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Joy Organics Tranquil Mint CBD + CBG Tincture Full Spectrum 1oz Review

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Step into the expanding universe of CBD offerings and discover the exceptional quality that Joy Organics brings to the table. Their tranquil Tranquil Mint Organic CBD + CBG Tincture emerges as a shining example of their dedication to excellence. This full-spectrum concoction is a symphony of CBD and CBG, each cannabinoid contributing 450mg to the 1oz bottle's potency. The design is a nod to fast-acting relief, aiming to offer solace and promote wellness amidst the whirlwind of modern life.

What sets the tang of this tincture apart is its minty essence which brings a fresh dimension to your CBD routine. With a THC content that's below 0.3%, it's the go-to option for those desiring the benefits without the buzz characteristic of cannabis. Joy Organics has truly carved out a niche for themselves in the realm of CBD products, and this tincture is a testament to their unwavering commitment to uncomplicated, yet powerful, CBD solutions.

Hands-on Experience

My initial encounter with the Joy Organics CBD + CBG tincture was marked by the elegance of its packaging. The modest size of the bottle means it's a breeze to take along on your travels or stow away discreetly. The moment the cap is unscrewed, the tranquil mint aroma wafts through the air, immediately ushering in a serene atmosphere even before the first drop is savored.

The tincture comes with a price tag that translates to roughly $0.11 per 1 mg of CBD. This is a competitive rate in the marketplace, particularly when you factor in the addition of CBG to the mix. A precise dosage is assured with the dropper provided, delivering 15 mg of each cannabinoid per 1 ml serving, striking the right balance for effectiveness. The consistency of the oil is just right and it dissolves swiftly under the tongue, hinting at the premium carrier oil utilized in its making.

I must say, the tincture lives up to its promise. The minty flavor is genuine and subtle, a boon for those who prefer to steer clear of the earthier tones of standard CBD oils. The calming properties were apparent in short order—this aligns with Joy Organics' claim of a swift-acting formula.

What We Like About This Product

- Embraces a minimalist formula that eschews superfluous additives - Harnesses both CBD and CBG for an enhanced, synergistic impact - Stays within legal THC limits, providing benefits without psychoactive effects - Offers a refreshing mint taste, which nicely conceals the characteristic hemp flavor - Priced fairly, when considering the inclusion of both CBD and CBG - Demonstrates rapid absorption, suggestive of the carrier oil's quality


As with any product, the Joy Organics CBD + CBG Tincture has its own set of nuances to consider. The trace amounts of THC, albeit below 0.3%, could still pose a concern for those undergoing drug testing. The mint flavor, while mild and enjoyable, might not suit everyone's palate, necessitating a mix-in with another drink for those who are less fond of mint. Additionally, those dealing with more acute health issues might seek out a product with greater potency or different cannabinoid composition designed for their specific circumstances.


- Boasts an equal measure of 450mg CBD and 450mg CBG for balance - Crafted from organic, full-spectrum extracts for a whole-plant approach - Delivers prompt and discernible soothing effects - Prioritizes high-grade quality aimed at enhancing wellness and relaxation


  • Encourages a peaceful state, aiding users in unwinding from daily stress
  • Supports overall health with the collaborative effect of diverse cannabinoids
  • The mint flavor enriches the experience, making it more enjoyable
  • Avoids the risk of intoxication, thanks to its minimal THC content

Final Verdict

The Joy Organics Tranquil Mint Organic CBD + CBG Tincture is nothing short of splendid, encapsulating the brand's passion for creating pure, impactful, and delightful CBD products. With its equal parts of CBD and CBG, it stands as an optimal choice for those looking to integrate cannabinoids into their daily wellness practices. The inviting mint flavor, the straightforward ingredient list, and the swift action of the tincture set it apart in a crowded market.

While it has a few minor drawbacks, they pale in comparison to the overall quality and efficacy of the product. This CBD + CBG tincture comes with my endorsement, especially for those new to CBD or curious about CBG. For anyone in pursuit of a premium, botanical supplement to their health routine, Joy Organics offers a serene and mint-infused journey to equilibrium and well-being.

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