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Medterra Pain Relief CBD Cream 1000mg Review

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Imagine finding solace in a smooth, soothing cream—Medterra's Pain Relief CBD Cream is just that salve. Housed in a sleek 1.7 oz (50ml) container, the topical cream offers formidable relief for sore muscles and aching joints. Each dollop dispenses a potent burst of 1000mg of pure CBD isolate, providing targeted, high-intensity support without the haze of THC. Standing out in a crowded market of wellness products, this cream combines a straightforward approach with high efficacy.

Athletes may find particular comfort in this formulation. The absence of THC aligns perfectly with the strict regulations they often face, ensuring they can focus on recovery without worry. Not only does the price point make it a competitive selection, but its thoughtful blend of menthol and arnica sets it apart, magnifying its therapeutic potential. The prestige of being a U.S. Hemp Authority-certified product is the cherry on top, attesting to its premium, domestically sourced hemp and stringent production standards.

Hands-on Experience

The sleek design of Medterra's Pain Relief CBD Cream packaging mirrors the simplicity and efficiency of its use. The tube's compact size is a boon for space-saving, sliding effortlessly into gym bags or perching unassumingly in a medicine cabinet. The first touch of cream on the skin brings a rush of cooling comfort, thanks to a generous 4% menthol component. It's a sensation that many rivaling products can't match, delivering immediate respite and a refreshing start to recovery.

Its texture is finely tuned, marrying spreadability with swift absorption. The cream envelops the skin, leaving behind no oily aftermath, just a crisp peppermint aroma that energizes without overwhelming the senses. With a formidable 1000mg of pure CBD packed into every container, even a modest dollop can make a substantial difference. This cream represents a wise investment for the individual seeking a blend of quality, efficacy, and affordability in their pain relief regimen.

Enhancing its impressive performance, Medterra's formula gracefully integrates arnica for its reputed anti-inflammatory prowess. This, along with the inclusion of organic jojoba oil and aloe vera, offers a dual-action benefit of moisturization while combating discomfort. The result is a well-rounded, holistic approach to managing muscle and joint pain.

What We Like About This Product

  • Premium CBD isolate delivers a powerful punch of pain relief without THC.
  • The infusion of menthol and arnica provides a dynamic duo for pain abatement.
  • Its award-recognized formulation was named 2021 Product of the Year in its class.
  • Rigorous third-party testing ensures purity and safety, building user trust.
  • Produced with strict adherence to the U.S. Hemp Authority's guidelines, reflecting its undoubted quality.


Medterra's CBD cream, while packed with advantages, won't be the perfect match for everyone. The robust menthol effect, a blessing for some, may prove too intense for those with a delicate skin type. Price is another consideration; it's a fair reflection of the premium quality, but it's a factor that might give budget-conscious consumers pause. Plus, its athlete-centric branding could inadvertently narrow its appeal, despite its potential widespread advantages.


  • The container is stocked with 1000mg of CBD isolate, providing a mighty concentration of relief.
  • A 4% menthol addition elevates the cream's pain-relief capabilities with a cooling touch.
  • Arnica is integrated for its celebrated anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • The formula is enriched with natural, nurturing components like jojoba oil and aloe vera.
  • Commitment to cleanliness is evident: free from pesticides, non-GMO, and devoid of any artificial preservatives.


  • Relief: Expertly targets joint aches and muscular discomfort for effective alleviation.
  • Immediate Sensation: The application brings with it an invigorating and cooling effect, thanks to menthol.
  • Nourishment: Pampers the skin with hydrating ingredients for an added health bonus.
  • Potency: Given its 1000mg CBD content, the cream boasts a high potency for discernible relief.
  • Drawbacks: Might not be the go-to for those who are menthol-sensitive or prefer a full-spectrum product.

Final Verdict

As you survey the landscape of CBD topicals, Medterra's Pain Relief CBD Cream emerges as a heavyweight contender. Its THC-free, potent formula is both an award-winner and a relentless opponent of discomfort. The strategic inclusion of arnica and menthol contributes to its standout profile, as does its unyielding commitment to quality and transparency. While it may not be the cheapest option available, what it commands in price, it more than returns in performance. Whether you're an athlete, a weekend warrior, or simply someone seeking dependable muscle and joint relief, consider this cream. Be ready, though—the menthol brings a significant cooling sensation. For those on the lookout for a professional-grade, efficacious CBD topical, Medterra's cream is undoubtedly worth your attention.

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