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3Chi CBG:CBD Oil Tincture Broad Spectrum 1oz 2000mg Review

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In the ever-expanding world of wellness supplements, CBD has become a household name, and for good reason. The 3Chi CBG:CBD Oil Tincture is a testament to the innovative strides in the industry, featuring a rich blend of two powerful hemp extracts, cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabidiol (CBD). This tincture is a beacon for those seeking the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids without the mind-altering effects of THC. Free from THC, this product stands as a beacon of relief for individuals considering a natural approach to wellbeing but who are mindful of cannabinoid intake.

This tincture comes in a 1oz bottle packed with an equal concentration of 1000mg of CBG and CBD, delivering a robust portion of 33.3mg per serving. The use of organically grown hemp and CO2 extraction solidifies its place as a product of purity and potency. The thoughtful addition of other cannabinoids, like CBC and CBN, along with a chorus of plant terpenes, rounds out the formula, aiming at an entourage effect sans THC. An impressive customer satisfaction rating underscores its popularity and effectiveness within the CBD community.

Hands-on Experience

The arrival of the 3Chi CBG:CBD Oil Tincture is met with appreciation for its no-nonsense presentation. The robust bottle paired with a graduated dropper simplifies the process of dosing, which is paramount for users looking for consistent results. When compared to similar offerings, this tincture stands out for providing ample cannabinoids at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

The tincture’s subtle, earthy flavor is a nod to its broad-spectrum nature, making it approachable for those less inclined toward potent tastes or those new to the world of CBD. As for its effects, there’s a palpable sense of tranquility and comfort that seems to follow a regular intake, signaling that it lives up to its intended purpose. The exclusion of THC not only eases concerns over psychoactivity but also caters to individuals subject to drug testing or who wish to avoid THC altogether.

Adherence to the suggested storage conditions—a cool, shaded space—assures the tincture's enduring effectiveness. The brand’s dedication shines through in its harvest of organic hemp and methodical CO2 extraction, the benchmark for securing high-grade CBD extracts.

What We Like About This Product

  • Harmonious combination of CBG and CBD for a well-rounded effect
  • Avoidance of THC to cater to a broader audience
  • Premium CO2 extraction techniques for a top-tier product
  • Commitment to organic farming for a cleaner, greener product
  • Accurate dosing facilitated by the calibrated dropper


While the virtues of the 3Chi CBG:CBD Oil Tincture are plentiful, a few aspects may leave certain users wanting. Its lack of the complete cannabinoid spectrum may disappoint those in pursuit of a full entourage effect that includes THC. Also, the natural hemp taste is not disguised by added flavors, which some individuals may prefer. Moreover, before adding this supplement to your regimen, consulting with a healthcare provider is advised to ensure compatibility with your health and lifestyle.


Distinguished by:

  • A potent mix featuring 1000mg of both CBG and CBD
  • Formulated to be broad-spectrum and free from THC
  • Sourced from high-quality, organic hemp
  • Free from GMOs and harmful pesticides
  • Contained in discreet packaging complete with a precise dropper


  • Instills a sense of calm and eases discomfort
  • Aids in promoting wellness without the intoxication from THC
  • Maintains a mild flavor that is versatile for various taste preferences
  • May produce an entourage effect with its mix of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Zero psychoactive reactions, ideal for routine consumption

Final Verdict

The 3Chi CBG:CBD Oil Tincture emerges as a commendable choice in the realm of CBD products, showing immense potential in fostering relief and enhancing overall wellness. Its equalized cannabinoid formula, THC-exempt composition, and unblemished ingredients list place it in high standing among competitors. Although it may not fully satisfy those craving a full-spectrum profile, it stands as a stellar option for individuals eager to explore the therapeutic avenues of CBD and CBG, without the concerns tied to THC.

For those intrigued by the wellness contributions of cannabinoids, this tincture is certainly worth contemplation. With careful consideration and healthcare guidance, it has the potential to be a beneficial incorporation to your health regimen.

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