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Dixie Botanicals CBD Oil Dew Drops 1oz 100mg Review

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In the vibrant and ever-expanding universe of CBD-enriched offerings, Dixie Botanicals has carved out a niche, presenting itself as a sanctuary for those in search of wellness and vitality. The standout star of their portfolio is undoubtedly the Dixie Botanicals CBD Oil Dew Drops. With its full-spectrum embrace, this CBD oil tincture is a testament to quality intersecting with practicality. Encased within a 1oz vessel, the product boasts a measured 100mg of CBD, which serves as a gentle whisper to consumers desiring the pure touch of hemp sans the intense power found in alternative concoctions. Its flavor, kissed by Stevia's delicate sweetness, is an inviting symphony to a range of palates. Harvested from the lush, green embrace of Northern Europe's industrial hemp fields, and extracted through the revered CO2 technique, these dew drops stand tall in the realms of purity and respect for our planet. The addition of MCT oil elevates the mix, bolstering bioavailability and fortifying the product's health-promoting prowess.

Hands-on Experience

The initial encounter with the Dixie Botanicals CBD Oil Dew Drops is a testament to simplicity and clarity. The packaging doesn't fuss about with superfluous details, adopting a clean, uncluttered design that yet manages to convey all the essentials. Portability is a highlight, with the 30 ml bottle being a breeze to stash away or carry along for the ride. And, as for dispensing the liquid, the dropper is a masterstroke in delivering just the right dose. It's an economical delight too, at just $0.98 per serving—making it a wallet-friendly choice for CBD novices or those who favor a lighter touch.

The taste is a refreshing pivot from the often robust hemp flavors that could dismay the sensitive palate. Thank goodness, the natural essence here is tastefully mild, with Stevia lending the faintest hint of sweetness—thus negating any need for synthetic sweeteners. The prowess of the CO2 extraction process shines through as well—it's a benchmark of efficiency and eco-consciousness. Dixie Botanicals, it's apparent, is steadfast in its pursuit of superior quality.

And it doesn’t stop there. Its full-spectrum nature heralds the presence of a medley of cannabinoids and terpenes, raising the bar for potential benefits via the entourage effect. With THC levels scrupulously kept below the 0.3% threshold, users can partake in the goodness without the haze of psychoactivity. Third-party lab assessments offer an extra layer of trust, affirming the brand's dedication to openness and the well-being of its customers.

What We Like About This Product

  • The lure of high-caliber European hemp points to exceptional cultivation practices.
  • Its commitment to an eco-friendly CO2 extraction method is commendable.
  • The richness of the full-spectrum oil promises a comprehensive wellness experience.
  • Legally compliant THC levels guarantee a clear-headed enjoyment.
  • Enhanced bioavailability is a boon, thanks to the MCT oil carrier.
  • Third-party lab testing lends credible assurance of safety and purity.
  • Friendly pricing and ease of use are a godsend for those new to the world of CBD.


  • For seasoned CBD enthusiasts or individuals needing stronger doses, the 100 mg concentration might seem tame.
  • Those with a penchant for the undiluted might not be enchanted by the subtle flavor profile or the touch of Stevia sweetness.


Reverence for its source is a hallmark of the Dixie Botanicals CBD Oil Dew Drops, with premium-grade European hemp leading the charge. The commitment to sustainability is reflected in their choice of extraction methods, while thorough quality checks ensure that only the best reaches the consumers. Crafted with a thoughtful eye on the synergy of cannabinoids and the strategic carrier of MCT oil, these dew drops are poised to satisfy the environmentally and health-conscious buyer.


  • One might find a palpable sense of tranquility and relaxation.
  • Daily stressors could feel more manageable, easing the mind.
  • It may promote healthier sleep patterns, leading to more restorative nights.
  • Those affected by pain spawned from inflammation might notice supportive relief.
  • The encompassing profile of the full-spectrum oil could augment CBD's inherent efficacy.

Final Verdict

In the bustling arena of CBD products, the Dixie Botanicals CBD Oil Dew Drops stand out as a worthy contender, especially attractive to those edging into the CBD space or seeking a mild enhancement to their day-to-day health practices. It’s a blend of forethought, affordability, and meticulous attention to the origins and crafting that solidifies its reputation as a brand you can trust. While not the go-to for every potential user, particularly for those chasing a bolder strength or a completely flavor-neutral option, it finds its strength in a specific niche. Bearing its reasonable cost and fundamental commitment to high-quality hemp-sourced CBD, Dixie Botanicals offers a concoction that merits attention from those who champion natural elements and a smooth introduction to the wonders of CBD.

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