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Hemp Bombs Lolly Bombs CBD Lollipops 4ct Review

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Imagine rediscovering the joy of your favorite childhood candy, now infused with the wellness benefits of CBD. That's exactly what you get with Hemp Bombs' spin on a traditional favorite — their CBD Lollipops, affectionately known as Lolly Bombs. It's a playful yet purposeful way to integrate the soothing properties of CBD into your life. Each package is a treasure trove containing four lollipops, each imbued with 25mg of top-shelf full-spectrum CBD extract, culminating in a generous 100mg of CBD in the entire box. The taste buds are treated to a festival of flavors: Cherry, Green Apple, Pink Lemonade, and Watermelon. Not only does each lollipop promise an explosion of taste, but they also offer the potential to enhance your tranquility.

Hemp Bombs has earned a solid reputation for unparalleled commitment to quality and absolute transparency. All their products, including these luscious lollipops, are crafted within the stringent standards set by current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and submitted for thorough analysis by independent labs. By choosing these CBD lollipops, you're assured of a product that's both federally compliant, containing less than the permitted 0.3% THC, and crafted from hemp proudly cultivated in the USA — a shining example of Hemp Bombs' dedication to customer satisfaction and excellence.

Hands-on Experience

Unveiling the Hemp Bombs CBD Lollipops, the packaging strikes you with its bright and cheerful design, whispering promises of both fun and well-being. The four lollipops are individually sealed, which means you can slip them into your bag or pocket, ensuring your CBD fix is always within reach, no matter where your day takes you. Each flavor proudly stands out, offering a nuanced taste reminiscent of the lollipops of your youth, yet with a sophisticated twist that certainly speaks to your adult palate.

At a modest $3.75 per treat, these CBD lollipops hit the sweet spot in pricing, especially when you factor in the premium grade of the full-spectrum CBD employed in their concoction. With each milligram of CBD costing just $0.15, these Lolly Bombs present themselves as a highly competitive option amongst CBD edibles. They do a commendable job of veiling the natural CBD flavor, and the 25mg dosage per lollipop is just right for both CBD novices and regular users. For those less inclined towards artificial additives, the presence of artificial colors and flavors may be a downside; however, these ingredients contribute to the authentic candy sensation that is widely sought after.

What We Like About This Product

  • Provides a joyous and familiar way to enjoy CBD's benefits
  • Offers a spectrum of delectable flavors to suit any taste preference
  • Features portable and inconspicuous packaging, perfect for consumption anywhere
  • Undergoes rigorous lab testing to guarantee safety and quality
  • Comprises full-spectrum CBD extracted from industrially-grown hemp in the USA
  • Stays within the bounds of legality with a THC content below 0.3%


  • Presence of artificial colors and flavors, which might not align with everyone's dietary choices
  • Contains soy lecithin, a potential allergen for some individuals
  • Does not meet the criteria for those strictly seeking organic or all-natural components


The Hemp Bombs CBD Lollipops shine as an innovative and playful concoction in the world of CBD products. Their standout features include:

  • A bundle of four lollipops, each containing a generous 25mg of CBD
  • A delightful variety of flavors artfully masking the inherent taste of CBD
  • Independent laboratory certifications affirming their potency and purity
  • Formulation using full-spectrum CBD to deliver a holistic hemp experience
  • Expertly designed to foster relaxation and support daily wellness


  • Encourages a sense of whole-body relaxation and serenity
  • Helps foster a feeling of comfort and may contribute to a harmonious balance
  • Assists in supporting day-to-day wellness and general health
  • Non-intoxicating properties ensure no severe psychoactive effects

Final Verdict

The Hemp Bombs CBD Lollipops, or Lolly Bombs, are a delightful and sensible approach to integrating CBD into your daily groove. Blending the pleasure of flavor with the reputed benefits of full-spectrum CBD, these lollipops stand out as a top pick for anyone looking to sprinkle a little sweetness into their CBD habits. Even with the slight compromise involving artificial ingredients, the overriding quality, effectiveness, and value of the Lolly Bombs make them a commendable contender. If you're just starting your CBD journey or seeking a novel method to mix things up, Hemp Bombs' CBD Lollipops offer a charming and discreet alternative, bursting with taste and wellness in one vibrant package.

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