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Real Scientific Hemp Oil Gold Label Oral Applicator 720mg CBD Review

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Crafted with the discerning consumer in mind, Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ Gold Label is the epitome of CBD oil excellence. This potent concoction comes packed in a 3g oral applicator, an ideal choice for anyone in pursuit of a high intake of this coveted cannabinoid. This product is a gem in the Real Scientific Hemp Oil collection, guaranteeing a substantial 120 mg of CBD per serving. With a total of 720 mg in each tube, it stands out as a particularly strong option for those dedicated to powerful cannabinoid treatment.

When it comes to purity, the Gold Label is second to none, undergoing a suite of sophisticated processes to ensure the end product is of unparalleled quality. Leading-edge supercritical CO2 extraction is just the beginning of its journey to excellence, with Triple Lab Testing™ setting the standard for consumer confidence. The prestigious US Hemp Authority Certification is the cherry on top of this full-spectrum goodness, boasting not only cannabinoids but also an array of beneficial compounds, including vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and aromatic terpenes, all originating from premium European industrial hemp.

Hands-on Experience

I immediately noticed the exemplary standard set by Real Scientific Hemp Oil Gold Label upon arrival. The packaging strikes the perfect balance between discretion and detail, displaying crucial information and seals of quality one expects from high-end CBD offerings. At a premium price point of $12.72 per serving, it's positioned for those who recognize that quality comes at a cost—justified entirely by the oil's high CBD potency. The applicator is a thoughtfully designed tool, making exact dosages a simple part of one's CBD routine.

Upon inspection, the oil reveals a thick consistency, a hallmark of its rich concentration, and boasts a luminous, golden hue that speaks to its meticulous filtration, ensuring the exclusion of superfluous plant compounds and chlorophyll. The taste is pleasantly earthy, touched with a hint of nutty undertones, and it doesn't overpower the senses, which is suitable for those who take their CBD daily.

Delving into the product's essence, the high CBD amount of 240 mg per gram is noteworthy. The oil's broad spectrum of phytochemicals means that users can experience the widely acclaimed entourage effect. This phenomenon is where the cacophony of cannabinoids and terpenes work in concert. Despite its formidable potency, the oil maintains a THC level below 0.3%, keeping it within legal bounds and ensuring users stay clear-headed.

What We Like About This Product

  • Vigorous CBD Dosage: Standing out for those in need of powerful doses, each serving delivers an impressive 120 mg of CBD.
  • Dedication to Purity: Rigorous Triple Lab Testing™ fortifies the trust of consumers, ensuring a product of the highest safety and consistency.
  • Full-Spectrum Formula: Harnessing a diverse range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and critical nutrients contributes to a comprehensive CBD experience.
  • Seal of Excellence: The US Hemp Authority Certification provides additional reassurance about the supreme quality and ethical sourcing of the ingredients.


Despite the Gold Label's impressive attributes, it's important to recognize potential limitations. The price might deter certain customers, particularly those just exploring CBD or those who require an extended regimen. The refined taste, while mild, could also require an adjustment period for those not accustomed to the natural flavors of hemp.


  • A formidable 720 mg of CBD packed in a compact 3g applicator
  • Superior CO2 extraction process yields premium, full-spectrum hemp oil
  • Quality assurance through Triple Lab Testing, ensuring peak standards
  • User-friendly oral applicator for effortlessly accurate dosages
  • Natural, unadulterated flavor without synthetic additives
  • Complies with federal regulations on THC content for a non-intoxicating experience


  • Can be a balm for the stress and strains of everyday life
  • May serve as a powerful ally in managing discomfort and reducing inflammation
  • Could enhance sleep quality, increasing restfulness and duration
  • Promote a serene sense of well-being
  • Capitalizes on the entourage effect thanks to its full-spectrum composition
  • Conforms with legal THC limits, thus avoiding any intoxicating impact
  • Some consumers might find the natural taste a bit unconventional

Final Verdict

Real Scientific Hemp Oil Gold Label emerges as a top player for the discerning consumer who values the three pillars of CBD oil superiority: purity, potency, and premium quality. The assurance of its efficacy and safety, underpinned by stringent testing and certifications, is clear. Though it comes with a higher price tag, the investment speaks for itself with the oil’s consistent performance and all-encompassing benefits. For anyone seeking a potent, uncontaminated, and dependable CBD solution to incorporate into their daily regimen, the Gold Label is a strong candidate. Those who are more sensitive to price or prefer a taste other than hemp's natural flavor may find more suitable alternatives elsewhere. Nevertheless, for the purists who appreciate the unvarnished essence of CBD, the Gold Label is a product that stands tall in a crowded marketplace.

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