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Koi Pets CBD Dog Biscuits Immune Support Blueberry Sweet Potato Review

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In the dynamic and ever-growing niche of CBD-infused pet products, the introduction of Koi Naturals' specialty treat has emerged as a beacon of wellness for our furry friends. Imagine a snack designed not just for pleasure but also for the fortification of your dog's immune defenses. That's precisely what the Koi Pets, Koi CBD Dog Biscuits Immune Support offers, with a concoction that marries the holistic advantages of full-spectrum CBD with the nutritional values of blueberries and sweet potatoes. This product is a testament to the meticulous craft of combining beneficial ingredients and cannabinoids to nurture the overall well-being of our dogs.

Imagine opening a package to find 30 carefully crafted biscuits, each one imbued with 5 mg of comprehensive full-spectrum CBD. The entire packet delivers an ample 150 mg of CBD, crafted to ensure your dog receives a consistent and safe dose. Koi Naturals commends itself for the integrity and purity of its hemp, proudly cultivated within the USA. Their commitment to all-natural, pesticide-free, and solvent-free treats reassures pet owners of their investment in quality. Moreover, adhering to federal mandates, the treats contain a scant THC presence under 0.3%, ensuring they are non-psychoactive and safe for your pet.

Hands-on Experience

Upon first inspection of the Koi CBD Dog Biscuits, the packaging alone speaks volumes. It broadcasts a high-end, reassuring image, bolstered by the comprehensive details provided on the label. You're immediately clued into the dosage recommendations and ingredient quality. At a reasonable $1.60 per serving, these treats are not just a treat but a cost-aware method to introduce CBD into your dog's diet. Furthermore, the biscuits emit a subtle yet enticing aroma of blueberries and sweet potatoes, which appears to engage dogs with a curiosity that slowly turns into delight.

The impactful presence of full-spectrum CBD holds promise, as it hints at the possibility that these biscuits could catalyze the entourage effect—where a spectrum of cannabinoids work in tandem for increased impact. Additionally, the commitment to non-GMO, organic components, excluding gluten, dairy, and GMOs, speaks directly to pet owners who are meticulous about their furry companion's diet. The biscuits maintain their shape and texture, resisting any premature crumbling, which is perfect for pet parents on the move or those who appreciate tidiness.

What We Like About This Product

  • A bountiful mix of natural and organic constituents that bolster canine vitality.
  • The inclusion of full-spectrum CBD, a nod to the advantages of a multifaceted cannabinoid approach.
  • Transparent and local hemp sourcing, coupled with American production, offers a promise of remarkable quality.
  • The involvement of veterinary insight that zeroes in on immune system enhancement.


  • Certain dogs may exhibit selectiveness and require time to adapt to these novel flavors.
  • The trace THC in full-spectrum CBD may not sit well with every pet owner's preference or pet's sensibility.
  • A singular flavor variety might not captivate pets with diverse or particular taste buds.


There are several noteworthy aspects of the Koi CBD Dog Biscuits:

  • Flavor Profile: The canine-approved taste of blueberry and sweet potato is not only tantalizing but also packed with nutrition.
  • Immune System Support: Carefully selected ingredients deliver antioxidants and vital fatty acids, fostering robust immune function.
  • Quality Assurance: The hallmarks of being non-GMO, pesticide-free, and solvent-free, along with the made-in-USA assurance, build a strong trust in the product's excellence.


  • A boost to the immune system is delivered through a rich supply of antioxidants and omega fatty acids.
  • The potential to elevate general well-being is infused in the therapeutic benefits of full-spectrum CBD.
  • Dietary health is supported by the commitment to all-natural and organic ingredients.

Final Verdict

The Koi Pets, Koi CBD Dog Biscuits Immune Support emerges as an exceptionally considered offering in the realm of pet health supplements. This item sets itself apart through its thoughtful fusion of natural elements, the wellness potential of full-spectrum CBD, and its dedication to purity. While not all dogs may initially be smitten by the taste, the product represents a significant stride toward enhancing a pet's health regimen. With its compelling price per treat and an impressive reputation among users, these biscuits are wholeheartedly recommended for pet parents exploring the possibilities that CBD can bring to their companions' vitality and immune support.

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