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PlusCBD Pet CBD Oil Peanut Butter Full Spectrum 500mg Review

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Our furry companions are not just pets; they're cherished members of our family. In our constant quest to nurture their health and happiness, PlusCBD's Pet CBD Oil emerges as a delightful supplement tailored for our four-legged friends. Infused with the delectable taste of peanut butter, this full-spectrum oil is crafted with the same meticulous standards used in PlusCBD's popular human range, guaranteeing the same quality and care for your pets as you'd expect for yourself.

Enclosed within a 55 ml bottle, this potent elixir boasts a concentration of 500 mg of CBD, ingeniously calibrated to simplify dosage—just 3 pumps for every 10 pounds of your pet's weight. Authentic American and Dutch harvests lend their high-quality hemp to this concoction, merging strict quality assurance with superior hemp cultivation techniques. Should your pet's palate be as discerning as their nose, the Peanut Butter variety will likely win their heart (and tail wags!)

Hands-on Experience

The moment you hold the PlusCBD Pet CBD Oil, its superior packaging is evident. The robust bottle flaunts a transparent label that clearly spells out dosing directions, eliminating guesswork. Thanks to its handy pump dispenser, adding this wellness booster to your pet's regimen is a breeze. At $5.62 per serving, it's a smart investment, especially considering the substantial 90.91 mg of CBD each serving delivers, which could be instrumental in managing a spectrum of your pet's health concerns.

This oil's aroma is captivating, radiating the comforting smell of peanut butter that seems to call out to our pets with a promise of a treat. The choice of extra virgin olive oil as the carrier not only amplifies health benefits but also ensures your pet enjoys every drop. As for its consistency, it's nothing short of silky smooth, melding seamlessly with your pet's favorite meals or even directly onto their tongue.

The absence of GMOs and gluten, not to mention the lack of pesticides, speaks volumes about this product's integrity. And let's not overlook the extensive third-party testing that reinforces our trust in its safety and performance. Full-spectrum ensures your beloved pet benefits from an entourage of health-boosting compounds originating from the hemp plant.

What We Like About This Product

  • Exquisitely manufactured with CO2 extracted hemp, renowned for its purity.
  • Full-spectrum CBD, for a rich and all-encompassing health supplement.
  • Extensive third-party testing underpins its safety and efficacy.
  • An exceptional analgesic—perfect for pets needing relief from discomfort.
  • Effortless to use, thanks to the pump dispenser and straightforward dosing advice.
  • Aromatic flavor choices to cater to the whims of various palate preferences.


  • Pricing is on the higher side compared to some other pet CBD oil options available.
  • Contains traces of THC, below 0.3%, which might raise concerns for some pet parents.
  • Serving size guidance might seem scant for those new to pet CBD supplementation.
  • As some pets may need time to adjust to this new addition, a consultation with your veterinarian is advisable.


Standing proudly as a pinnacle product, the PlusCBD Pet CBD Oil is an amalgamation of a full-spectrum blend and a taste sensation that dogs immensely enjoy. It meets rigorous standards, being pesticide-free, non-GMO, and gluten-free, which ensures it's a premium product in the realm of pet CBD. The oil's user-friendly components, such as the practical pump dispenser and lucid dosing instructions, significantly ease the product's inclusion into your pet's daily life.


  • Maintains Emotional Balance: Ideal for soothing your pet's nerves, the calming influence of CBD combats stress and anxiety.
  • Relieves Joint Stiffness: Its analgesic properties are perfect for reducing your pet's occasional joint discomfort.
  • Safety: Harnessing a safe and non-addictive formula with THC content strictly under 0.3%.
  • Convenience: The straightforward pump dispenser coupled with the pleasant variety of flavors ensures effortless administration.
  • Pet-Specific Metabolization: Tailored to cater to the unique way pets metabolize CBD, unlike humans.

Final Verdict

Wrapping up, the PlusCBD Pet CBD Oil is crafted with an astute focus on the welfare of our adored animal companions. It boasts an impressive array of benefits, anchored by top-tier ingredients and a conscientious manufacturing ethos, making it a trustworthy supplement for your pet's wellness kit. Its palatable peanut butter flavor and simplified dosing make it an appealing option for pet parents in pursuit of a dependable CBD product.

While it commands a premium price, the holistic, full-spectrum approach and meticulous testing underpin its value. It's always wise to touch base with your vet before introducing new elements to your pet's diet, especially to navigate any specific health concerns or existing treatments. All things considered, PlusCBD Pet CBD Oil distinguishes itself as an exceptional choice for supporting your pet's health and contentment.

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