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Charlotte's Web Full Spectrum CBD Oil Orange Blossom 60mg/1ml 1oz Review

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Embarking on the journey toward wellness, aficionados of CBD will often speak highly of Charlotte's Web. This brand has carved out a sterling reputation for delivering products that embody both purity and efficacy. Their CBD Oil is a testament to their dedication—a robust, full-spectrum marvel. With each 1ml droplet teeming with 60mg of CBD, this formulation is not for the faint-hearted but rather for those who wish to bring their regimen to new heights. Nestled within a 1oz (30ml) vessel, the product brims with 1800mg of CBD, promising a rich reserve for the committed user.

Charlotte's Web sculpts a legacy not only in the quality of their potions but also in their earth-centric practices. The CO2 extraction technique employed is a nod to their eco-conscious ethos, ensuring that the product's journey from plant to bottle is considerate of our planet. The zest of Orange Blossom infuses a vivacious twist that dances on the palate—a welcome change from the baseline hemp aura. This oil is meticulously free from unnecessary additives or coloring, reinforcing the brand's allegiance to unadulterated nature. Chiefly, the oil complies strictly with legal standards, housing less than 0.3% THC and boasting the U.S. Hemp Authority Certification—a golden standard for purity and safety.

Hands-on Experience

Upon unveiling Charlotte's Web CBD Oil, I was greeted with packaging that was both straightforward and replete with promise—each word carefully chosen to guide the consumer toward serenity and heightened concentration. This oil commands a price reflective of its calibre: $0.07 per 1mg of CBD. Such a tag is in line with the premium niche it occupies, echoing the quality raw materials and the meticulous care woven into its creation.

The dropper, thoughtfully marked, dismisses guesswork, clear in its indication of a standard serving. This user-centric design is a boon, particularly for those new to the world of CBD. A slight variance in color from one batch to another serves not as a flaw but as proof of the brand's allegiance to natural processes. The Orange Blossom flavor is a delicate sensation—not too bold and not synthetic in essence. It nimbly blends into smoothies or morning tea, making it a delightful companion to a daily wellness ritual.

What We Like About This Product

  • The robust CBD concentration caters to seasoned connoisseurs
  • The pristine CO2 extraction method reflects a commitment to purity and eco-awareness
  • A full-spectrum concoction that wields the collaborative might of the "entourage effect"
  • Orange Blossom flavor—both refreshing and understated
  • Intuitive dropper encourages precise, hassle-free dosing
  • Pledge to natural composition, avoiding superfluous additives or colorings
  • Certification from the U.S. Hemp Authority and adherence to the <0.3% THC standard


While the advantages of this CBD oil are plentiful, a few facets warrant consideration:

  • Its premium price point may stretch beyond the reach of some budgets
  • Full-spectrum oils' trace THC might not align with every user's needs or preferences
  • Natural variations in the oil's appearance may not appeal to everyone's sense of aesthetics
  • Lack of explicit distinctions between the 60mg formula and other offerings might confound selection
  • Warnings pertaining to certain compounds, as is required in California, could provoke unease in some consumers


  • A generous 60mg of CBD in every 1mL serving
  • Sourced from hemp cultivated on American soil
  • Crafted through 100% CO2 extraction for product integrity
  • USDA Certified Organic, underscoring its premium quality
  • Rich in naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, fragrant terpenes, and various flavonoids
  • Designed to foster a sense of calm, enhance focus, aid in recovery post-exercise, and promote healthy sleep patterns


  • Drives a sense of calm, sharpening focus for daily tasks
  • Facilitates recovery after strenuous activities, which is a boon for fitness enthusiasts
  • Promotes consistent sleep patterns, laying the foundation for overall wellness and balance
  • Full-spectrum benefits possibly amplifying therapeutic outcomes courtesy of the "entourage effect"
  • Acknowledges potential limitations, including the presence of THC, which may raise concerns for some

Final Verdict

The Charlotte's Web 60mg CBD Oil stands as a powerhouse in the realm of full-spectrum products. The inclusion of the Orange Blossom profile introduces a sensory delight, while the method of CO2 extraction and unwavering dedication to organic, natural ingredients speak volumes of the brand's ethos. The price, though on the higher side, reflects the potent concentration and the array of benefits this oil is poised to offer, such as enhanced concentration, muscle recovery, and regulated sleep. Caveats include the trace levels of THC and the advisories particular to California residents. All things considered, for the seasoned CBD user, this product shines brightly for its purity and effectiveness and comes highly recommended.

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