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Elixinol Daily Balance Full Spectrum CBD Tincture Cinnamint 2oz Review

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Delving into the world of CBD can be mystifying, but with brands like Elixinol, it's like finding a compass on a trail. Their Daily Balance CBD Tincture is crafted with a discerning consumer in mind, flavoring each drop with a spirited Cinnamint essence. Nestled within a 60ml vessel, this tincture houses a robust 2000mg of CBD, promising a hearty embrace of wellness with each measure. The intermingling of full-spectrum hemp oil and MCT coconut oil creates a concoction that not only maximizes uptake but also revels in the holistic benefits of the hemp plant’s ensemble of cannabinoids, all while adhering to the federally permissible threshold of 0.3% THC.

The price shines as brightly as the product itself, presenting a budget-friendly $0.04 for every 1mg of CBD—accessible for novices and aficionados alike. The delightful Cinnamint melody of flavors can garnish any daily regimen with a refreshing zing. Elixinol makes its stance clear with rigorous adherence to ethical manufacturing—vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, non-GMO, and staunchly against animal cruelty. What emerges is a tincture that embraces a gamut of dietary needs and ethical leanings.

Hands-on Experience

In the moment the package arrives, Elixinol's commitment to excellence is unmistakable. The tincture is encased in a somber, reassuringly hefty glass bottle, armed with a dropper demarcated for precise dispensation. Administering the tincture feels as natural as pouring a glass of water, with a recommended starting point of half a dropper's worth, equating to roughly 8mg of CBD, perfect for twice-a-day dosing.

While the upfront cost may raise eyebrows, the breakdown to cost-per-milligram tells a different story—one of admirable value considering the full-spectrum offerings within. The cinnamint flavoring serves as a merry dance partner to the natural hemp notes, achieving a sophisticated harmony that leaves the tongue neither overpowered nor searching for more.

Its efficacy speaks volumes; the harmonious medley of cannabinoids, the velvety MCT oil, and the subtle influence of beta-caryophyllene foster a sense of equilibrium and well-being that resonates with each use. The reassurance of quality is sealed with the supercritical CO2 extraction technique employed, safeguarding the essence and vitality of the cannabinoids.

What We Like About This Product

The Daily Balance CBD Tincture by Elixinol earns its commendations through a relentless pursuit of purity and meticulously sourced components. The entourage effect is in full display here, with a symphony of cannabinoids orchestrating potential wellness benefits far beyond what singular CBD could offer. MCT oil doesn't just sit idly by; it champions absorption, ensuring that users get the most out of every drop. And let’s not overlook its versatility—a true friend to the eco-conscious and those with specific dietary inclinations.


Even the brightest stars have their faint glows. For this tincture, the price may initially seem daunting, though the value stretches out over time. The cinnamint flavor is a subject of personal palate—some may discern the hemp's earthy undertones beneath the spirited blend of cinnamon and mint. Then there's the matter of THC; its trace presence, though legally compliant, might pose concerns for those facing rigorous drug screenings.


The Elixinol Daily Balance CBD Tincture is adorned with features worthy of note:

  • Crafted with 2000mg of full-spectrum CBD for each 60ml helping
  • Seasoned with a rejuvenating cinnamint concoction
  • Enriched with MCT coconut oil and beta-caryophyllene, heightening absorption
  • Employing supercritical CO2 extraction to assure purity and integrity
  • Allying with vegan, vegetarian, non-GMO, gluten-free, lactose-free, and cruelty-free standards


  • Instills a sense of daily harmony and mental poise
  • Promotes overall well-being through a full-spectrum hemp formula
  • Caveats might include individual reactions to the cinnamint palate or the minor presence of THC

Final Verdict

The Daily Balance CBD Tincture from Elixinol is a standout contender for anyone seeking the holistic embrace of a high-grade, full-spectrum CBD solution. Its cinnamint flavor, a masterful stroke for taste diversity, melds with a vegan and allergen-aware formula, yielding a product with wide appeal. When viewed through the lens of per-milligram cost, its value becomes even more evident. The extraction method's clarity and cleanliness only aggrandize its allure. With its proven commitment to ingredient integrity and consumer health, this tincture is aptly suited for anyone wanting to weave the stabilizing threads of CBD into the fabric of their daily lives. It's a seamless union of effectiveness, affordability, and palatability that deserves earnest contemplation.

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