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Lazarus Naturals Bulk CBD Isolate 50g Review

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Lazarus Naturals has carved out a niche for itself, garnering respect and loyalty from wellness aficionados. They are celebrated for their uncompromising commitment to both quality and accessibly-priced offerings. A shining example of their firm dedication is their Bulk CBD Isolate, which comes in a substantial 50-gram quantity, boasting a total of 50,000 mg of CBD. Each gram packs a powerful punch with 1000 mg of CBD, ensuring that this product stands tall as one of the most potent forms of CBD that one could procure.

Designed for those who seek the purest CBD experience, the product is entirely THC-free, zeroing in on the preferences of users who opt for a CBD-only journey. The in-house extraction and meticulous formulation processes of Lazarus Naturals allow for a tight grip on quality control. The added assurance of third-party testing for potency, pesticides, and heavy metals speaks volumes, offering consumers a transparent window into the natural and safe essence of the product. Although this isolate isn't water-soluble, its design is such that it can smoothly blend into a variety of carrier oils, opening up a wide spectrum of usage.

Hands-on Experience

From the moment the Lazarus Naturals Bulk CBD Isolate landed in my hands, it was evident that the brand takes pride in providing superior delivery, starting with the packaging. Tucked in a container with precise dimensions of 2.3 × 2.3 × 2.7 inches, and a weight that felt significant yet manageable at 6.2 ounces, the packaging impressed with its robustness and a tamper-evident security seal, assuring uncompromised integrity until the point of use.

The isolate itself was a pure crystalline powder, conspicuously devoid of any scent—a hallmark of a refine CBD isolate. Demonstrating its versatility, I took the opportunity to dissolve it into a carrier oil, concocting my very own custom CBD tincture. The isolate melded seamlessly, leaving behind no residue. The price tag is also worth cheering about; competitive, yes, but when you factor in the potent concentration and sheer volume, it’s a bargain. This allows connoisseurs and amateurs alike to fashion their personal CBD-infused concoctions with precision to their potency preference.

It's worth mentioning that Lazarus Naturals points out the importance of consulting with a physician if you have a history of sensitivities to grapefruit or if your medication has contraindications with grapefruit enzymes. Despite this, incorporating the product into my lifestyle was effortless. Its impact mirrored what is expected from a premium isolate—delivering a serene composure minus the psychoactive buzz of THC.

What We Like About This Product

  • Profound CBD concentration, at 1000 mg per gram, making it incredibly robust
  • The absence of THC caters to those with specific CBD-only requirements
  • Comprehensive in-house process and third-party lab testing, assuring impeccable standards
  • Remarkable versatility, offering a canvas to craft personalized CBD remedies
  • Guaranteed purity from undesirable elements like pesticides and heavy metals


  • Lack of water solubility could pose a challenge for aqueous product formulations
  • Demanding a knowledgeable approach for optimal use, which might deter novices


Lauded for its purity and strength, the Lazarus Naturals Bulk CBD Isolate distinguishes itself with undeniable qualities. The generous 50-gram container is brimming with CBD, ideal for those in need of hefty doses or for the ones wishing to craft their own CBD remedies at home. The exclusive use of cannabidiol, sans THC, holds paramount importance for those who seek the therapeutic effects of CBD with no concern for the mind-altering elements of cannabis.


  • Potency: A high-grade concentrate that furnishes palpable results
  • Versatility: Adaptable for amalgamation into different oils for multifaceted uses
  • Safety: Rigorously screened for any impurities, assuring a secure and clean experience
  • Zero THC: An ideal option for those needing or choosing to eliminate THC from their regimen

Final Verdict

Lazarus Naturals Bulk CBD Isolate emerges as a formidable player in the realm of high-grade CBD products. It secures its high standing with an unwavering purity, remarkable potency, and undeniable adaptability. This product beckons to those who crave to tailor their CBD encounters or demand hefty volumes for habitual use. Its solubility in oils, instead of water, presents a versatile alternative for crafting homemade CBD delights. A nod must be given to Lazarus Naturals for their staunch commitment to quality control and in-house processing, engendering trust and confidence among users. For those who are adept at navigating and measuring their CBD use, this product promises to be a prudent step towards health and serenity.

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