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Elixinol Daily Balance CBD Tincture Full Spectrum Natural Flavor 4oz 4000mg Review

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Amid the hustle and bustle of our daily routines, we often seek a beacon of tranquility—an understated, yet powerful force to restore our innate equilibrium. Elixinol, with its roots deeply entrenched in the pursuit of well-being, emerges as such a sanctuary. The Elixinol Daily Balance CBD Tincture, a crowning jewel in their illustrious range, is formulated to infuse serenity into the day-to-day lives of its patrons. Encapsulated within the confines of a humble 4oz vessel lies a remarkable concentration of 4000 mg of CBD, signifying a commitment to potent and unadulterated wellness solutions.

The product's full-spectrum formula serves as a harmonious chorus of hemp's inherent compounds, singing the praises of nature's bountiful synergy. This ensemble of cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes orchestrates what has been affectionately termed the 'entourage effect,' a collaborative dance of elements magnifying their collective impact. The tincture's birthplace lies in the embrace of supercritical CO2 extraction—a testament to Elixinol's dedication to environmental stewardship and product purity. Free from objectionable solvents and unsavory chemicals, this tincture caters to a myriad of lifestyle choices: it is a vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and cruelty-free beacon for those navigating the vast sea of dietary preferences. Whether your palate favors the unadulterated, earthy undertones of its natural formulation or seeks the bold spirit of Cinnamint, this tincture is crafted to dovetail with the ebb and flow of your daily existence.

Hands-on Experience

As I embarked on my personal journey with the Elixinol Daily Balance CBD Tincture, the first touchpoint was nothing short of impressive. The packaging—sleek and refined—echoed the company's unwavering attention to detail. As a conscientious consumer, I found solace in the clarity and thoroughness of the information displayed, coupled with the thoughtful inclusion of a dosage guide. Ensuring precision and ease, the provided dropper was marked for accurate measurement—a small, yet significant, gesture of user-centric design.

The tincture's value proposition shines brightly amidst the highly competitive market. At a mere $0.04 per mg of CBD, it sits comfortably as a budget-friendly option for a full-spectrum product without compromising on quality. Upon tasting the natural variation, I was greeted with a subtle, earthy profile that spoke volumes of its natural extraction and the absence of synthetic flavoring; the taste was an authentic reflection of the product’s purity.

In terms of incorporation into my daily life, the transition was seamless. A regimen of half a dropper, administered twice daily in conjunction with meals, melded effortlessly into my routine. Its benign storage requirements—an ordinary cupboard sufficed—added a layer of convenience. The tincture’s impact unfolded gently, instilling a soothing sense of balance and sharpened focus. This was achieved without the disturbances of a pronounced psychoactive experience, attributed to its minimal THC concentration of less than 0.3%.

What We Like About This Product

  • Robust Potency: The bountiful CBD content affords ample flexibility to cater to the diverse needs of novices and seasoned aficionados alike.
  • Full Spectrum Advantages: The curated ensemble of cannabinoids and terpenes work in concert to potentiate the therapeutic virtues of the tincture.
  • Diversity in Palate: The freedom to select from Natural or Cinnamint flavors accommodates individual taste preferences.
  • Impressive Value: The affordability of the product is particularly noteworthy when considering the full-spectrum caliber it offers.
  • Mindful Constituents: The infusion of MCT coconut oil and BCP not only facilitates superior absorption but also underscores Elixinol's allegiance to natural, wholesome ingredients.


Despite the myriad strengths of the Elixinol Daily Balance CBD Tincture, it's judicious to reflect upon its few limitations. The natural flavor is gentle and understated, yet it may not resonate with all palates and can take time to appreciate. Further, for individuals with zero tolerance for THC—whether due to personal sensitivities or professional mandates—a broad-spectrum or isolate alternative may be more appropriate, despite the THC levels in this product being well within legal bounds.


The essence of the Elixinol Daily Balance CBD Tincture is captured by its robust potency and its whole-plant, full-spectrum blueprint. It appeals to a broad spectrum of dietary and wellness preferences, enriched by diverse flavor offerings. The diligence executed during the extraction process, and the brand's unwavering commitment to maintaining purity and efficacy, render it a distinguished contender in the ever-growing CBD landscape.


  • Augments a sense of tranquility and equilibrium
  • May bolster mental sharpness and concentration
  • Advances holistic health through a full-spectrum composition
  • Facilitates simple dosage control with limited psychoactive repercussions due to <0.3% THC levels

Final Verdict

The Elixinol Daily Balance CBD Tincture is a praiseworthy choice for anyone in search of a steadfast, premium CBD supplement. Its allegiance to potency, integrity, and a whole-plant formula situates it admirably within its niche. Whether you are just beginning your journey with CBD or are in pursuit of a trustworthy tincture, this product is certainly worthy of contemplation. The combination of its advantageous pricing, user-centric features, and thoughtful composition makes the Elixinol Daily Balance CBD Tincture a commendable addition to one's daily regimen for health and harmony.

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