natural adjunct to their twilight rituals, these gummies stand ready. Bearing the seal of Koi Naturals' rigorous quality and purity standards, they earn their place as a trustworthy nighttime companion. Always consult with a healthcare advisor when embarking on a journey with new wellness products, particularly those as potent and promising as these cannabinoid-rich confections.

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