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Elixinol Sleep Rapid Rest CBD + CBN Liposome Vanilla Bean 3.4oz Review

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Securing a good night's rest stands as a cornerstone of health, a fact not lost on those who strive for enhanced wellbeing. Into this arena steps Elixinol with their carefully crafted Sleep Rapid Rest CBD + CBN Liposome. It's a concoction of nature's gifts intended to send you into a peaceful slumber. Tucked within the realm of CBD oils, this elixir is particularly enticing for its broad spectrum, THC-free essence, which promises the wholesome goodness of cannabinoids without any intoxicating effects.

Enveloped within a 100ml container, the Sleep Rapid Rest is a sanctuary of calm, packing a mighty 1000mg of CBD. This translates to a robust 10mg per 1ml serving. With an attractive price tag that balances cost-effectiveness with potency at $0.06 per 1mg of CBD, accessibility and strength go hand-in-hand. Its standout feature is the innovative liposomal technology, which ensures that the therapeutic mix of broad-spectrum CBD, CBN, Chamomile, and Lemon Balm is delivered efficiently into the system. The flavor is a blend of vanilla bean and lavender, subtle whispers that lull the palate into relaxation.

Hands-on Experience

The very essence of tranquility is mirrored in the packaging of Elixinol's Sleep Rapid Rest. Its sophisticated bottle design and clear, instructive labeling speak of an underlying quality. Usage is straightforward: a few pumps before bedtime, following a vigorous shake. This attention to detail hints at the thoughtfulness behind the formulation.

Within the realm of value, it stands as fair, particularly when one ponders the advanced formulation coupled with a generous CBD content. Putting it to the test, I adhered to the suggested regimen and found the ease of administration quite impressive. The vanilla bean essence gently caresses the taste buds, joined by the absence of synthetic flavors, which echoes the product's natural composition. One may not feel the liposomal technology at work, but its presence provides a quiet confidence in the product's efficacy.

Its versatility also garners appreciation. Whether taken directly or blended into a cool evening drink, the Sleep Rapid Rest integrates seamlessly into pre-sleep rituals. Additionally, the ease of storage — a simple cool, dry place will do — adds to the overall convenience.

What We Like About This Product

  • The cutting-edge liposomal technology promises improved absorption.
  • A synergistic assembly of CBD, CBN, Chamomile, and Lemon Balm sets it apart.
  • A delightful vanilla bean flavor that is natural and free from synthetic notes.
  • A 0mg THC broad-spectrum concoction caters to those mindful of intoxicating substances.
  • Keenly priced, given the high concentration and premium quality of the product.


  • Incompatibility with hot beverages could disrupt some preferred bedtime customs.
  • Individuals with sensitivities to botanical extracts should examine the composition with care.
  • A higher concentration of CBD may be desired by some consumers for their individual needs.


Standout elements of the Elixinol Sleep Rapid Rest encompass its broad-spectrum, THC-free recipe, the pioneering liposome technique for CBD delivery, and the calming presence of botanical extracts. Not to be overlooked, the enticing vanilla bean flavor and the option to mix with a nightcap beverage bring additional merit to its profile.


  • Calming: Harnessing the tranquil nature of Chamomile and Lemon Balm, a serene effect is crafted, paving the way for relaxation.
  • Sleep Support: The duo of CBN and CBD form a supportive base, likely to encourage a more profound and restorative sleep sequence.
  • Absorption: The liposome method is key to ensuring CBD is effectively taken in, bolstering its potential benefits.
  • No THC: Free from psychoactive elements, the broad-spectrum blend safeguards against unwanted effects.
  • Flavor: The delicate vanilla flavor enriches the nightly routine, engaging the senses in a muted symphony.

Final Verdict

In dissecting what the Elixinol Sleep Rapid Rest CBD + CBN Liposome brings to the table, it emerges as a formidable player in the market for nocturnal serenity. The sophisticated liposomal system, alongside a medley of chosen botanicals and a broad-spectrum CBD mix, are tailored for those in quest of a natural sleep aid. The touch of vanilla bean not only elevates the ritual but incorporates a measure of joy into the wellness equation.

While it may not squarely fit the bill for every user, particularly for those with a penchant for a warm drink before bed or who may desire a higher dosage of CBD, the product remains effective and pleasurable. For seekers of a scientifically crafted, THC-free sleeping aid that doesn't scrimp on taste or quality, the Elixinol Sleep Rapid Rest is worthy of attention.

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