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cbdMD CBD Oil Softgels Full Spectrum 60ct 6000mg Review

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Embarking on a journey towards enhanced wellness beckons for quality products, and the cbdMD CBD Oil Softgels rise to the occasion. This full spectrum gem is not just another addition to the crowded market; it is a testament to the meticulous crafting of a hemp-derived formula designed to meet the needs of even the most rigorous wellness aficionados. With a plentiful count of 60 softgels in each bottle, and a grand total of 6000mg of CBD, the promise of a potent 200mg per every two softgels serving is more than met; it's a daily dose of confidence.

The reputation of cbdMD as a purveyor of fine wellness solutions is etched into every softgel, thanks to the use of premium U.S. grown hemp. The ensemble of CBD, complemented by fellow cannabinoids CBG, CBN, and fragrant terpenes, is like a symphony for the senses. Vitamin E whispers of care for well-being beyond the norm. Rest assured, each batch is rigorously third-party lab-tested, ensuring that every softgel is a beacon of consistency and quality. Abiding by strict adherence to the Farm Bill Compliance, the trace THC content stays below 0.3% by weight, welcoming a safe embrace for those over the age of 21.

Hands-on Experience

The arrival of the cbdMD CBD Oil Softgels was as if a standard of professionalism had been delivered to my doorstep. The packaging's sophistication is only matched by its functional design—ensuring the softgels' integrity while fitting seamlessly into the rhythms of day-to-day living. Whether nestled beside morning brew or as an afternoon ritual, the softgels slip into any schedule with graceful ease. The true beauty lies in the effortlessness of it all: no fuss, no spills, just confident, precise consumption.

Delving into the economics, a serving comes in at $3.67, a price that mirrors the potent and rich composition. At $0.02 per mg, the product holds its ground in the marketplace, particularly for a full spectrum offering. The slow-release formula not only extends the benefits across the hours but also represents a smart investment for sustained wellness support over time.

On the palate, the softgels carry a subtle, earthy undertone, a gentle hint at the richness of the cannabinoids within. It may be an acquired taste for those new to the world of full spectrum CBD—yet the combination of MCT oil and Vitamin E rounds off each softgel not just as a supplement but as a nourishing wellness elixir.

What We Like About This Product

  • High Potency: Each softgel packs a substantial amount of CBD, making these softgels a potent ally.
  • Exquisite Quality: With ingredients harvested from top-notch U.S. hemp crops, the softgels are infused with additional beneficial compounds.
  • Assured Purity: Confidence in the softgels' uniformity and caliber is solidified by thorough independent lab examinations.
  • Sheer Convenience: These softgels make integrating CBD into daily life a breeze, banishing any guesswork in administration.


  • Distinctive Taste: The natural hemp essence might be less palatable for some, demanding a period of adaptation.
  • Cautious Relaxation: The relaxing effects call for careful timing, particularly when alertness is paramount.
  • Restricted Audience: Not everyone can partake—those under 21, or individuals who are pregnant, nursing, or planning a family, will need to steer clear.
  • Investment Worthiness: Excellence comes at a price that may stretch the purse strings beyond some personal budgets.


With its full spectrum CBD+THC recipe, the cbdMD CBD Oil Softgels shimmer with the promise of high potency and the additional wellness virtues of MCT oil and Vitamin E. The meticulous attention to precise dosage and user simplicity casts these softgels in a favorable light, marking them as a standout choice for straightforward CBD supplementation.


  • Delivers a robust CBD dosage, ensuring a potent and dependable wellness effect.
  • Promotes a heightened sense of well-being, likely due to the synergistic nature of the full spectrum cannabinoid profile.
  • Ensures sustained CBD release offering extended harmony and balance throughout one's day.
  • May bring about relaxation that could lead to drowsiness, an aspect to keep in mind for timing your intake.

Final Verdict

The cbdMD CBD Oil Softgels stand as a formidable and untroublesome avenue for adding CBD to one's daily health routine. The thoughtful blend of a wide array of hemp-derived substances, fortified by the reassurance of independent lab verifications, culminates in a product you can trust. Though the price may lean towards the premium end and the flavor profile remains unadulterated and natural, the benefits of a rich, full spectrum CBD option seem to eclipse these minor hurdles for most.

For seekers of a steadfast, high-concentration CBD solution that simplifies the dosing odyssey and offers enduring benefits, these softgels are deserving of contemplation. Prospective users should be mindful of the likelihood of a restful effect and the product's specific suitability criteria. All in all, if you’re aiming for a top-tier, full spectrum CBD journey, these softgels warrant a hearty recommendation.

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