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Black Tie CBD 99%+ CBN Isolate 1g Review

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Welcome to the burgeoning world of cannabinoid wellness! Black Tie CBD stands out in this dynamic marketplace with its superior hemp-derived offerings. Let's take a moment to focus on their 99%+ CBN Isolate – a product that's nothing short of a powerhouse for those wishing to harness Cannabinol's (CBN) renowned potential. It's a marvel for individuals aiming to enhance their sleep and soothe their discomforts. Nestled inside a modest 1-gram jar, you'll find a generous 1000mg of CBN, delivering a potent experience that's versatile enough to be the cornerstone of myriad personal concoctions. Furthermore, those wary of psychoactive effects or drug tests can rest easy knowing this product is THC-free, ensuring you can pursue wellness on your own terms.

Hands-on Experience

The moment the Black Tie CBD CBN Isolate lands in your hands, you're greeted with packaging that's the epitome of simplicity and professionalism. It strikes the perfect balance, offering all the details you need without any excess clutter. This compact gem slides effortlessly into any nook, be it a purse or a medicine cabinet, standing by as the perfect addition to your custom CBD creations. Let's talk about value – Black Tie CBD hits the sweet spot with its pricing, especially when you consider the exceptional purity and the specialized niche it fills. A purity level of 99.06% is a bold statement about the product's integrity and the brand's unwavering dedication to offering premium CBD alternatives. The isolate's versatility is like a blank canvas, ready for the imaginative and personalized approaches of its users, be it for concocting tinctures, enriching oils, or crafting custom skincare potions. A feature that truly stands out is its role as a sleep aid. I've found myself in the throes of sleeplessness more times than I care to admit, and the idea of concocting my very own sleep-promoting potion is alluring. Due to its pure state, the guesswork in dosing is eliminated, allowing you to precisely blend it with your preferred carrier oil or cream, crafting a remedy that feels tailor-made.

What We Like About This Product

  • Purity: The flawless 99.06% concentration of CBN in Black Tie CBD's isolate leaves little room for doubt; you're obtaining a product rich in the cannabinoid you seek.
  • Versatility: This isolate invites innovation and personalization, letting each user become the alchemist of their own cannabinoid experience.
  • THC-Free: Those with THC concerns, whether for personal or professional reasons, can use this product with a tranquil mind.
  • Targeted Use: Specifically formulated with sleep in mind, this isolate fulfills the desires of those in pursuit of a natural sleep-inducing aid.


  • The singular nature of an isolate means it doesn't offer the collective benefits of the entourage effect that full-spectrum counterparts boast.
  • Without being ready-to-consume, the product requires a learning curve for those new to crafting their own CBD-infused goodies.
  • Compared to full-spectrum or broad-spectrum options, finding the perfect personal dose with an isolate may call for a touch of trial and error.


- High Purity: Boasting a CBN content of 99.06%, this product promises exceptional quality. - Convenient Sizing: With options including 1g, 2g, and 5g sizes, there's something to suit every need and usage pattern. - THC-Free: Enjoy the benefits without any THC-related worries, ensuring an experience that's both effective and non-intoxicating. - Specialized Function: Crafted with an eye on sleep enhancement and pain alleviation, this product is poised to become a staple in your wellness regimen.


  • Encourages a state of calm and has a profound impact on sleep quality, allowing for restful nights.
  • Blends seamlessly into personal care practices through bespoke product creation.
  • When used in targeted applications, it exhibits potential for soothing pain, adding another layer to its versatility.
  • Might bring on drowsiness, making it an ideal component for your nighttime routine.

Final Verdict

Black Tie CBD's 99%+ CBN Isolate emerges as a truly commendable choice for those curious about CBN's effects, particularly where sleep and pain relief are concerned. The unmatched purity and adaptability of the isolate give users a vast playground to customize and refine their approach to wellness. But it's worth noting, this form of isolate calls for an adventurous spirit and a certain know-how to tap into its full potential. While not the simplest option for newbies, for the seasoned DIY enthusiast or the natural remedy seeker, this CBN Isolate from Black Tie CBD could be a game-changer in your wellness journey.

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