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Bluebird Botanicals Complete CBD + CBDA Oil Full Spectrum 2oz Review

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Bluebird Botanicals has carved out a niche for itself in the bustling realm of CBD products, standing as a beacon of quality. Their dedication shines through with the Complete CBD + CBDA Oil, a robust 2oz tincture that is a testament to their pursuit of wellness. More than just a CBD product, this full-spectrum concoction harnesses a generous 1200mg of CBD. Each drop carries a synergy of cannabinoids, terpenes, and vital phytonutrients, rooted in the core of the hemp plant's natural profile.

This outstanding oil also introduces you to CBDA, CBD's raw, unmodified counterpart, adding a new dimension to the benefits of hemp. The plants from which Bluebird Botanicals extracts its CBD are organically cultivated, underlining their commitment to purity. Third-party lab tests further vouch for the safety and authenticity of their concoctions, inspiring trust and confidence. Their carefully crafted formula is more than just a supplement; it's an invitation to harmonize your body and mind, likely appealing to those who embrace natural paths to well-being.

Hands-on Experience

As I embraced the Bluebird Botanicals Complete CBD + CBDA Oil, the first impression was one of professionalism. The packaging speaks volumes, balancing informative content with an uncluttered design that mirrors the brand's philosophy of unfettered purity. From the onset, it's apparent that they prioritize clarity and succinct precision for their consumers. This is a package that invites you in with its straightforward elegance.

Equipped with a graduated dropper, this tincture empowers you to fine-tune your dose with remarkable accuracy, an essential aspect for those who approach CBD with an analytical mindset. Your palate is greeted with a distinct, earthy flavor, a trait attributed to the full-spectrum nature of the oil and its inclusion of CBDA. Some might hesitate at first sip, but the flavor is a mere footnote when weighed against the product's innate potency and integrity.

In the market's spectrum of prices, Bluebird Botanicals finds its place somewhere between accessible and premium. Yet, when you consider the caliber of the blend, replete with full-spectrum CBD and the novel presence of CBDA, the cost takes on a shade of reasonability. Administering the oil feels intuitive, and its impact on your well-being is both subtle and profound, cultivating tranquility and heightened mental clarity that so many enthusiasts of CBD seek.

What We Like About This Product

  • The use of high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil maximizes the entourage effect, embracing the full benefits of the hemp plant.
  • The inclusion of CBDA introduces a distinctive compound that could harbor its own unique set of advantages.
  • Unwavering transparency ensured by rigorous third-party lab testing, affirming the product's safety and purity.
  • The commitment to organic hemp underscores a dedication to natural and responsible cultivation practices.
  • The provision of a graduated dropper for meticulous dosing is a thoughtful touch that enhances user experience.


  • The earthy taste can be initially off-putting for some, especially those new to CBD or those who prefer a hint of flavoring.
  • Although justifiable, the price may not fit everyone's budget, posing a challenge for those financially constrained.
  • For those accustomed to the singular effects of CBD isolates, the experience of a full-spectrum oil requires an adjustment period.


Distinct in its composition, the Bluebird Botanicals Complete CBD + CBDA Oil distinguishes itself with an exemplary full-spectrum formula that brings together CBD and CBDA. Its credibility is bolstered by a firm commitment to organic sourcing and the reassurance that only third-party lab testing can provide. Mastering dosage becomes a breeze with the precision dropper, granting users control over their individual experiences.


  • Embodies a holistic approach to wellness, fostering internal harmony.
  • Acts as a beacon of calm amidst the storm of daily stress, easing the mind into a state of relaxation.
  • Sharpens mental focus, ensuring clarity without the fog of intoxication.
  • Offers a comforting hand in the face of physical discomfort, aiding in a more lax daily routine.
  • Delivers its promise of well-being gradually, making it an ideal companion for sustained health support.

Final Verdict

The Bluebird Botanicals' Complete CBD + CBDA Oil is a formidable player in the CBD arena, standing out for those who seek the enriched experience of a full-spectrum blend, topped with the bonus of CBDA. It commands attention for its sheer quality, proven efficacy, and the brand's adherence to organic standards and transparent practices. Some may shy away due to its natural flavor profile or investment cost, yet the comprehensive wellness benefits it purports could very well outweigh these considerations.

In sum, for enthusiasts valuing premium, responsibly-crafted CBD products, and those open to the earthy undertones of hemp, I wholeheartedly recommend this oil. It's especially well-suited for individuals who appreciate the power of organic ingredients and exact dosing, alongside the potent potential of a full-spectrum extract.

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