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Koi CBD Peppermint Broad Spectrum Oil Tincture 1000mg Review

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As the world of holistic health burgeons with an array of CBD concoctions, Koi Naturals emerges as a beacon of quality with its meticulously crafted Koi CBD Oil Tincture. Imagine a symphony of natural oils and the finest broad-spectrum hemp extract converging in a bottle, creating a peppermint-infused elixir that caters to the quest for calm and balance. Encased within its 30ml vessel, you’ll find a generous 1000mg of CBD, specifically dosed for those who incorporate wellness as a cornerstone of their everyday life. Koi Naturals champions transparency and purity, as reflected in their devotion to an all-natural, vegan, and THC-free formula. With pride, they harness the bounties of American-grown industrial hemp, meticulously ensuring that neither pesticides nor solvents mar the integrity of their product.

Hands-on Experience

Upon first impression, the Koi CBD Oil Tincture radiates an essence of professionalism, its sleek packaging adorned with clearly printed details, ranging from the vegan accolade to the precise serving suggestions. I appreciated the attentiveness to detail, particularly the marked dropper which facilitates accurate dosage every single time—truly commendable. When considering value, the tincture stands as a worthy contender in the CBD sphere at approximately $1.87 per serving, and $0.06 per mg of CBD. The peppermint zest, a charming pivot from the usual hemp flavors, pairs beautifully with stevia’s subtle sweetness, striking a satisfying balance without tipping into excess.

Engaging with the tincture begins with a simple shake of the bottle—a mandatory step to ensure an even blend. The oil’s texture is delightfully smooth, with a consistency that’s easy to work with, thanks to the dropper’s precision. Following the guideline of mixing 1ml with a meal, the oil slipped effortlessly into my daily routine. Its absorption was unobtrusive, leaving neither a greasy residue nor an unpleasant aftertaste. The vibrant peppermint not only enlivens the senses but may also assist digestive well-being, given the herb’s traditional use for such purposes.

What We Like About This Product

  • The peppermint flavor is expertly crafted, artfully hiding the natural hemp taste
  • Abides by vegan standards and contains no traces of THC, catering to varied health preferences and employment requirements
  • Dropper designed for precision ensures each dose is measured accurately
  • Commitment to superior ingredient sourcing and manufacturing processes, cultivating a product of unmatched purity and safety
  • Price point aligns elegantly with market competition, offering value and quality
  • Label clarity offers an informative snapshot of the product, ensuring users are well-informed


  • A singular flavor choice might not entice every palate
  • Those with a sensitivity to stevia might find the aftertaste slightly less palatable
  • The robust 1000mg CBD strength is ideal for habitual users, yet newbies might benefit from starting with a gentler concentration


The Koi CBD Oil Tincture stands tall with its broad-spectrum CBD composition, embracing a rich tapestry of phytocannabinoids that accompany CBD on its journey. Its peppermint layer, sweetened with the grace of natural stevia, offers an enjoyable consumption experience. Furthermore, the product’s strict adherence to vegan principles and the exclusion of THC amplifies its allure to a demographic conscious of their health and lifestyle choices.


  • Refreshing Taste: The peppermint offers a palate-cleansing effect and could be an ally for maintaining a healthy gut.
  • Purity: Verified by third-party assessments, the tincture’s purity and safety are beyond reproach.
  • Convenience: The oil’s swift absorption and the dropper’s precise design endorse ease of use in everyday life.
  • Balance: Designed for regular use, it seeks to restore equilibrium and nourish one’s overall well-being.
  • No Psychoactive Effects: Free from detectable levels of THC, the tincture allows enjoyment of its benefits without any psychoactive concerns.

Final Verdict

If wisdom led you to seek out a premium CBD product, let the Koi CBD Oil Tincture be your guide. With a satisfying peppermint flavor and a broad-spectrum CBD backbone, it earns its place among those who infuse their wellness routines with intention and care. Its straightforward labeling, meticulous dosing capabilities, and keen market pricing make it inviting for both the seasoned and the newcomer to CBD. The dedication to purity shines through, laying the foundation for a trustworthy experience. While the limited flavor choice and the addition of stevia might not appeal to every taste, the overwhelming benefits offer ample reason to consider this tincture a worthy ally on your journey to healthful harmony.

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