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Green Roads CBD Daily Dose Oil Apple Kiwi Bliss 12ct 25mg Review

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As the realm of wellness continually advances, CBD has carved out a significant niche, rising as an indispensable component of numerous health regimens. One of the frontrunners in this burgeoning field is Green Roads with its innovative approach to CBD consumption. Their CBD Daily Dose Oil, specifically the Broad Spectrum Apple Kiwi Bliss, represents an ingenious fusion of flavor and function. Encased in the box, you'll discover a dozen single-dose sachets, each brimming with 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD—culminating in a collective potency of 300mg.

What sets Green Roads apart is not just its stature as an industry trailblazer but the unique touches it brings to the table. The product delights the senses with its uncommon apple kiwi bouquet, thereby elevating it from the prosaic flavors flooding the market. Transparency and expertise underscore their reputation; with each CBD concoction benefiting from a pharmacist's touch. Comprising a select ensemble of just six ingredients, this CBD oil pledges not merely to be ingested but to be effectively absorbed, crafting a comprehensive wellness journey. Its neat packet design underscores its commitment to convenience and precision, beckoning both greenhorns and connoisseurs of CBD toward an accessible path to consistent dosing.

Hands-on Experience

Approaching Green Roads' CBD Daily Dose Oil, my expectations were tinged with intrigue, fueled by the brand’s esteemed standing. Right out of the gate, the packaging commands respect, whispering a narrative of scrupulous care and premium quality. With each serving priced at a modest $3.00, the math boils down to a mere $0.12 per mg of CBD—signaling a highly competitive edge in the market, especially when sizeable premiums are often attached to convenient, pre-measured offerings.

Embarking on the flavor journey, Apple Kiwi Bliss is not merely a name but an actual taste experience that tantalizes the palate, a fruity twist that stands in stark contrast to the typically earthy CBD tinctures. The oil's consistency glides smoothly, and when held under the tongue for the recommended half-minute, it works wonders, allowing the user to relish the full spectrum of its flavor profile while promoting optimal sublingual uptake.

Portability is at the heart of its design—the 1.8 oz box tucks neatly into any purse or pocket. Its straightforward, no-fuss application proves to be an asset amidst the hustle of daily life or the unpredictability of travel adventures. This is where the oil truly shines, marrying the essence of convenience with the potency of wellness.

What We Like About This Product

  • The simplicity of pre-measured doses, banishing the hassle of calculation
  • The vibrant burst of Apple Kiwi Bliss, which is as refreshing as it is uncommon
  • The seal of pharmacist-formulated excellence, assuring quality at every drop
  • An advanced absorption formula that ensures you reap the complete rewards
  • The unmatched portability, empowering wellness without boundaries/li>
  • Broad-spectrum CBD that maintains a THC-free profile for peace of mind


Green Roads’ CBD Daily Dose Oil, while laudable for its array of benefits, does present a few points for consumers to mull over. Those who keep a tight grip on their wallets may find the individual dose pricing modestly steeper compared with bulk purchases, although here the trade-off is in the utility of single servings. The Apple Kiwi Bliss, for all its vibrancy, may not appease those yearning for the traditional, unadulterated CBD taste. For individuals with a penchant for higher CBD intake, the 25mg packets might necessitate the use of multiple pouches, which could escalate the expense.


Among the shining features of Green Roads' CBD Daily Dose Oil are its meticulous pharmacist-crafted formulation and the specialized six-ingredient mix that elevates it above the rest. The luscious Apple Kiwi Bliss taste makes every dose a pleasure rather than a chore. Designed for superior absorption, the product ensures that consumers experience the full benefits of the broad-spectrum CBD. With no THC in sight, it's a suitable pick for those with sensitivities or who may be subject to drug screenings.


  • Convenience: Tailored for ease, it’s ready to accompany you anywhere
  • Flavor: A delightful, fruity blend that veils the typical earthiness
  • Consistency: Each dose mirrors the last, delivering reliable wellness support
  • Wellness: A steadfast ally in your pursuit of a balanced daily health routine
  • Absorption: Crafted for quick action, the specialized formula ensures prompt benefits
  • Accessibility: A welcoming hand for those just dipping their toes into the CBD waters

Final Verdict

In sum, Green Roads’ CBD Daily Dose Oil is an embodiment of convenience, taste, and uncompromised quality. This product exemplifies the brand's fervent dedication to innovation and an unparalleled user experience. It's an excellent match for those eager to incorporate CBD into their life rhythm with minimal fuss over measurements. Although not the most budget-friendly option for those needing larger doses, its accuracy in dosing, ease of transport, and enjoyable flavor profile are too conspicuous to dismiss lightly. Green Roads offers a praiseworthy product for the wellness-savvy individual whether on-the-go or commencing their CBD journey.

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