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Medterra Fast Asleep CBN Gummies Strawberry 30ct Review

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Insomnia and restless nights are woes of the past with Medterra's Fast Asleep Fast-Acting CBN Gummies. The genius of science and nature harmonizes in these delightful strawberry morsels, crafted to shepherd you into slumber's embrace with unprecedented speed. Envision a peaceful night with a dreamy concoction of CBN, melatonin, l-theanine, and passion flower, ingeniously designed to hasten your journey to the Land of Nod. Each jar, holding the promise of 30 tranquil evenings, offers a sumptuous strawberry treat to signal the close of your day. Beyond their succulent flavor, these ingenious gummies shine through their rapid absorption, a feat achieved via cutting-edge nanotechnology, with claims of effectiveness kicking in at just ten minutes past consumption. For those mindful of hemp's more controversial elements, rest easy; these gummies are pure, sporting no trace of THC. Priced to please, Medterra's sleep-inducing innovation presents as a wallet-friendly beacon in the bustling marketplace of nocturnal aids.

Hands-on Experience

The moment Medterra's Fast Asleep Gummies arrive, a sense of premium quality radiates from the packaging—streamlined, secure yet simple to access. The branding suggests sophistication and trust, a testament to the product's caliber. Sampling the gummy unveils a burst of genuine strawberry essence, a refreshing departure from the oft-encountered synthetic palates of dietary supplements. The chew is just right, striking a delicate balance that's sure to appeal to any palate.

The price tag is a fair exchange for the promise of restful nights, bolstered by sophisticated nanotech. This THC-free treasure opens its arms to a wide audience, leaving no room for concerns over unwanted highs or legal entanglements. The technology is not just a fancy term—it's a tangible benefit. The ease of slipping into bed, gummy taken, and awaiting the gentle tug of sleep is remarkable. The personal verdict? These gummies deliver a sense of drowsiness more swiftly than other products I've sampled, and mornings greet me without the dull weight of sedative hangovers—a fresh start to the day, indeed.

What We Like About This Product

  • Its fast-acting nature is not mere talk; sleep welcomes you swiftly.
  • The strawberry flavor is reminiscent of sun-ripened summers, a delectable prelude to dreams.
  • Absolutely zero THC—enjoy without hesitation or concern.
  • Nanotechnology isn't merely a buzzword; it's the engine behind the rapid efficacy.
  • A blend of naturally-sourced ingredients, each a friend to serene slumber.


Though Medterra's Fast Asleep Gummies excel in many areas, there are a couple of considerations to weigh. Some sleep seekers prize CBD's presence alongside CBN for its renowned restorative properties; in this product, CBD is notably absent. Despite its THC-free formula, the specter of a drug test false positive—though a rare ghost—may cause hesitation for some.


  • A solid 60mg of CBN per container stands as a testament to its potency.
  • State-of-the-art nanotechnology ensures your body embraces its effects without delay.
  • A carefully selected band of CBN, melatonin, l-theanine, and passion flower formulates a symphony of sleep support.
  • Keeping your budget in balance, each serving comes to a modest $1.35.
  • A sleep aid that is both effective and respectful of your body's natural rhythms.


  • Quick Sleep Initiation: Designed to encourage a rapid descent into sleep, courtesy of advanced nanotech.
  • Restful Sleep: Many attest to a night of deeper tranquility and mornings that dawn with vigor.
  • Deeper REM Sleep: It's not uncommon to awake with memories of vivid dreams, the hallmark of profound rest.
  • THC-Free: Rest assured with a product that is free from THC and its associated concerns.
  • Potential Drug Test Issues: A minuscule risk, but one to be mindful of—CBN could, in rare instances, complicate drug screening outcomes.

Final Verdict

Medterra has crafted a masterpiece in the realm of sleep aids with its Fast Asleep Gummies. The marriage of global sleep-supporting elements, the captivating taste, and an absorption technology that borders on magical, concoct a formula that's hard to resist for the sleep-deprived. Weighing the competitive price against the minor drawbacks presents a scale tipped heavily in favor of benefits. Consumers should bear in mind the slimmest of risks associated with drug testing, but on the whole, Medterra's slumber-inducing gummies command a hearty endorsement for those seeking a natural path to quality rest.

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