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Pure Spectrum Vibrance Entourage Oil Broad Spectrum 1000mg CBD CBG Review

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Immerse yourself in the world of holistic wellness with Pure Spectrum’s Vibrance, a premium CBD and CBG oil that exudes quality and consistency. This blend is a treasure in the cabinet of any CBD aficionado or anyone enthusiastic about exploring the wellness possibilities offered by hemp extracts. Vibrance does not just promise—it delivers 1000mg each of CBD and CBG, forming a symphony of cannabinoids without a trace of THC. Envisioned for those who desire the profound effects of these hemp-derived constituents, yet prefer to steer clear of any psychoactive experiences, this product is a testament to Pure Spectrum’s dedication to crafting solutions that cater to the wellness needs of modern life.

Hands-on Experience

My exploration into the world of Vibrance began with an immediate nod of approval for its sophisticated packaging. It catches your attention with its crisp design and doesn’t skimp on information, striking a perfect balance between aesthetics and utility. The 30ml bottle, no larger than a pocket flask, fits effortlessly in any bag—ideal for someone on the move. Dosing with the included dropper is a breeze, allowing for meticulous control over how much oil you take, which is essential for tailoring the experience to your individual needs.

The affordability of this offering is nothing short of impressive. At $0.05 per milligram of CBD, the value is amplified when considering the added CBG. The oil’s clarity and its subtle, earthy flavor profile is a pleasant departure from other oils that overpower with their taste—this one leaves a gently lingering herbaceous note that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Consistent usage paved the way for an appreciation of the oil’s intent—to spearhead a vibrant and focused start to the day. The results became more apparent with time; an energetic morning followed by a serene night, especially when coupled with the recommended evening companion, the “Tranquil” variant, which aids in nighttime relaxation and rejuvenation.

What We Like About This Product

  • The harmonious concentration of 1000mg each of CBD and CBG forms a robust blend, rife with potential benefits.
  • The absence of THC is a boon for those who have sensitivities or professional constraints that preclude its use.
  • The competitive price point ensures that this high-caliber wellness product is within reach for many.
  • The precision dropper is emblematic of the user-friendly nature of this oil, simplifying dosage.
  • The clean lines and informative nature of the packaging speak volumes of the product’s high standards.


  • The THC-free profile, while beneficial for many, may not satisfy those who believe in the complete entourage effect.
  • For CBD novices, the addition of CBG could require a bit of orientation to fully grasp the perks of this cannabinoid synergy.


  • Broad Spectrum: A formula that encompasses a range of cannabinoids, sans THC, granting accessibility to diverse user needs.
  • Double Cannabinoid Strength: The substantial 1000mg dosage of both CBD and CBG is crafted to heighten the overall impact.
  • Brand Prestige: Pure Spectrum sustains a sterling reputation anchored on their unwavering focus on purity and quality.
  • Smart Packaging: The compact bottle, adorned with a practical dropper, is an ode to the brand’s attention to customer convenience.


  • Equilibrium: Aids in fostering a well-balanced state, crucial for tackling the ups and downs of daily life.
  • Mental Acuity: May sharpen mental focus, thus contributing to a heightened sense of alertness.
  • Performance Enhancement: The dynamic duo of CBD and CBG is intended to bolster cognitive and physical adaptability.
  • Restorative Sleep: In tandem with the “Tranquil” blend, it promotes restful sleep, setting the stage for a rejuvenated morning.

Final Verdict

In the crowded seas of CBD options, the Pure Spectrum Vibrance CBD and CBG oil is a beacon of quality, balancing a formidable formula with an approachable price. Its pedigree, rooted in the trusted name of Pure Spectrum, ensures that it is a standout option for those seeking a cannabinoid supplement free from psychoactive effects. This carefully calibrated concoction of CBD and CBG presents a compelling case for anyone yearning for a natural ally in their quest for daily balance and vitality. While it may present a learning curve for those new to the scene, the depth of the product’s qualities makes it a worthy candidate for anyone’s wellness toolkit. Pure Spectrum’s Vibrance blend is evidently crafted for those pursuing not just wellness, but a life filled with vibrancy and peaceful repose.

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