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Funky Farms Alaskan Ice CBD Oil Tincture Full Spectrum 1000mg Review

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Delving into the realm of CBD can lead one down a path of countless options, but occasionally a brand emerges that captures the essence of quality and consistency. Funky Farms is one such beacon, and its Alaskan Ice Tincture casts a refreshing light on their line-up. This particular elixir is housed in a practical 30ml bottle and is infused with 1000mg of CBD, yielding an effective 33.33mg per milliliter. Each drop is a testament to Funky Farms' dedication to crafting American-made goodness, sourced from hearty industrial hemp plants.

The choice of MCT coconut oil as a base is no mere coincidence; this full-spectrum concoction leverages the carrier's natural advantages, enhancing the product's delivery of CBD's much-touted benefits. It's a symphony of cannabinoids aimed at delivering the coveted entourage effect—all while maintaining adherence to the federal guideline of less than 0.3% THC. With Alaskan Ice, users are treated to a gust of minty coolness, transporting the senses far from the traditional earthy hemp profile. Meanwhile, the pricing strikes a harmonious balance, offering a top-tier product without straining the wallet.

Hands-on Experience

As soon as the Funky Farms CBD Oil arrives, one can't help but appreciate the clean, informative packaging. The label is a clear window into the product's details, laying to rest any confusion about dosage or content. The precision dropper is a godsend for accurate dosing, ensuring that both the CBD novice and aficionado can measure their intake effortlessly.

The Alaskan Ice flavor is more than just a name—it's an experience. Each drop ushers in a wave of frosty freshness, transforming the daily CBD ritual from mundane to exhilarating. When it comes to value, the $63.99 price tag is justifiable; you're investing in a high-caliber product that delivers on potency without the premium cost. It's a thoughtful equilibrium between affordability and benefits that positions itself commendably in the bustling CBD market.

Moreover, the inclusion of MCT coconut oil brings more than just CBD to the table. Its celebrated health properties and ability to facilitate absorption elevate the product's performance. For someone like me who incorporates CBD into their routine, the 33.33mg dosage hits the sweet spot. It's important to remember, though, that each person's journey is unique, and newcomers might be wise to start with a more modest dose.

What We Like About This Product

  • Quality: Meticulously produced in the USA with a full-spectrum hemp extract.
  • Flavor: Offers a brisk mint flavor that truly enlivens the CBD experience.
  • Potency: Ideal concentration for a diverse audience seeking CBD's supportive qualities.
  • Value: Exceptional quality at a price that respects your budget.
  • Legality: Fully compliant with regulations, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Carrier: MCT coconut oil is thoughtfully used for its potential health perks.
  • Packaging: The packaging is thoughtfully designed, with a clearly marked dropper that simplifies dosing.


Despite its many attributes, the Funky Farms Alaskan Ice Tincture isn't without its oversights. The product could benefit from more visibility regarding third-party lab testing—an aspect crucial for those who seek verified purity and potency. While the burst of mint is a refreshing twist, it might not cater to purists who favor the unadulterated taste of hemp or desire an assortment of flavors in their CBD repertoire.


  • Domestically sourced and produced with pride in the USA
  • A hearty 1000mg of full-spectrum CBD contained in each 30ml bottle
  • The Alaskan Ice flavor is a cool, minty breath of fresh air
  • Priced to align with both quality and economy
  • Stays within legal THC limits, having less than 0.3% THC content
  • Utilizes MCT coconut oil as a carrier for improved absorption
  • The packaging provides clarity and ease of use


  • Delivers a moderate CBD dose, which may be beneficial for everyday stress management.
  • The full-spectrum extract may amplify the effects through the entourage phenomenon, potentially enhancing the overall outcome.
  • The choice of MCT oil could foster better digestion and expedited absorption of the CBD goodness.
  • Its minty profile conceals the earthy hemp undertones, favoring a more delightful intake. However, this may not resonate with everyone's taste preferences, particularly for fans of natural flavors.
  • The absence of accessible third-party test results could raise concerns for those who place a premium on product transparency.

Final Verdict

In the search for a dependable, invigorating full-spectrum CBD oil, the Funky Farms Alaskan Ice Tincture emerges as a notable contender. Its blend of moderate potency and minty zest appeals to a broad spectrum of users, highlighting the brand's focus on excellence and enjoyment. The price tag, when held against the quality, presents an attractive proposition. Still, the discerning consumer will want to consider the availability of third-party testing details. Our assessment concludes that this product is well-suited to those seeking a mid-strength, flavored CBD oil that does not skimp on quality or economic value.

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