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Koi CBD Oil Tincture Broad Spectrum Natural Flavor 1000mg Review

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In the bustling realm of wellness products, one treasure shines brightly—the Koi CBD Oil Tincture. It’s a paragon of minimalism and efficacy, offering a seamless fusion of the natural components found in hemp. This tincture is testament to Koi Naturals' steadfast dedication to delivering top-notch products. Enclosed in a sleek 30ml vessel, it boasts an impressive concentration of 1000mg of CBD. This potency caters to a spectrum of health and wellness preferences, accommodating those in search of balance and tranquility in their busy lives.

Hands-on Experience

The moment you take the Koi CBD Oil Tincture into your hands, you’re greeted with packaging that speaks volumes about the brand's meticulous nature. The dropper bottle design is both user-friendly and accurate, enabling effortless measurement for each use. This is especially important for individuals tailoring their CBD intake for specific therapeutic results. At a competitive price of $55.99, you find yourself paying merely $1.87 for each serving, a modest investment for the caliber of the product you receive.

The oil's unadulterated color is a nod to its purity, avoiding any synthetic colors or flavors that would detract from its organic essence. With a taste that remains true to its roots, it offers a gentle, authentic hemp flavor that is refreshing and tastefully understated. The texture is perfect for sublingual (under the tongue) administration, with users typically reporting the onset of effects that include a comforting sense of calm and mental lucidity. The thoughtful addition of MCT coconut oil not only boosts the body's ability to absorb the CBD but also leaves a delicate, naturally sweet aftertaste.

What We Like About This Product

  • Quality of Ingredients: Crafting the tincture with the exclusive Koi PRIZM™ full-spectrum CBD mix elevates its overall health-supporting properties, bringing a symphony of cannabinoids and terpenes to the forefront.
  • Vegan Certification: Conscious consumers will appreciate the VegeCert certification, ensuring the product meets the rigorous standards of a plant-based lifestyle.
  • Pricing: Affordability meets quality here, offering a cost-effective option that remains within reach for those who make CBD a regular part of their wellness routine.
  • THC-Free: This broad-spectrum concoction delivers the much-touted entourage effect, all while staying clear of any THC-related effects, making it a go-to choice for a diverse audience.


  • For some, the tincture's natural earthy taste might be a departure from their preferred palate, particularly for those who enjoy a variety of flavored options.
  • The limited selection of flavors may dissuade individuals looking to indulge in a broader gustatory adventure.
  • People requiring the specific therapeutic benefits of THC alongside CBD might have to search for an alternative product to meet their needs.


Exemplifying purity and meticulous care, the Koi CBD Oil Tincture is a noteworthy option in the realm of natural health products. Its highlights include its vegan-friendly nature, the bespoke Koi PRIZM™ full-spectrum CBD formula, and its wallet-friendly stance. This versatility—in how it can be consumed or added into your meals or favorite drinks—opens up a world of possibilities in customizing your own CBD journey.


  • Bestows a tranquil, serene state, easing daily stress
  • Clears the mind, potentially sharpening focus
  • Contributes to overall health and wellbeing
  • Positions itself as a natural substitute for various wellness applications
  • Ensures a peace of mind with no intoxicating effects, thanks to zero THC

Final Verdict

After thoroughly assessing the Koi CBD Oil Tincture, it earns high marks for those desiring the remedial touch of CBD sans THC. Its all-embracing broad-spectrum formula, purity of ingredients, and appealing price all collaborate to place it as a frontrunner in its domain. If you're well-versed in the wonders of CBD or merely dipping your toes into these waters, this tincture by Koi Naturals commands attention for its reliability, wholesomeness, and alignment with vegan values.

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