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Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Softgels 200mg 100ct Review

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Delving into the world of holistic well-being, one discovers the gem that is Lazarus Naturals, with their formidable Full Spectrum CBD Softgels. This bountiful bottle comes generously filled with 100 softgels, each brimming with a potent 200 mg of CBD — a hefty 20,000 mg awaiting within its confines. This brand has carved out a niche for itself by infusing its products with hemp harvested from Lazarus Farms, ensuring a seamless journey from seedling to supplement. The 'Full Spectrum' label is a nod to the product's embrace of the entourage effect, celebrating the synergistic play of cannabinoids and terpenes that the hemp plant generously offers. These softgels are a testament to the marriage of convenience and precise dosing, with the added bonus of organic flaxseed oil, rounding out the health-promoting attributes of this premium offering.

Hands-on Experience

The arrival of the Lazarus Naturals CBD Softgels was met with anticipation; the packaging commands respect, its design is stark yet welcoming, with all crucial information at one's fingertips. The efficiency it boasts, demonstrated in its price to CBD content ratio, marks it as a product of substantial value. Considering the formidable potency and the thoughtful full-spectrum formulation, frugality does not come at the expense of quality.

Administering these softgels is a breeze—their gelatin shell glides down effortlessly. Should the notion of ingesting high-dosage capsules cause you to hesitate, rest assured, these softgels are crafted to ease such concerns. A subtle, earthy scent greets you upon the bottle's unsealing; it's an indication of the terpene's presence without overwhelming the senses.

Dosing is a non-issue with these capsules; each contains exactly 200 mg of CBD, a boon for those well-versed in their needs and seeking a considerable intake. Nestled within is also organic flaxseed oil, a thoughtful touch that may contribute to the reduction of inflammation along with promoting overarching vitality.

Empirical evidence of their effect is notable. After ingesting a single softgel, a tranquil influence becomes apparent, generally clocking in at about an hour to take hold and persisting through the bulk of the day. It warrants mentioning that beginners and those with pre-existing health conditions should adhere closely to the recommended guidelines.

What We Like About This Product

There are a plethora of reasons why the Lazarus Naturals CBD Softgels are praiseworthy:

  • Full-Spectrum CBD: This product doesn't just focus on CBD; it's a full band of cannabinoids and terpenes working in concert to potentiate the healing.
  • High Potency: Tailored for those with a penchant for strong doses, the 200 mg per softgel is a serious offering.
  • Value: The price point is a beacon for those seeking the benefits of CBD without the strain on their purse strings.
  • Convenient Dosage: Forget the guesswork—every softgel is your golden ticket to consistent dosing.
  • Production Transparency: Farm-to-table isn't just for food. Lazarus Naturals brings this ethos to their CBD production, offering clear insight into their methods and materials, much to the consumer's benefit.


Despite the many pluses, some cons are worth mulling over:

  • The softgels are not crafted for the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, given the gelatin encapsulation.
  • Those just starting their CBD journey or with a low tolerance may find the potency too daunting.
  • A doctor's consultation might be necessary for some, adding a preliminary step to the regimen.


Key features that distinguish the Lazarus Naturals CBD Softgels include:

  • Formulated with Full Spectrum CBD to ensure a broad spectrum of the plant's natural constituents.
  • Each container is a treasure trove of CBD, amassing 20,000 mg in every bottle.
  • Each batch is rigorously third-party tested to verify its potency and purity, free from unwanted chemicals.
  • The extraction process, rooted in ethanol-based techniques, is a testament to sustainable practices at Lazarus Farms.


  • Calming: A welcome ally in the quest for tranquillity, the softgels may help dial down stress levels.
  • Pain Management: The full spectrum nature of the CBD can serve as a balm for discomfort and inflammation.
  • Sleep Quality: A good night's sleep might be within reach, courtesy of the calming prowess of these softgels.
  • Worth Noting: Individual experiences can vary, and as with any dietary supplement, finding the right rhythm and dosage is crucial to success.

Final Verdict

For the discerning CBD user, the Lazarus Naturals 200 mg Full Spectrum CBD Softgels emerge as a formidable choice, rich in potency and finesse. The integrity and clarity of the brand's cultivation and production methods are reflected in every pill, bolstering its claim of purity and premium quality. It's an option that may not align with every CBD enthusiast, especially given its high strength and certain ingredient constraints. Nevertheless, for those who thrive on a robust dose of CBD and cherish convenience as much as efficacy, these softgels beckon as a distinguished addition to one's wellness protocol.

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