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Medterra CBD Oil Isolate THC-Free 1000mg Review

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The quest for quality CBD products often leads us through a labyrinth of claims about purity and potency, with price being a factor that cannot be ignored. Nestled within this complex market is Medterra, a brand that has garnered respect for its unwavering commitment to quality. Their CBD Oil, Isolate THC-Free, comes as a shining example in a 1oz bottle brimming with 1000mg of CBD. This golden elixir is a reflection of Medterra's dedication to crafting superior CBD from industrial hemp that flourishes under the nurturing sun of the USA. The company's participation in the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program and its certification from the U.S. Hemp Authority are badges of honor, speaking volumes about its ethos. Extracted with precision via the CO2 method, the oil stands uncontaminated, solvents nowhere to be found.

Medterra’s CBD Oil is a beacon for new CBD users or those sensitive to THC, delivering a 0% THC promise in its isolate form. Another carefully considered decision is the integration of MCT oil, sourced from organic coconuts, which serves as an ally in the body's absorption of CBD. With 30 servings tucked inside each bottle, the CBD potency is substantial, offering a generous 33.33mg per 1ml serving—a bountiful offering for those in search of a robust impact from their daily CBD routine.

Hands-on Experience

Upon welcoming the Medterra CBD Oil into my life, its straightforward packaging immediately resonated. The bottle came perfectly sealed, ensuring product integrity, while the label presented itself as a clear guide—complete with dosage tips, a full ingredient list, and QR codes directing one to the lab results. For those of us with a keen eye for details, the portability of the product is a subtle yet significant touch. What’s more, the dropper sits ready with measurement marks, promising meticulous dosage control. Such fine-tuning in design garners appreciation for enabling users to cater the experience to their unique demands.

The oil itself takes on a pristine clarity, free from synthetic flavors or extraneous substances—a pure delight for those who favor an untainted and more organic encounter with CBD. The dropper empowers a straightforward sublingual application, where speediest absorption is sought. Upon tasting, one is met with a mild, unassuming flavor, refreshingly clear of the earthy undertones that can permeate full-spectrum variants.

In terms of the investment, at $50.39 for a 1000mg bottle, the cost reflects a mindful balance of value at $0.05 per milligram of CBD. This price stands in competition with others, especially when weighed against the quality of ingredients and the meticulous testing ensuring its pure and potent nature. Medterra proves its dedication to a non-GMO, pesticide-free product, positioning its offerings among the more refined choices available to safety-conscious consumers.

What We Like About This Product

  • Crafted as an Isolate, it ensures a THC-free experience suitable for those with sensitivities or necessary abstentions from THC for various personal reasons.
  • The incorporation of MCT oil augments the body's uptake and utilization of CBD.
  • Compliance with stringent standards set by the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program and endorsed by the U.S. Hemp Authority.
  • Transparent labeling with QR codes that grant access to meticulous laboratory test outcomes.
  • Reasonably priced for an isolate CBD product of prominent quality.


While the merits of CBD isolate are clear, a noted drawback includes the missing entourage effect—a theory suggesting the cannabis plant's various elements might be more efficacious together than in solitude. For some, full-spectrum alternatives might prove more beneficial in meeting their therapeutic wishes. Additionally, the sole natural flavor means those with a penchant for variety in their palate might be left wanting. Price-wise, although the tag is justified by the premium attributes of the product, it may still present a hurdle for those needing a sustained and frequent CBD intake within a limited budget.


Medterra’s CBD Oil sparkles with its untarnished CBD isolate concoction, a steadfast 0% THC content, and the strategic choice of MCT oil. Vigilant laboratory testing ensures each drop is consistent in quality, offering a potent 33.33mg of CBD per 1ml serving. The thoughtful packaging design and the precision-centric dropper are praiseworthy, marrying functionality with user experience to elevate it from the ordinary.


  • A potent dosage ensures reliable relief and a suite of wellness advantages.
  • Zero psychoactive effects, thanks to the complete absence of THC.
  • Known to impart a sense of tranquility and equilibrium, as is typical with CBD use.
  • Versatile for both day and night applications, allowing for a steady intake of CBD.
  • While lacking in the entourage effect, it remains a potent singular option for CBD users.

Final Verdict

Medterra's CBD Oil, Isolate THC-Free, emerges as an exemplary choice for those embarking on their CBD journey or seeking a pristine, THC-free CBD source. Its uncluttered nature, married with the brand's commitment to transparency and ethical manufacturing, positions it in a league of its own. Those curious about the ensemble benefits of full-spectrum products might venture elsewhere, but for a straightforward and dependable CBD isolate, this oil earns high praise. Priced to reflect its high caliber, purity, and safety, it's a worthy consideration for anyone prioritizing these elements in their CBD pursuits. If you're in search of a no-frills, high-integrity CBD experience, this Medterra offering comes highly recommended.

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