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Koi CBD Hemp Extract Pet Spray 500mg Review

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Imagine stumbling upon a gem in the bustling market of pet health products. That's precisely what the Koi CBD Hemp Extract CBD Pet Spray feels like - a rare find. With Koi Naturals' solid reputation backing this particular item, it's clear that this isn't an ordinary pet product. Made with the goal of harnessing the restorative wonders of CBD, the convenient 2.7oz bottle encases a generous 500mg of broad-spectrum CBD. This thoughtful concentration is versatile enough to accommodate pets of various sizes and breeds, a testament to its universal appeal.

The cornerstone of this product is undoubtedly its veterinarian-formulated concoction. This distinction means a lot to pet parents who only want the most reliable products for their animal friends. Its assurance of being non-psychoactive, containing no more than a trace of THC (<0.001%), is the cherry on top. This ensures that our furry friends can enjoy all the benefits without any mind-altering side effects, providing peace of mind with every spritz.

Hands-on Experience

When the Koi CBD Pet Spray lands in your hands, the packaging speaks volumes—sturdy yet refined, it's as if it promises to safeguard the precious elixir inside. The bottle itself, a model of practical elegance, is a breeze to use. With a price point of $31.99 for 60 ml, we're talking about a mere $0.53 per serving - a small price to pay for high-quality wellness.

The real magic happens when you employ the spray; just a few pumps are enough to deliver the goods. Whether it's sprayed directly into the eager mouth of your pet or misted onto their meal, the process is refreshingly tidy. Pets seem to savor the blend, likely thanks to the natural coconut oil it's infused with - no fuss, no muss.

Crystal-clear dosage instructions pave the way for custom-tailored health support. Each serving contains a balanced 8.33 mg of CBD, so you can dial in just the right amount for your pet's unique size and disposition.

What We Like About This Product

  • Administration is a snap with the sprayer—it's all about convenience
  • Packed with top-notch broad-spectrum CBD
  • Expertly crafted by veterinarians
  • A formula that’s completely non-psychoactive, with negligible THC levels
  • A fair price for such a premium product
  • The delightful touch of coconut oil to entice even the most discerning of pets


  • A limited flavor profile that may not delight every palate, particularly for choosy pets
  • Varied reactions to CBD mean it's not a one-size-fits-all remedy
  • While promising, the long-term impact of CBD on pets awaits more in-depth research


Among its peers, the Koi CBD Pet Spray emerges as a superior choice. What sets it apart? A blend perfected by veterinarians, its user-friendliness, and an all-natural ingredient list. The partnership of CBD extracted from industrial hemp with the essence of coconut oil creates a comprehensive wellness solution. Furthermore, it carries the VegeCert seal of approval, ensuring those following a vegan lifestyle can trust in its compliance with vegan ethics.


  • Restorative Benefits: A harmonious boost to your pet's overall health.
  • Easy Administration: A simple spray onto their daily meal or directly into their mouth does the trick.
  • Adaptability: Tailor the dosage to your pet's specific requirements with ease.
  • Quality Assurance: With almost immeasurable THC levels, rest assured your pet stays clear-headed.

Final Verdict

A standing ovation is due for the Koi CBD Hemp Extract CBD Pet Spray. This outstanding offering is a godsend for pet owners who seek a CBD-infused supplement to uplift their beloved pets' lives. Its blend, meticulously formulated by veterinary experts, coupled with the product's overall user-friendliness and suitable CBD concentration, makes it a hit across a broad spectrum of pet parents. The stringent sourcing of American-grown hemp and meticulous extraction process underscore its worth even further.

Though the individual outcomes may differ and the long-term effects of CBD on pets have yet to be fully apprehended, the pet spray presents itself as a product worthy of consideration. It shines for those in pursuit of a vegan, non-psychoactive, and uncomplicated CBD supplement for their animal companions. The Koi CBD Pet Spray confidently asserts itself as a safe and advantageous component of a pet's wellness regimen, earning a robust endorsement for anyone exploring CBD avenues for their furry family members.

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