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Medterra CBD Drops for Pets Chicken Flavor 750mg Review

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In the bustling pet wellness sphere, Medterra's CBD Drops for Dogs + Cats shine brightly as a beacon of high-quality care for your furry companions. A potent concoction, these drops harness a generous 750mg of CBD isolate within each 1oz bottle, assuring a pure, THC-free experience meticulously crafted for your pets’ vitality. Marrying non-GMO and pesticide-free claims with an enticing natural chicken flavor, these drops aim to seduce the taste buds of discerning dogs and cats while delivering CBD's expansive therapeutic benefits. The brand goes the extra mile, with third-party testing and commendations from the U.S. Hemp Authority, reinforcing Medterra's dedication to unwavering quality and transparency in the niche pet CBD landscape.

Hands-on Experience

Unboxing the Medterra CBD Drops felt like unwrapping a premium health gift for my pet. The packaging exuded a professional charm, meticulously detailing what lies within along with clear guidance on how to use the product. Grasping the conveniently compact bottle, I applauded its thoughtful design that promises effortless storage and hassle-free mobility. The included dropper applicator is a stroke of genius, empowering pet owners to administer exact dosages with ease, catered to their furry friend’s specific requirements. The product's affordability is noteworthy, too. At approximately $0.05 per milligram of CBD, it proudly stands as a cost-efficient choice in the market. Moreover, the breadth of available potencies – 150mg, 300mg, and 750mg – means there's a perfect match for every pet, regardless of their size or therapeutic exigencies. Upon introduction to the drops, my pets found themselves smitten with the savory chicken flavor. The formula's organic MCT oil not only ushers the CBD into their system but also underpins metabolic wellbeing. Since these drops are purely isolated CBD, there's not a trace of THC, eliminating any worry about unintended intoxicating effects. The straightforward dosing instructions, elegantly printed on the bottle, make pinpointing your pet's ideal dosage simpler than ever.

What We Like About This Product

  • THC-Free Isolate: A perfect pick for pet parents intent on steering clear of THC.
  • Organic and Natural: By incorporating organic MCT oil and natural flavoring, this product layers in added safety and quality.
  • Veterinarian-Recommended: Gaining endorsements from veterinarians imparts a boost of trust and assurance in its effectiveness.
  • Flexibility in Dosage: The inclusion of a dropper and the availability of various potencies make it adaptable to diverse pet sizes and health needs.


Despite the product's glowing features, it's key to remark that it's best not given on an unfilled stomach, which could pose a slight scheduling hiccup for some pet agendas. Also, those on the hunt for full-spectrum CBD offerings might need to cast their net elsewhere, as Medterra has opted to specialize in CBD isolate for this particular item.


  • A robust 750mg of pristine CBD isolate in each bottle
  • A delectable chicken flavor that pets find irresistible
  • The health-promoting addition of organic MCT oil
  • Stringent third-party testing to guarantee top-notch quality
  • Adaptable dosing facilitated by a user-friendly dropper
  • Seal of approval from veterinarians


  • Supports Well-being: Specially formulated to bolster the overall health and happiness of pets.
  • Flexible Serving Sizes: With the dropper, customizing dosages becomes a breeze, perfectly accommodating pets with varying needs and sizes.
  • No Psychoactive Effects: Purely CBD isolate means zero THC, and thus, no risk of psychoactive repercussions for your pets.

Final Verdict

The Medterra CBD Drops for Dogs + Cats epitomize a gold standard in pet wellness products. Thanks to its THC-free makeup, wholesome ingredients, and user-friendly dosing, it emerges as a trustworthy and appetizing option for pet owners eager to incorporate CBD into their companion animals' diets. While the exclusive presence of CBD isolate may not fit every preference, the overarching advantages of the product merit serious consideration for those keen on isolate varieties. Medterra's unwavering allegiance to safety, melded with the affirmative personal trial, places these CBD drops in the upper echelons of pet health solutions.

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