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Real Scientific Hemp Oil Blue Label Oral Applicator Review

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In the ever-expanding galaxy of CBD offerings, Real Scientific Hemp Oil's Blue Label Pure CBD Oil shines bright. The oral applicator design of this product is a beacon for those navigating toward a high-potency CBD experience. Each tube is teeming with 510mg of CBD goodness, making it a heavyweight contender for those seeking to weave the powerful effects of CBD into the fabric of their daily wellness practices. The uniqueness of the Blue Label lies in its decarboxylation step, elevating the CBD and rendering it more readily absorbed by your body, a little like unlocking its full potential for your benefit.

Forgoing harsh chemicals, RSHO embraces supercritical CO2 extraction—a method as clean as the product itself. The absence of solvents ensures what you're getting is nothing short of pure. The Triple Lab Tested™ seal is not merely decorative; it’s a rigorous quality promise. This full-spectrum oil doesn't just boast CBD; it's a cornucopia of hemp's finest offerings: terpenes, essential fatty acids, and additional cannabinoids, all working in concert. A nod of approval from the US Hemp Authority underscores RSHO's position as a beacon of trust in the CBD cosmos.

Hands-on Experience

The unboxing of Real Scientific Hemp Oil's Blue Label ushers in a clinical vibe, with packaging that speaks to precision and professionalism. The oral applicator is a godsend for those with a meticulous eye, ensuring each 0.5g dollop delivers exactly 85mg of CBD. At $11.55 per serving, this is not a casual purchase—it's an investment in quality, steeped in the assurance of top-tier hemp and the gold standard of product testing.

Prepare for a full-frontal assault of nature's taste with the unfiltered oil's bold, earthy tones. Pure and authentic, it may challenge delicate palates, yet it's a breeze to administer orally. The full-spectrum promise goes beyond the CBD, poised to deliver an entourage effect, potentially amplifying relief and wellness synergistically. The European origin of the hemp is a subtle comfort, hinting at stringent agricultural rigors, while adherence to the 0.3% THC threshold makes this a guilt-free indulgence in the realm of legal CBD enjoyment.

What We Like About This Product

  • Impeccable CBD potency for those in pursuit of significant dosing.
  • Eco-friendly, safe CO2 extraction—a nod to pure science.
  • Rigorous Triple Lab Testing™, underscoring an unwavering purity pledge.
  • A symphony of hemp compounds in a full-spectrum formula.
  • Prestigious US Hemp Authority Certification setting the quality bar high.
  • An unadulterated flavor experience for the hemp connoisseur.
  • Candid pricing mirrors the clear value per serving.


  • The bold, natural taste might not be everyone's cup of tea, especially CBD newcomers.
  • The premium price tag might be out of reach for those managing tighter purse strings.
  • With just six servings per tube, frequent refills are necessary for the CBD devoted, adding to the expense.


Diving into the deep end of CBD potency, Real Scientific Hemp Oil's Blue Label Pure CBD Oil is a shining example of strength and purity. It captures the essence of full-spectrum benefits, employs eco-conscious extraction techniques, and adheres to the highest testing standards. Each 3g applicator is a treasure trove offering six carefully measured servings, designed for seamless integration into one's health regimen.


  • Potency: A potent player, delivering a profound 85mg per serving for discerning wellness enthusiasts.
  • Quality: Unwavering in its purity, evidenced by Triple Lab Testing™.
  • Entourage Effect: The symphony of full-spectrum elements may elevate well-being more holistically.
  • Flavor: A bold, earthy homage to the authenticity of hemp.
  • Value: Transparent cost considerations support informed financial decisions and assessments.

Final Verdict

Real Scientific Hemp Oil's Blue Label is a testament to scientific rigor in the CBD sphere, delivering potency and purity in equal measure. It is the choice du jour for the CBD connoisseur and those who prize a full-spectrum oil experience. While the price point and natural flavor profile may not be to everyone's liking, the quality and meticulous testing justify the price of admission for those in search of a top-shelf CBD experience. If organic purity and a meticulous extraction process are what you seek, then RSHO Blue Label might just be the missing puzzle piece in your daily wellness journey.

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