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CBDfx CBG + CBD Muscle & Joint Heating Cream 1:1 Ratio 3000mg Review

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Imagine a trailblazer in the realm of CBD topicals, and you'll find CBDfx's CBG + CBD Cream leading the pack. This revolutionary muscle and joint cream embraces a pioneering approach with a perfectly balanced 1:1 ratio of CBG to CBD. With this blend, they're not just jumping on the cannabinoid bandwagon, but rather steering it with finesse. Their 1.7oz container might look modest, but it's brimming with an impressive 3000mg of each cannabinoid – a testament to their commitment to robust, non-psychoactive relief for those nagging localized aches. The brains behind this broad-spectrum, THC-free concoction are none other than CBDfx, a name synonymous with integrity and innovation in the holistic wellness industry.

In an era where authenticity is gold, CBDfx shines with a philosophy grounded in quality and crystal-clear transparency. They've married organic farming with state-of-the-art CO2 extraction to create products that are friendly to both our bodies and the planet. But they don't stop there – each cream comes with a promise of purity and strength, backed by third-party lab test results that are as reliable as your morning coffee.

Hands-on Experience

Peeling back the layers of CBDfx's CBG + CBD Cream's packaging is like opening a door to meticulous craftsmanship. The design shouts sophistication, mirroring the brand's hawk-eyed attention to the finer things. The jar itself doesn't just look good on your shelf; it seals the deal with a tight lid, making sure each dollop of cream is as fresh as the first, extending its potency across time.

Let's talk about the experience – the cream's texture is a dreamy symphony, harmoniously balancing itself on your skin without a hint of that unwanted oily after-song. And then, the magic kicks in – a comforting warmth slowly blooms, reaching down through the layers of skin to the very spots that cry out for attention. Speaking of its dual-cannabinoid potency, the price tag might make you pause, but it takes just one encounter with its soothing embrace to understand you're holding value in the palm of your hand.

The delicate scent of the cream is the olfactory equivalent of a whisper, a far cry from the usual cacophony of herbal smells that accompany some topical treatments. For those who prefer their wellness routine to remain a personal affair, this subtle fragrance is a breath of fresh air. The absence of THC is the cherry on top, eliminating any worry about mind-altering effects or those pesky drug tests.

What We Like About This Product

  • High Potency: The cream's potent CBG and CBD tandem packs a punch for unparalleled relief.
  • Broad Spectrum: Its composition harbors a symphony of beneficial cannabinoids, amplifying the entourage effect sans THC.
  • Heating Action: The soothing warmth is both instant and nurturing, a clear sign of its remedial prowess.
  • Quality Assurance: Third-party testing is CBDfx's badge of honor – it's their way of pledging top-tier purity and potency.
  • Organic Ingredients: Kudos to CBDfx for their devotion to natural remedies and the environment through their choice of ingredients.


  • The cream's price point may stretch the budget for some, especially when compared to alternatives that deliver less punch cannabinoid-wise.
  • The intensity of the warming sensation can be a bit of a wildcard – a treasure for some, too hot to handle for others.
  • The dawn of CBG's potential is just breaking, and while the horizon looks promising, individual experiences may vary.


Beyond just being a product, CBDfx's CBG + CBD Cream is an experience, a confluence of next-gen cannabinoids, pure ingredients, and a sensory journey for those plagued by muscular and joint discomfort. The thoughtful design of its packaging, along with the cream's inherent heating property, makes it an alluring choice for anyone in pursuit of a soothing topical remedy. Its broad-spectrum, THC-free nature shines brightly, especially for those who must navigate the tightrope of drug testing or are wary of THC's effects.


  • The swift arrival of a gentle heat that coaxes muscles and joints into a state of calm and ease.
  • A concerted strike against discomfort and inflammation, thanks to the synergistic power of CBG and CBD.
  • An effortless application that respects your routine, leaving no oily trace behind.
  • A THC-Free promise, ensuring a focused treatment without the fog of psychoactive effects.
  • A sensory delight, underscored by a muted scent and the embrace of clean, organic ingredients.

Final Verdict

Stepping into the spotlight of the CBD topical scene, CBDfx's CBG + CBD Cream for Muscle + Joint carries itself with a dignity that speaks of its unique heating formula, formidable cannabinoid content, and allegiance to all things organic. For those who scrutinize the fine print and hold their wellness to a higher standard, the price is but a small tribute to pay for the breadth of benefits it has to offer. This cream is not just a product but a gateway to the untapped potential of CBG, tailored for those who find sanctuary in the caress of a warming cream. Ultimately, the quality assurance and transparency that CBDfx stands by make this compelling salve a beacon of trust in a market awash with options.

In conclusion, this cream is heartily recommended to anyone curious about the therapeutic fusion of CBG and CBD, and who treasures the idea of a comforting, heat-induced remedy. The collective experience is elevated by the integrity and candor of CBDfx, positioning this cream as a standout choice for holistic health enthusiasts.

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