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Lazarus Naturals Bulk CBG Isolate 20g Review

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In the bustling realm of cannabinoid offerings, Lazarus Naturals carves a niche with their heftily proportioned Bulk CBG Isolate. Boasting an impressive 20 grams of unadulterated CBG per packet, this product shines as a testament to the company's unwavering dedication to purity and excellence. With a rigorous commitment to ensuring a 0% THC presence, this product falls under the category of a CBD isolate spectrum, positioning itself as the go-to option for those keen on delving into the potential of CBG while steering clear of any THC involvement.

This CBG isolate is a jack-of-all-trades, designed to be a companion in bolstering immune function, soothing muscle discomfort, lifting moods, fostering a balanced inflammatory response, and easing occasional queasiness. Its versatile nature serves a broad spectrum of wellness pursuits. The veil of transparency enveloping its production process is commendable, showcasing third-party evaluations for potency, contaminants, and heavy metals, thereby bestowing users with confidence in its safety and uniformity. Access to detailed test results under the brand's "Test Results" tab further solidifies this trust. Thanks to its adaptability, this isolate stands as a dependable choice for those seeking a pristine and flexible cannabinoid solution for custom-made concoctions and precise dilutions.

Hands-on Experience

The arrival of Lazarus Naturals' Bulk CBG Isolate was met with immediate recognition of its conscientiously designed packaging. Striking a balance between simplicity and security, the packaging features a lucid label alongside a sturdy tamper-evident seal, laying bare the product's integrity and purity. The quantity, a generous 20 grams, hints at its durability and the economic advantage it presents for personal usage. The compact dimensions (2.3 × 2.3 × 2.7 inches) ease concerns about storage, ensuring that it fits snugly in your wellness nook.

A further delve into the product reveals its competitive price point, reinforcing its value. The company's unyielding commitment to product scrutiny through third-party tests, with results available for the public's eye, is praiseworthy, emanating a vibe of honesty and dedication to transparency. The isolate's powdery consistency is a delight to handle and blend, sliding seamlessly into various consumer-preferred methods of use. This is particularly advantageous since it underscores the necessity of responsible handling and research for the best outcomes. For consumers with THC sensitivities or obligations to avoid it, the purity of this product is a substantial boon.

Dabbling with the CBG isolate, I found the absence of distinct taste or scent to be incredibly user-friendly. Whether stirred into an early morning shake or mingled with a carrier oil for sublingual use, its influence on flavor or fragrance was negligible. Users should be aware, however, that precision is paramount when dosing. The high concentration of CBG demands the use of an accurate scale to administer responsible and effective measures.

What We Like About This Product

- Zero THC Content: It caters perfectly to those who must avoid THC due to health sensitivity or work-related drug tests. - Purity and Potency: The rigorous third-party testing process confirms a product of exceptional quality. - Size and Pricing: The large 20-gram package is cost-efficient, particularly for those who utilize CBG regularly. - Versatility: The ability to incorporate it into a myriad of formulations allows for personalization according to user preference. - Transparent Production Process: Access to detailed testing data strengthens the bond of trust.


- Requires additional research and knowledge for use: To properly harness the pure isolate, users should acquaint themselves with the nuances of dilution and formulation. - Lacks entourage effect: As an isolate, it misses out on the symbiosis offered by full-spectrum counterparts. - Requires precise scaling equipment: For meticulous dosing, specialized measuring tools are a necessity, which might not be staple appliances in the average household.


- A generous 20g portion of CBG Isolate - Absolutely void of THC - Undergoes stringent third-party verification for safety and uniformity - Offers a wide array of application methods - Crafted by Lazarus Naturals, a brand synonymous with credibility and quality


  • Boosts immune shields
  • Diminishes muscle tenderness
  • Ascends mood levels
  • Encourages a harmonious inflammation response
  • Assists in mitigating sporadic nausea

Final Verdict

Lazarus Naturals' Bulk CBG Isolate emerges as a sterling example of purity married with multifunctionality in the cannabinoid market. It stands out as a top pick for aficionados in search of a substantial, THC-free CBG isolate. The hands-on trial of this product verified its user-friendliness, though a caveat remains that some prior knowledge is requisite for ideal use. The product's notable advantages—its integrity, neutral taste and scent, and generous quantity—consolidate its status as a smart addition to a well-rounded wellness regimen.

Given Lazarus Naturals' meticulous approach to third-party testing and their transparent ethos, consumers can place their confidence in the quality and reliability of the CBG isolate. Although some may find the preparation and dosage requirements daunting, the overarching benefits and efficacy of the product stand undeniable. For those pursuing the distinctive advantages of CBG without the presence of THC, this product comes with high recommendations.

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