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3Chi Sleep CBD Oil Tincture 1000mg Review

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For those in pursuit of slumber's sweet embrace without resorting to synthetic aids, 3Chi's Sleep CBD Oil Tincture emerges as a beacon of natural wellness. It's meticulously designed to enhance sleep quality, melding an array of top-notch cannabinoids with a unique blend of terpenes. Nestled within a compact 1oz bottle, the tincture carries a generous 1000mg of CBD, ready to become a staple in your evening routine. Focusing on a pure and effective profile, this tincture features cannabinoids skillfully extracted from domestically cultivated hemp using the eco-friendly CO2 method—there's not a trace of harmful solvents to be found.

The carefully calibrated formula also boasts medium-chain triglycerides, known for their seamless absorption, and every bottle comes with a metered dropper for dosage precision. Priced to please, this potion is kind on the wallet at a mere $0.07 per 1 mg of CBD. Plus, the rigorous lab tests confirm you're getting a product with less than 0.3% THC, putting it squarely in the THC-free zone without affecting its potent qualities.

Hands-on Experience

Unboxing the 3Chi Sleep CBD Oil Tincture feels like unwrapping a thoughtful gift. Its design is unfussy, favoring a no-nonsense approach that respects both efficacy and aesthetic. The packaging's clarity is commendable, as is the inclusivity of detailed usage guidance. The dropper is nothing short of a revelation, banishing dosing dilemmas and bringing consistency to my nightly regimen. Weeks into this ritual, the dividends are apparent—my sleep has deepened, with nights feeling more restorative than ever.

The oil's understated taste owes its subtlety to natural terpenes, ensuring that it melds smoothly with your bedtime routine. Pricing is the cherry on top, hitting the sweet spot of affordability and uncompromised cannabinoid richness. This CBD oil is a solid pick for those wrestling with restless nights.

And it doesn't end with just the physical product. The assurance of CO2-extracted hemp's quality is the invisible yet invaluable backbone of this tincture. Catering to a spectrum of CBD aficionados, the available concentrations span from a mild 100mg to a robust 5000mg. My experience with the 1000mg bottle was a masterclass in balancing cost and efficacy.

What We Like About This Product

  • The broad-spectrum hemp extract is teeming with cannabinoids but devoid of THC, ensuring you get all the benefits with none of the high.
  • Attractive pricing shines, especially when considering the sheer quality of the CBD.
  • The CO2 extraction technique guarantees a pristine and top-grade product.
  • The ingenious metered dropper is a hallmark of dosage accuracy.
  • Expertly formulated to be your nocturnal ally, fostering a tranquil night's sleep.


  • Flavor variety is narrow, which might not captivate everyone’s taste buds.
  • Results may fluctuate; the tincture could interact differently across various individuals.
  • Despite THC levels being nominal, the ultra-sensitive or those with drug testing concerns may need to proceed with an extra measure of caution.


Dive into the standout aspects of 3Chi's Sleep CBD Oil Tincture: its sleep-centric concoction, the terpene blend enhancing its effect, and MCT oil for seamless absorption. This product encapsulates a dedication to integrity and consumer welfare with its broad-spectrum hemp extract, minimal THC footprint, and unambiguous lab verifications. The inclusion of multiple concentration options widens its appeal, allowing users to tailor their intake to their specific requirements.


  • Supports Sleep: Purposefully engineered to pave the way for improved sleep quality and relaxation.
  • Accurate Dosing: Precision dosing is made effortlessly achievable with the included dropper.
  • Quality: The commitment to a premium product is evident through CO2 extraction and thorough lab testing.
  • Value: Offering a compelling blend of efficacy and economy, it stands out for its value for money.
  • Easy to Use: Simplicity in use makes it easy to adopt as part of your nightly routine.

Final Verdict

If it's a natural, quality sleep aid you're after in the vast sea of CBD offerings, the 3Chi Sleep CBD Oil Tincture might just be your port of call. Exhibiting a deep understanding of what it takes to advance sleep naturally, it consistently delivers. The precision in dosing and an unwavering eye for quality make this product a standout in its field.

While the CBD experience is subjective, and taste options are somewhat confined, the tincture's purported benefits align neatly with the quest for rest amongst the sleep-starved. The meticulous extraction process, stringent lab scrutiny, and reasonable pricing clinch my nod of approval for those curious about CBD's sleep-supportive potential, all without the worry of THC.

Whether you're dipping your toes into the realm of CBD or are a well-informed user, the 3Chi Sleep CBD Oil Tincture, particularly at the 1000mg concentration, is a thoughtful expansion to your wellbeing toolkit. As always, a chat with your healthcare provider is prudent before incorporating any new supplement, especially if pre-existing health conditions or concurrent medications are in the picture.

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