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Koi CBD Broad Spectrum Orange CBD Oil Tincture 2000mg Review

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Delve into the realm of holistic harmony with the Koi CBD Oil Tincture. A beacon of reliability in a sea of CBD choices, this broad-spectrum gem offers a cornucopia of cannabinoids while ensuring no THC is present. Nestled in a generous 30ml bottle, the tincture is infused with a potent 2000mg of CBD, showcasing Koi Naturals' dedication to crafting a blend that resonates with your wellness pursuit.

The tincture's allure is heightened by its infusion with the essence of sun-kissed oranges, catering to those who value both purity and a zesty twist. The commitment to an all-natural approach is apparent; no THC is detectable to the finest measures (below 10 ppm), and the infusion of MCT and organic coconut oils underscores the brand's allegiance to health-conscious individuals.

Hands-on Experience

Unboxing the Koi CBD Oil Tincture, I was greeted by understated yet sophisticated packaging that hinted at the high-caliber product within. Priced at $99.99, the tincture signifies a meaningful wellness investment. The quality of the broad-spectrum CBD and the finesse that has gone into its creation fully justify the outlay.

Amidst a market awash with mundane flavors, the zesty orange essence of this tincture delivered a delightful divergence, offering a flavor that felt both genuine and mild. The dropper paved the way for convenient sublingual application, fostering efficient absorption and swift onset. This marked the beginning of a potentially beneficial journey.

What stood out was the tincture's adaptability; it melded smoothly with my morning blend of fruits or a calming evening tea, exemplifying its all-around appeal. Furthermore, with clear usage guidance and vegan certification, this tincture welcomes a diverse array of people into its fold.

What We Like About This Product

  • The broad-spectrum concoction boasts a variety of useful cannabinoids and terpenes while omitting THC.
  • The inviting orange flavor adds a refreshing dimension to the experience.
  • The tincture is a chameleon of sorts, effortlessly blending into various ingestion methods.
  • Explicit labeling and dosage guidance place a spotlight on safety and accuracy.
  • With vegan credentials and natural ingredients, the product appeals to a health-aware audience.
  • The proprietary Koi PRIZM™ blend hints at a unique and potentially superior broad-spectrum extraction process.


  • The premium price may stretch some budgets, especially when weighed against alternatives with lesser concentrations or different spectrums.
  • The citrus zest, while delightful to many, may not be the flavor of choice for some sensitive palates.
  • Despite its versatility, those in search of a strictly topical solution may need to look elsewhere.


Among its many sterling qualities, the Koi CBD Oil Tincture shines with its Koi PRIZM™ broad-spectrum hemp extract, tempting orange flavor, and a clear commitment to vegan-friendly practices. Its design for swift sublingual uptake is a boon, as is the versatility to weave it into one's diet. With meticulous attention to the integrity of its composition, the tincture stands as an advocate for a pristine and potent CBD encounter.


  • May sharpen mental acuity and bolster focus, thanks to being THC-free.
  • Cultivates a sense of serenity and well-being, potentially aiding in stress alleviation.
  • Might assist in evening out sleep patterns if included as part of a nightly regimen.
  • Its broad-spectrum profile ensures a composite entourage effect, devoid of intoxicating effects.

Final Verdict

The Koi CBD Oil Tincture is a crafted masterpiece for those in pursuit of premium-grade, broad-spectrum CBD excellence. With its robust 2000mg of CBD, suffused with a naturally inviting orange flavor, it stands tall as a premium pick for seasoned CBD aficionados and new explorers alike seeking a THC-free solution. While its cost might raise eyebrows, the overall value, especially when considering the premium features, holds its ground.

For those who treasure an all-natural, vegan formulation devoid of synthetic additives, this tincture is a stellar pick. It secures its place in the market with widespread user approval and documented results. This tincture embodies the essence of a thoughtful wellness addition, whether you're weaving CBD into your daily life or seeking holistic balance and rejuvenation.

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