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Pure Spectrum Restore Hydrating Face Creme CBG + CBD 2oz Review

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As one delves into the sea of CBD-infused offerings, the Pure Spectrum Restore: CBG + CBD Hydrating Face Creme emerges as a standout gem. This luxurious 2oz facial moisturizer is lavishly crafted with a remarkable concoction of CBG and CBD. Designed to breathe new life into your skin, its composition is universal—perfect for any skin type and brimming with nature's very own elixirs aimed to moisturize, soothe, and re-energize. Proudly hailing from the USA, this cream is the fruit of meticulous CO2 extraction, ensuring you bask in a product that is GMO-free and completely devoid of THC. To top off the indulgence, a zesty citrus fragrance dances upon application, truly transforming everyday skincare into an uplifting ritual.

Hands-on Experience

The arrival of the Pure Spectrum Restore face creme was nothing short of a red-carpet event for my skin. As I unboxed it, the bottle emanated sheer sophistication and attention to detail. This is not merely a product; it is a statement on the bathroom shelf, marrying functionality with visual appeal. Tagged at $0.50 per use, it's a small splurge that won't bruise the wallet, especially when you consider the eminent components within.

The crème de la crème of facial creams, its texture is a masterclass in balance—opulent without the oily aftermath, sinking into the skin as if by magic, leaving no trace. The whisper of citrus is like a morning breeze, subtly enlivening the senses. With each passing day, its hydrating prowess became ever more evident; my skin transformed, becoming the epitome of plump and luminous. The symphony of CBG and CBD may well play a role in the newfound sense of calm upon my visage, potentially heralding the diminished look of inflammation and lines fine as silk.

When it comes to the economics, the cream is a sensible indulgence, justified by market trends and its dual cannabinoid marvel. Its candid disclosure of contents, right down to each milligram, solidifies my faith in its caliber and virtue.

What We Like About This Product

- The pioneering blend of CBG and CBD hints at a forward-thinking approach to skincare. - A heartfelt dedication to ingredients sourced from Mother Nature, welcoming all skin heroes and heroines. - The tangible results—moisture-locking prowess and ironing out of life's little wrinkles. - The pure pedigree of the CO2 extraction process, ensuring nothing but the finest touches your face. - Zero THC, a nod to those who wish to keep their skincare and consciousness crystal clear.


- Despite being free of GMOs and THC, some connoisseurs might lean towards full-spectrum options for that famed entourage symphony. - While fair, the price does teeter above conventional non-CBD infused creams—a consideration for the budget-conscious. - The story of CBG's role in skin health is still unfolding, with chapters of research yet to confirm its starring role.


- A staunch no-GMO stance champions a return to authenticity and untainted growth. - A guarantee of zero THC aligns with the preferences and needs of a diverse clientele. - A proud Made in the USA label ensures each ingredient's heritage is pure and accountable. - Embracing CO2 extraction symbolizes a commitment to environmental harmony and a flawless product. - The creation is a clarion call to all—whether you're tiptoeing into the CBD scene or wear it as a seasoned badge. - The citrus burst within seamlessly infuses a dash of invigoration into one's daily skincare concerto.


  • Nourishes the skin deeply using the essence of organic aloe leaf and the richness of shea butter
  • Smoothens early signs of age, likely owing to the antioxidative might of the CBD and CBG alliance
  • Diminishes redness and inflammation, thanks to a blend of calming herbal extracts
  • Instills a rejuvenating refreshment with each citrus-kissed application
  • Fortifies the skin's defenses, weaving in the protective cloak of vitamin E

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Pure Spectrum Restore: CBG + CBD Hydrating Face Creme is more than a simple addition to one's skin regimen—it's a discerning choice for the modern pursuer of beauty infused with wellness. It stands by its pledge to hydrate and rejuvenate, powered by a composition rich in earth’s finery. The high standards of production, the infusion of essential oils, and the protective shield of antioxidants make it a compelling proposition. In light of its commendable performance and the fairness of its price, it earns my recommendation. For those curious about the harmonious interplay of CBG and CBD, this cream is a resplendent way to embark on a journey to optimal skin health.

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