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cbdMD Tropical Twist CBD Gummies Full Spectrum 30ct 1500mg Review

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Embark on a delightful journey with cbdMD's CBD Tropical Twist Gummies, effortlessly integrating the wellness attributes of CBD into your routine. These gummies emerge from cbdMD's esteemed collection, offering the sophisticated balance of a full spectrum profile in a neatly packaged 30-count bottle. Every piece is a burst of flavor with 50mg of CBD, culminating in a bountiful 1500mg of CBD for the entire bottle. Designed with daily consumption in mind, they serve as a tasty, undemanding, and unassuming way to support your body's CBD intake. The natural ingredient list amplifies their appeal, making them a perfect match for vegans and those who avoid gluten. Alongside a rich blend of cannabinoids, the subtle presence of THC works in harmony with terpenes and flavonoids to tap into the entourage effect, aiming to bolster well-being.

Hands-on Experience

With a price tag of $59.99, the cbdMD CBD Tropical Twist Gummies might appear as an indulgent treat. This roughly translates to around $2.00 per indulgence. Yet, when you consider the high-caliber and potency of the contained CBD, it's easy to appreciate the product's value in the market. The packaging exudes simplicity and efficiency, ensuring the gummies remain fresh and ready for your on-the-move lifestyle. The initial taste is a refreshing surprise, with a concoction of Fruit Punch, Lemon, and Passion Fruit that cleverly conceals the typical hemp undertones, a challenge often encountered with CBD treats. The authenticity of the flavors is remarkable, likely a testament to the use of natural flavorings and dyes. The per-gummy dosage of 50mg removes any guesswork from your daily CBD routine, instilling ease and regularity. Vegan and gluten-free users will find solace in these gummies, a rarity in the edible landscape. Additionally, the texture balances a satisfying chew without veering away from what you'd expect from a traditional gummy treat.

What We Like About This Product

  • Full Spectrum Benefits: The inclusion of diverse cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, and THC enriches the experience, promoting the entourage effect's comprehensive wellness benefits.
  • High CBD Content: Those seeking a potent CBD presence in their supplements will be satisfied with the 50mg per gummy serving, making it a heavyweight in its category.
  • Natural and Inclusive: cbdMD's allegiance to natural ingredients and an inclusive recipe welcomes a broad spectrum of users with varying dietary preferences.
  • Delicious Flavors: The genuine fruit flavors provide a pleasant departure from the typically less palatable CBD edibles, making each serving a treat to look forward to.


  • The higher cost may deter some potential users, particularly those new to the world of CBD, who might be cautious about making an initial investment before experiencing CBD's effects firsthand.
  • Even with just 1mg of THC per gummy, which is within the legal threshold and non-intoxicating, the mere presence of THC could raise concerns for individuals who face regular drug screenings.


  • The convenience of 30 delicious gummies per container, summing up to a substantial 1500mg of CBD in total.
  • A commitment to sourcing full spectrum hemp extract from reputable, non-GMO farms.
  • Rigorous third-party lab testing corroborates the quality and safety of the gummies, ensuring peace of mind.
  • An exotic blend of tropical flavors enhances the gummies, creating an enjoyable consumption experience every time.
  • The product's vegan, gluten-free nature, along with its focus on natural constituents, makes it a versatile choice for many with dietary restrictions.


  • Maintain a Sense of Calm: These gummies are adept at nurturing relaxation and fostering a tranquil state of being throughout the bustling day.
  • Enhance Exercise Recovery: They may serve as beneficial companions for soothing post-exercise recovery, helping you bounce back with ease.
  • Support a Daily Wellness Routine: Seamlessly integrating into your personal wellness rituals, these gummies can become a staple in your daily health endeavors.
  • Whole-Plant Benefits: The full spectrum extract provides a holistic avenue to wellness, embracing the natural complexity of the hemp plant.

Final Verdict

cbdMD's CBD Tropical Twist Gummies shine as a top-tier option in the realm of CBD consumables, marked by exceptional quality and encompassing perks. Although they come with a notable price, the rewards justify the cost—premium ingredients, a significant CBD dosage, and a complex cannabinoid assembly are just the beginning. For those seeking to enhance their wellness routine with a potent, quality-assured CBD product, these gummies could be a match made in heaven. They are an exemplary choice, especially for consumers who don't mind investing a little extra in exchange for the finest ingredients and the amplified potential of the entourage effect. Unquestionably, cbdMD's gummies come highly recommended for the discerning enthusiast.

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