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Suth Bang Energy CBD Sublingual Mints 7ct Review

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As the movement toward natural health support gains momentum, a standout has emerged: Süth CBD Sublingual Mints. These mints aren't your ordinary dietary supplements; they're a pioneering product for those seeking the therapeutic embrace of CBD with an added zing of natural energy boosters. The minds at Süth are no strangers to innovation, and this time they've delivered something special. Picture this: a mint, small but mighty, each packed with 30 mg of CBD. But there's more—their unique Maxabsorb Technology catapults absorption rates, making sure that the body takes in the CBD more efficiently. Imagine the perks of caffeine, ginseng, and B vitamins dancing with CBD to invigorate your energy and sharpen your focus, all in a single mint.

Hands-on Experience

The first encounter with Süth CBD Sublingual Mints presents a minimalist, yet chic packaging that whispers convenience. It's as if the mints know you don't have time to waste, fitting into your life as smoothly as they fit into your pocket or purse. Each mint emerges as a precise dose—no more, no less—offering peace of mind with every use. In the realm of specialty CBD offerings, these mints, priced at $2.85 per serving, strike a balance between affordability and the high-caliber ingredients they boast. The exemplary CBD, processed with meticulous care, plus the extra kick of energy-boosting elements, makes the investment a sensible one. Dissolving under the tongue, the mints begin working their magic quickly, likely a nod to the Maxabsorb Technology's promise. The blend of energy-enhancing ingredients works harmoniously with CBD, fostering a vitality lift that's smooth and sustained—a stark contrast to the jittery peaks often associated with caffeine-laden products.

What We Like About This Product

  • Perfectly dosed for CBD novices, with a moderate 30 mg per mint.
  • A groundbreaking quick-absorb formula that enhances CBD uptake.
  • A synergistic mix of caffeine, ginseng, and B vitamins to bolster the effects of CBD on focus and energy.
  • Expertly processed, organic CBD reflects the dedication to pure, high-quality ingredients.
  • Designed for stealth and ease, the packaging is a nod to the dynamic lifestyles of today’s consumers.


That said, Süth CBD Sublingual Mints might not tick every box for everyone. If your body tends to react to stimulants like a bull to a red flag, or if your ideal CBD encounter is more zen than zippy, you may find the caffeine component less than ideal. The mints currently come in packs of seven, which could leave the bulk buyers among us wanting more. And if your budget is tight but your CBD appetite is large, the per-mint price tag might be a pinch.


  • The Maxabsorb Technology is a game-changer for swift absorption.
  • An invigorating concoction of caffeine, ginseng, and B vitamins for an undeniable energy surge and mental clarity.
  • Pure, meticulously refined, and naturally sourced CBD upholds the highest standards of quality.
  • A discreet design for the mints' container suits even the most public of settings.
  • Undergoes rigorous third-party testing to guarantee purity and strength.


  • Energy Boost: Caffeine and B vitamins join forces for an immediate pep-up.
  • Enhanced Focus: The inclusion of ginseng, working alongside B vitamins, helps keep the mind sharp and concentrated.
  • Quick Absorption: Thanks to the pioneering Maxabsorb Technology, you won't be waiting long to feel the benefits.
  • Convenience: Single-packaged mints make for a no-fuss dosing experience.
  • Quality Assurance: Extensive third-party testing ensures the product is safe and performs as expected.

Final Verdict

Wrapping up, Süth CBD Sublingual Mints are a smart fusion of CBD with energy-giving ingredients, showcasing true innovation in the CBD industry. This product stands out for its subtle approach to incorporating CBD and caffeine into your daily routine. Our journey with these mints was largely affirmative, from the sleek packaging right through to the palpable effects. While not universally ideal—particularly for those who shy away from caffeine or seek a pure CBD experience—they represent an enticing option for the energy-seekers among us who also appreciate the wellness advantages of CBD. For those who resonate with this blend of energy and ease, these mints merit your attention.

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