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Social CBD Peppermint CBD Oil Drops 1000mg Review

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Exploring the panorama of wellness, one quickly realizes the special place held by the invigorating Social CBD's Peppermint Isolate CBD Oil Drops. This delectable elixir, housed in a practical 30ml bottle, comes power-packed with a grand 1000mg of CBD. Each serving offers a hearty 33.33mg of CBD, striking the perfect harmony for novices and those well-versed in CBD's benefits, desiring a product free from THC. Social CBD, with its celebrated lineage tracing back to Select CBD, is synonymous with unwavering quality and a dedication to purity. This elixir promises a tranquil yet stimulating sojourn, with the peppermint's zest boosting not just the palate but potentially enriching cognitive clarity and fostering equilibrium in one's mood, thanks to the isolated CBD.

Hands-on Experience

Unveiling the bottle reveals a design that’s both sleek and adept, reflecting the brand’s keen eye for detail. The affordability shines through, with the cost of CBD being competitively modest, which is wonderful news for those who incorporate CBD into their daily lives. Manipulating the dropper is a breeze, which makes measuring the ideal 1mL dose simple. The pep of natural peppermint infuses the air, cleverly veiling the typical hemp undertones that may not be to everyone's taste. Offering an undiluted CBD journey, this oil is stripped of other cannabinoids, a distinct advantage for those whose intent is solely to relish the singular effects of CBD without the interplay of THC.

Taste-testing the oil greets you with a subtle peppermint coolness, then a velvety caress from the MCT oil, enriching the taste journey. The absence of synthetic sweeteners is a testament to the product's integrity, while a hint of stevia introduces a gentle, natural sweetness. The inclusion of ashwagandha and rhodiola is a commendable touch, conferring potential adaptogenic boons that fortify the oil's tranquilizing narrative. A few weeks of regular use appear to substantiate its calming prowess and effectiveness for those seeking solace from the frenetic paces of everyday life.

What We Like About This Product

There's much to laud about this concoction. It's a treasure trove of a high-caliber, THC-exempt CBD journey, peppered with adaptogenic herbs that could uplift one's state of being. The oil's compelling taste profile is refreshingly delightful. Adaptability is another of its hallmarks – whether taken neat, mingled into a beverage, or as a dressing for a meal, it accommodates any routine with ease. Moreover, the brand’s candor concerning what’s inside the bottle, along with its straightforward labeling, empowers users to make well-informed decisions.


Even a product with an array of virtues has its limitations. The singular CBD focus, while ideal for THC avoiders, sidelines the potential 'entourage effect' found in full-spectrum alternatives. Those with particular dietary inclinations should take note of the stevia content, which may not align with everyone's taste or health protocols. Moreover, for the seasoned CBD aficionado or those with a predilection for full-spectrum richness, this oil may prompt a search for a more suitable fit.


  • A generous provision of 1000mg CBD isolate in each 30ml bottle, guaranteeing a THC-detached encounter.
  • Enriched with naturally sourced peppermint and tempered with stevia, creating an enjoyable tasting experience.
  • Infused with the essence of ashwagandha and rhodiola, it offers more than just CBD—it's a nod to holistic adaptogenic support.
  • At the cost of $0.03 per milligram of CBD, it's priced within reach for sustained use.
  • Customizable consumption methods – seamlessly integrate it into your daily rituals, be it through ingestion, a splash in your drink, or as a complementary food topping.


  • Calming: Aids in diminishing the onslaught of daily tensions while promoting a tranquil demeanor.
  • Cognitive Support: Ashwagandha steps in to potentially bolster cognitive function and alertness.
  • Energy Boost: With MCT oil in the mix, expect a swift surge in vitality and neural nourishment.
  • Taste: The minty refreshment makes for a more pleasurable intake.
  • Adaptogenic Properties: Rhodiola contributes its strength in battling fatigue and amplifying stress resilience.

Final Verdict

Bringing it all together, Social CBD's Peppermint Isolate CBD Oil Drops emerge as an invigorating, adaptable, and potent ally in the quest for wellness. The thoughtful fusion of CBD isolate with essential oils and herbal extras crafts a product that not only aspires to elevate mood and mental acuity but also speaks to those craving a THC-averse selection. Its user-friendliness, delightful flavor profile, and adaptogenic qualities are significant bonuses. While some might long for the symphonic effect of a full-spectrum offering, this oil stands out as an impeccable option for CBD neophytes or those who vouch for an isolate. Given its quality, efficacy, and pocket-friendliness, it stands out as an option that is certainly worth endorsing.

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