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Lazarus Naturals High Potency CBG Isolate Tincture 1oz 1500mg Review

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When it comes to the bustling world of wellness solutions, Lazarus Naturals carves out a niche with its Flavorless High Potency CBG Isolate Tincture. Tailored for those who wish to leverage the therapeutic virtues of cannabinoids sans the high from THC, this tincture is a game-changer. Its 30ml vessel brims with 1500mg of CBG, recognized for its prospective role in mitigating inflammation, easing nausea, and diminishing pain. This makes it an ally for anyone looking to enhance their post-workout recuperation or those simply aiming to elevate their everyday health.

This tincture stands out with its minimalist composition, boasting solely organic coconut MCT oil alongside pure CBG isolate. The simplicity speaks volumes, guaranteeing you receive nothing but the essence of the supplement. With a significant 50mg of CBG dispensed per 1ml serving, you're in control of how much you take. Lending credibility to its reputation, Lazarus Naturals ensures each batch endures stringent third-party scrutiny, checking for potency and the absence of harmful substances, with accessible results to anyone interested. The tincture is meticulously in line with federal THC standards, has a nod of approval for those on vegan and gluten-free diets, and steers clear of any synthetic flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners.

Hands-on Experience

The first impression of the Lazarus Naturals CBG Isolate Tincture was its understated yet sophisticated packaging, which housed the product securely. The dropper comes marked with clarity, making measuring a breeze and enhancing the overall handling of the tincture. True to its label, the taste is virtually undetectable, making it a breeze to add to any meal or beverage without altering the flavor profile.

Economically speaking, the tincture is a win with its $1.00 per serving cost – quite the bargain considering its robust potency. There's virtue in its lack of complexity; the absence of superfluous elements is a testament to Lazarus Naturals' promise of purity. Even with its high concentration, the tincture's user-friendly design permits fine-tuning of dosages to suit unique needs.

The brand's dedication to accessibility and honesty is worth noting. Navigating their digital space to find detailed product insights and lab certifications is hassle-free, fostering a sense of trust. Their upfront approach to legality and transparency about the slight chance of a drug test flagging positive is indeed laudable.

What We Like About This Product

  • Boasts a robust, 50mg per serving CBG formulation
  • Epitome of purity with just two ingredients
  • Wallet-friendly at $1.00 per serving
  • Assurance of safety and excellence via third-party testing
  • Graduated dropper for precise dosage
  • Embraces diverse dietary needs, being vegan and gluten-free
  • Delivers benefits without the high, being THC compliant
  • Proudly crafted in the USA with organic, non-pesticide components


  • The robust potency may not be everyone's cup of tea, particularly for novices
  • The flavorless characteristic could be less enticing to those who fancy a bit of zing in their tinctures
  • The isolate form means missing out on the possible synergistic effects of full-spectrum products
  • The slight but existing risk of testing positive on drug tests may be a concern for certain individuals


The centerpiece of the Lazarus Naturals CBG Isolate Tincture is unquestionably its powerful formula, superior ingredients, and thoughtfulness towards user needs. This tincture is spot-on for those seeking a potent CBG extract that's streamlined and effortlessly administered. Consistent testing against rigorous standards, coupled with adherence to THC regulations, gives peace of mind regarding the legitimacy and safety of the product.


  • Alleviation of inflammation, discomfort, and queasiness
  • Aid in recovery post-exercise and reduction of muscle tenderness
  • Contribution to mood regulation and general wellness
  • Supporting immune system health
  • On the downside, the absence of full-spectrum benefits and potential drug testing complications

Final Verdict

For those charting a course towards the specific advantages of CBG without any unnecessary frills, Lazarus Naturals' Flavorless High Potency CBG Isolate Tincture stands in good stead. It's a beacon of simplicity, potency, and commitment to excellence. Whether you're well-versed in cannabinoids or just testing the waters and need a robust, sober option, this tincture is a worthy contender.

Ideal for the purist seeking a THC-free experience, this tincture stands out. It may not satisfy all palates with its isolate and flavorless nature, yet its potential for therapeutic effects is far-reaching. Balance the scales with its cost-effectiveness, thorough testing protocols, and transparent labeling, and you have Lazarus Naturals delivering a CBG tincture that merits a hearty endorsement for those on the quest for comfort and recovery.

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