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Medterra Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture Strawberry Mint 1oz Review

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Delight in the sophisticated blend of sweet strawberries and a hint of mint with the Medterra Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture. Perfect for new enthusiasts and seasoned CBD users, this concoction strikes a harmonious balance with its 30 ml container brimming with 1000 mg of pure CBD goodness—that’s roughly 33.33 mg per each 1 ml dropperful. This product is crafted to captivate with its competitively positioned price, boasting a THC-free hemp extract infused with an array of other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, and CBDV, along with naturally occurring terpenes. These elements converge to enhance the therapeutic benefits, ensuring you reap the wellness potential without any psychoactive side effects.

Hands-on Experience

When you first behold the Medterra Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture, its high-caliber packaging immediately speaks to the premium quality within. The Strawberry Mint flavor is a masterstroke, transforming the routine of daily CBD intake into an indulgence rather than a chore. The precision dropper provided is marked for ease, allowing you to customize your dosage to personal preferences, opting for a full 1 ml measure or a more modest volume for gentler impact.

The sublimity of the oil is owed to its organic MCT carrier, derived from coconuts, which escorts a smooth, refined taste that seamlessly melds with the tincture’s natural flavors. Upon trialing the 1000mg concentration, I found it hits a sweet spot between robust efficacy and ease of use, ideal for those acquainted with CBD who don’t need the uppermost intensities. The product's affordability mirrors the deluxe nature of the broad-spectrum extract, including the bonus of those complementary cannabinoids.

Medterra’s allegiance to wholesome, organic ingredients is a testament to their quality assurance, yielding tranquility for consumers mindful of their dietary inclusions. The bottle’s matte finish coupled with a sturdy cap secures the tincture’s freshness, and the straightforward, informative labeling ensures you remain well-versed in your consumption.

What We Like About This Product

  • Zero THC in the broad-spectrum blend—perfect for those aiming to dodge psychoactive effects.
  • A symphony of additional cannabinoids and terpenes, orchestrating an enhanced entourage effect.
  • Organic MCT oil as a base, signifying impeccable purity and a velvety texture.
  • Marking on the dropper promotes precision dosing.
  • Prudent pricing for the CBD content, representing stellar value.
  • The delightful Strawberry Mint taste cleverly conceals hemp’s natural earthiness.


While the merits of Medterra's Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture abound, its 1000 mg CBD concentration might fall short for those with a penchant for more potent dosages. Moreover, those with a preference for hemp's authentic flavor may not embrace this flavored variation as much. Bear in mind, CBD's effectiveness is subjective, and thus, its benefits and drawbacks can differ vastly from one individual to another.


The Medterra tincture shines for a multitude of reasons: Broad Spectrum CBD: A cornucopia of cannabinoids sans THC to harness their collective virtues. Organic Ingredients: The integrity of ingredients like organic MCT oil and natural flavorings is never compromised. User-friendly: The accommodating dropper makes for customizable and accurate dosage control. Flavor Profile: The Strawberry Mint essence is expertly crafted and truly enjoyable.


  • Instills a sense of tranquility and diminishes stress levels.
  • Fosters a state conducive to deep sleep when taken before slumber.
  • Eases inflammation and soothes discomfort.
  • Heightens overall wellness due to the synergistic entourage effect.
  • Guarantees a clear head, free from intoxicating outcomes.

Final Verdict

After a comprehensive evaluation of the Medterra Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture in Strawberry Mint, it's clear that it stands tall as an exceptional selection for those in pursuit of top-tier, broad-spectrum CBD oil. Its fusion of diverse cannabinoids and botanical terpenes lays the foundation for a comprehensive hemp extract encounter. The careful curation of organic components and the foresight put into user experience, from the tactile packaging to precision dosing, positions this tincture as a worthy addition to any wellness regimen, particularly for those fond of a splash of flavor, sans THC.

For those seeking greater potency, there are indeed more concentrated alternatives in the marketplace. However, the 1000 mg Ultra Broad Spectrum formulation strikes an agreeable chord and is likely to gratify a broad spectrum of preferences. Whether you are venturing into the world of CBD for the first time or exploring different facets of this adaptable compound, Medterra’s offering merits consideration.

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