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cbdMD CBD PM Sleep Tincture Berry 1oz 300mg CBN 1200mg CBD Review

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In the bustling realm of health and wellness, where the chorus of praises for CBD's soothing touch has reached a crescendo, the cbdMD CBD PM Tincture for Sleep emerges as a beacon for the sleep-deprived. This meticulously crafted potion weaves together the tranquility of 1200mg of CBD with 300mg of CBN—a duo acclaimed for their serenity-spreading capabilities. Moreover, the potion is infused with 150mg of melatonin, the night's watchman, and an ensemble of herbs such as Valerian Root and Chamomile, turning it into a comprehensive nocturnal embrace.

The berry-flavored whisper of this tincture is a sweet lullaby that readies the senses for slumber. Borne of non-GMO hemp, its lineage is purely American. The oil, both vegan and devoid of gluten, owes its purity to CO2 extraction, a process akin to alchemy. Within each 1oz flask, thirty doses stand ready to bestow 40mg of CBD and 10mg of CBN, with the cost per invocation of rest hovering around $1.67—a small toll for a passage to the Land of Nod, especially for those who prefer to forgo the psychoactive dance of THC.

Hands-on Experience

The experience of sampling the cbdMD CBD PM Tincture for Sleep proved to be an odyssey in and of itself. The vessel the elixir called home—a bottle both functional and unassuming—came equipped with a dropper that demanded precision with every draw. The berry flavor, understated yet genuine, performed an admirable feat; it veiled the distinct hemp flavor that can repel even the most daring of palates. When appraising its worth, it's heartening to find such quality at a price that respects both craftsmanship and the consumer's coin purse.

The packaging doesn't just hold allure; it educates and builds a bridge of confidence between the product and those who seek its calming effects. Details that outline each cannabinoid's presence allow for a tailored consumption. As the night unfolded, the tincture proved itself a worthy companion, escorting me gently to slumber's doorstep in mere half an hour. What struck me most upon awakening was the absence of lethargy that often clings like a shadow to other nocturnal aids.

What We Like About This Product

  • The broad-spectrum formulation heralds the entourage effect, sans THC's embrace
  • A potent mixture of CBD and CBN anchors the tincture's calming prowess
  • Inclusion of melatonin and botanicals offers a bouquet of sleep-fostering wonders
  • A berry flavor that transforms the tincture into a pleasant prelude to dreams
  • Credentials of vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO variety attract the health-conscious
  • CO2 extraction, akin to purity's chisel, coupled with GMP certification reflects the highest standards of creation
  • An accessible price point paired with a guide to dosage beckons both newcomers and seasoned travelers of sleep


The cbdMD CBD PM Tincture for Sleep, although a treasure chest of benefits, also conceals a few caveats within its depths. The melatonin, while a trusted sentinel of sleep, may not be a universal ally, especially for those who find themselves at odds with this hormone's embrace. Moreover, the berry whisper, though generally received with a smile, may not serenade every palate in the same manner. Also, despite being free from THC's spell, some individuals may harbor hesitations, particularly those who stand before the scrutiny of drug tests.


The essence of the cbdMD CBD PM Tincture for Sleep is encapsulated in its superior broad-spectrum hemp extract, delicately interwoven with melatonin and a soothing herbal consortium. This, along with its pure, vegan, gluten-free lineage, distinguishes it in the crowded marketplace. A nod to the alchemy of CO2 extraction and the badge of GMP-certified practices elevate the tincture's prestige further, marking it as a gem among sleep aids.


  • Promotes relaxation: The concoction's herbal elements collaborate to pacify both mind and vessel, paving a silken path to rest.
  • Regulates sleep patterns: Melatonin stands as a conductive rhythm, guiding sleep's cycle with a tender hand.
  • Improved sleep quality: Revelations of awakening renewed signify slumber's depth and restoration.
  • Potential drowsiness: Welcomed at dusk, this effect calls for mindful planning of the tincture's use.
  • Non-habit forming: A composition grounded in nature offers a refuge from the siren song of synthetic sleep aids.

Final Verdict

The cbdMD CBD PM Tincture for Sleep distinguishes itself as a sanctuary for those buffeted by restless nights. Its alchemy of CBD, CBN, melatonin, and herbal infusions orchestrates an evening symphony that lulls without the dreaded hangover of grogginess. Crafted with care, priced with consideration, and borne of a brand draped in accolades, it presents itself not just as a product, but as a partner in nocturnal peace. The thoughtful presentation and crystalline instructions only heighten its allure, making it a commendable ally for those questing after a serene night in the embrace of nature's own remedies.

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