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cbdMD Peach CBD Powdered Drink Mix Broad Spectrum 10ct Review

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In the flourishing sphere of CBD products, the cbdMD CBD Powdered Drink Mix marks its territory with an ingenious blend of health and handiness. Designed for those with a knack for integrating wellness into their busy lives, this Broad Spectrum THC-Free option offers a delightful Peach flavor that's both inviting and refreshing. Each box contains 10 individual sachets, and every portion generously provides 25 mg of CBD, bringing the total CBD content to an ample 250 mg per package. This product is a nod to diverse dietary needs, as it is vegan, gluten-free, and devoid of any sugar. It boasts an advanced nano-encapsulation technology that improves water solubility and accelerates absorption, promising users immediate access to the benefits of CBD in a beverage that's both rejuvenating and low in calories.

Hands-on Experience

Upon my personal encounter with cbdMD’s CBD Powdered Drink Mix, the initial impression was nothing short of impressive. Its packaging struck me as notably streamlined and portable, making it a breeze to carry along whether tucked in a daypack or nestled in a coat pocket, highlighting the ultimate convenience it offers. With an aesthetic that mixes simplicity and sophistication, the package lays out all necessary information, reflecting the brand's openness and pride in their creation. The affordability stands out too, with the cost breaking down to approximately $0.05 for every 1 mg of CBD, indicating a value-oriented choice in the marketplace. I put the touted quick absorption feature to the test, and the results matched the hype. The nano-encapsulation technology seemingly lives up to its fast-acting reputation. The powder dissolved effortlessly in water, leaving no clumps or sediment behind. The peach flavor came through as zesty yet moderately sweet, a remarkable feat given the absence of sugar in its formula. Each serving is a featherlight affair with under 10 calories, a pleasing aspect for those mindful of their intake. Even with no sugar in sight, the presence of alternative sweeteners such as aspartame and acesulfame potassium ensures the drink's palatable sweetness is maintained without tipping the scales on calorie count. A delightful fringe benefit is the inclusion of 29 mg of vitamin C per sachet, providing an extra layer of health benefits with each sip.

What We Like About This Product

  • Ultra-portable and user-friendly packaging
  • Value-conscious pricing
  • Enjoyable flavor that sidesteps sugar content
  • Leading-edge Nano-Encapsulated Technology for expedited absorption
  • Crafted with vegan and gluten-free constituents
  • Fortified with Vitamin C, bolstering immune health
  • Completely free of THC, catering to those avoiding any psychoactive effects


  • Artificial sweeteners and color additions might not sit well with some wellness enthusiasts
  • Limited to a 25 mg serving of CBD, possibly not meeting the need for higher dosage preferences
  • Designed primarily for water mixing, which may not align with all user preferences


The cbdMD CBD Powdered Drink Mix shines with its sophisticated formulation aimed at the health-conscious crowd. It stands apart with its sugar-free, caffeine-free make-up and inclusive vegan and gluten-free considerations. The strategic inclusion of Vitamin C not only elevates the product's nutrient profile but also plays a supporting role in enhancing various health facets. The distinctive use of nano-encapsulation technology differentiates it from its peers by promising swift and effective absorption of CBD.


  • Facilitates a subtle sense of ease and serenity
  • Smoothly integrates into everyday wellness practices
  • Aids in post-exercise recuperation by promoting hydration and balance within the body
  • Maintains consistent excellence, as confirmed by testing from an independent ISO-certified laboratory

Final Verdict

To wrap it up, cbdMD’s CBD Powdered Drink Mix presents itself as a fresh and attractive choice for those eager to weave CBD into their lifestyle with no compromise on flavor or ease. Despite the potential drawbacks of artificial sweeteners and a set dosage that might not cater to all, its strengths in a soluble formula, health-centric additions, and dietary versatility are compelling. This CBD drink mix, whether used to decompress post-workout, amidst a bustling day, or as a morning routine enhancement, stands as a notable product in the CBD domain. For those in pursuit of a tasty, calorie-conscious, and inconspicuous means to harness CBD's calming influence, it earns a spot on the recommended list.

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