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Lazarus Naturals Calming Support CBD Dog Chews Full Spectrum 30ct Review

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Finding a natural solution to keep our furry companions happy and stress-free is a top priority for loving pet parents. Lazarus Naturals steps up to the plate, offering a slice of tranquility with their Calming Support CBD Dog Chews. Each chew is packed with 10mg of full-spectrum CBD, meticulously crafted to help maintain a serene demeanor in your pooch and mitigate the jitters caused by their daily environment.

A brand that dedicates itself to the well-being of pets, Lazarus Naturals goes the extra mile to guarantee excellence with each chew. The treats go through comprehensive third-party testing – a testament to the brand's commitment to purity. For dog owners who prioritize cost-effectiveness without skimping on quality, these chews hit the sweet spot at $0.60 per piece, offering a gentle nudge to your wallet at just $0.06 per 1mg of CBD.

These chews are a confluence of flavor and function. Infused with indispensable amino acids like L-Tryptophan and L-Theanine and enticing natural flavors that include organic peanut butter and molasses, these chews are a hit with pups. Their grain-free and non-GMO formula makes them an ideal choice for dogs with discerning diets, fostering a serene state of mind and bolstering overall vitality.

Hands-on Experience

Unwrapping the Lazarus Naturals CBD Dog Chews is a delight. Their compact and tidy packaging fits snugly on any shelf or in any cupboard. As soon as the seal breaks, a rush of organic peanut butter aroma wafts through the air, capturing your dog's attention with promises of a delectable treat.

The value proposition of these chews is apparent and impressive. The $0.60 per serving cost speaks volumes about the brand's dedication to making CBD benefits accessible for daily consumption. The price per CBD milligram further drives home the message of affordability without skimping on quality.

The true beauty of these chews lies in their carefully honed recipe. A blend of full-spectrum hemp extract means your dog won't miss out on any beneficial cannabinoids. The formula also features wholesome ingredients such as organic pumpkin powder and virgin coconut oil. To top it off, the CBD oil in these chews is derived from hemp cultivated on Lazarus Farms using an ethanol extraction method, reassuring you of their traceable and trustworthy origins.

What We Like About This Product

  • The infusion of amino acids L-Tryptophan and L-Theanine enhances the calming effects, making it much more than an ordinary treat.
  • Conscious selections of grain-free, organic ingredients show Lazarus Naturals' attunement to health-aware pet owners' needs.
  • The price reflects a commitment to affordable pet care, particularly when examining the cost per CBD milligram.
  • The flavor profile, boasting organic peanut butter and molasses, is a palate-pleaser for discerning canines.
  • Thorough third-party testing procedures exemplify the brand's dedication to safety and consistency.
  • Clear dosage guidelines offer an accommodating range to suit the needs of different dog sizes.
  • Backed by a brand whose transparency about their manufacturing processes shines through.


While the chews offer numerous benefits, it's also important to weigh some considerations:

  • For pets with dietary sensitivities, ingredients like nuts (peanut and coconut) and fish products could cause complications.
  • Like any wellness supplement, optimal serving sizes can be elusive and may require patience to pinpoint what works best for your pet.
  • For those cautious about THC, even the minuscule amounts present in these chews (below 0.3%) may cause hesitation.


  • Potent with 10mg of full-spectrum CBD in each chew, ensuring a rich cannabinoid profile.
  • Amino acids L-Tryptophan and L-Theanine are included for their synergistic calming benefits.
  • Quality ingredients such as sweet potato offer an irresistible and grain-free snack.
  • Competitive pricing at $0.60 per chew and $0.06 per milligram of CBD reflects the brand's commitment to accessible pet care.
  • Rigorous safety and quality controls through third-party testing guarantee a trustworthy product.


  • Calming Influence: Specially formulated to combat anxiety and the stress of daily disturbances for dogs.
  • Quality Sleep: Aiming to enhance restfulness, these chews can contribute to healthier sleep cycles for your pet.
  • Palatability: The delectable taste makes administering these chews a breeze.
  • Flexibility in Dosage: The serving size guidelines are versatile, covering the spectrum from petite to hefty breeds with equal ease.

Final Verdict

The Lazarus Naturals Calming Support CBD Dog Chews emerge as a standout product, engineered with care and intent to seamlessly integrate CBD into your dog's diet. The focus on quality and safety, coupled with a delightful flavor and a spectrum of advantages, makes these treats a wise pick for owners intent on nurturing their dogs' tranquility and overall well-being.

If your canine friend struggles with day-to-day tension or needs assistance winding down during more demanding times, these chews are worthy of consideration. The dedication and transparency Lazarus Naturals pours into their products offer reassurance to pet owners, empowering them to provide their furry family members with a supplement that's both efficacious and grounded in scientific integrity.

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