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Myriam's Hope Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Balm 2oz 1200mg Review

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In the verdant world of CBD, flooded with a plethora of products, Myriam's Hope Hemp CBD Balm rises like a beacon for its impressive potency and unadulterated purity. Housed in a practical 2oz container, this full-spectrum salve is brimming with a sizeable 1200mg of CBD. Crafted for those who pursue an organic and formidable skincare and muscle recovery regimen, this balm is nothing short of a powerhouse in topical solutions.

The ethos of Myriam’s Hope Hemp brand resonates with a dedication to quality and the organic pedigree of its offerings. This commitment is not lost on the savvy consumer, who increasingly values such transparency in ingredients. The precise delivery of 20mg of CBD per 1ml serving simplifies dosage tracking. The product’s foundation in all-natural ingredients, coupled with a staunch refusal to use preservatives, and the reassurance of lab testing, positions it as a compelling candidate for both neophytes and connoisseurs of CBD. Its wide availability across the nation underscores its commitment to consumer reach and service.

Hands-on Experience

With the balm in hand, the dedication to organic constituents and the omission of artificial preservatives was evident, signifying a philosophy rooted in natural wellbeing. The packaging conveys transparency and confidence, leading one to trust that the product inside is held to the same high standards.

Assessing the balm from a cost perspective, at $0.85 per serving, it nestles comfortably in the mid-range class of full-spectrum CBD offerings. This price point, juxtaposed with the formidable CBD concentration, highlights its cost-efficiency, with the price per 1mg of CBD only $0.04 – a fair investment for the caliber of product being offered.

When it came to the balm's texture, it struck an ideal balance – rich yet non-greasy, and it melded into the skin beautifully, hinting at a formula optimized for absorption. The scent, a harmony of natural essential oils like lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus, was refreshingly mild and far from the clinical odors some topicals emit.

During application, I found myself needing just a dab to soothe my aching joints – my main area of concern. It brought a swift, comforting effect, and while it's not crafted for faces, it lavished other skin regions with tender, hydrating care.

What We Like About This Product

From the potent 1200mg CBD concentration to the complete spectrum of hemp extract, this balm invites the ‘entourage effect’ – the potential for amplified therapeutic results. The careful selection of organic, natural ingredients deserves applause, especially from those wary of synthetic inclusions.

Further, the confidence fostered by the product's lab-tested integrity is not insignificant. The intentional lack of preservatives is a nod to a market that's leaning more and more towards principles of health and wellness. The thoughtful inclusion of various essential oils and carriers only adds to the balm's desirability.


Although lauded for many attributes, the balm is not without its considerations. For one, almond oil as an ingredient might raise red flags for those with nut sensitivities. Also, foregoing preservatives could mean a shorter lifespan on your shelf compared to counterparts that use them.

Additionally, those hoping for a jack-of-all-trades topical solution might be underwhelmed by its unsuitability for facial application. And as with any CBD product, individual responses may vary; what is effective for some may not hold true across the board.


  • A substantial 1200mg of full-spectrum CBD encapsulated in a 2oz jar
  • An unwavering commitment to organic and natural ingredients
  • The surety that comes with a product tested and verified for purity
  • A crafting process that ensures optimal absorption
  • Incorporation of a sugar-free and wheat-free ethos


  • The promise of bolstered skin health and lasting moisturization
  • An ally in the quest for muscle recovery
  • The potential for a holistic sense of wellbeing, thanks to the full-spectrum CBD's entourage effect
  • A gentle, natural fragrance that may calm the senses and enhance the user experience
  • An acknowledgment of the possible limitations for those with specific allergies and the idiosyncratic nature of individual reactions

Final Verdict

Myriam's Hope Hemp CBD Balm is a formidable player in the realm of topical CBD products. Its robust potency, paired with an unwavering loyalty to natural, organic ingredients, set it apart. The transparency of its purity through lab tests and its effectiveness in absorption go a long way in confirming its value. It's priced with moderation, making it an accessible choice for a broad audience, including active individuals and the elderly, who aim to nurture skin health and bolster muscle recovery.

It may not be the universal solution for every prospective user, particularly for those with certain allergies or for those on the quest for a facial CBD product. Nonetheless, it stands as a solid option for those who prioritize organically sourced ingredients and seek a potent CBD balm. As with the introduction of any new product into a health routine, it is prudent to consult a healthcare professional for tailored advice, particularly if there are existing health conditions or concurrent use of other medications.

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