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3Chi Broad Spectrum CBN:CBD Oil Tincture 1oz 2000mg Review

Rating: 9.1
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Embracing a harmonious blend of nature's finest offerings, the 3Chi CBN:CBD Oil Tincture emerges as a beacon of tranquility in a bustling life. Crafted to soothe without the high, this potion is a treasure trove with equal parts CBN and CBD—each at a generous concentration of 1000mg, encapsulated in a 1oz vial of possibilities. As the 3Chi brand cuts a clear path through the evergreen field of CBD offerings, it distinguishes itself by championing the purity and potency of their concoctions. Each batch starts with organically nurtured hemp, proceeding through the meticulous process of CO2 extraction to retain the essence of wellness while ensuring the exclusion of unwanted elements.

Hands-on Experience

When the tincture arrived, it was immediately apparent that professionalism is at the core of 3Chi's ethos—the packaging, a testament to their commitment to customer assurance. A price tag of $53.99 is attached to this product, and it seems a fair exchange for the promise housed within. Precise consumption is made effortless with the included metered dropper, an invaluable companion for both the seasoned and the greenhorn in the CBD journey. The light kiss of the oil against the tongue, bereft of any greasiness, speaks volumes about the quality of the MCT carrier oil, revered for its supportive role in digestion and nutrient absorption. Subtle hints of a carefully curated terpene bouquet dance around the senses, while the addition of Vitamin E whispers of unseen benefits, bolstering the oil's therapeutic aspirations.

What We Like About This Product

  • The perfect equilibrium of CBN and CBD at 1000mg each provides a potent effect.
  • The Broad Spectrum label guarantees an experience free from THC's influence.
  • The origins of the hemp in organic fields, together with the immaculate CO2 extraction, are testimonies to the product’s quality.
  • A signature blend of plant-based terpenes enhances the overall wellness impact.
  • The thoughtfully balanced price reflects the dedication to making quality accessible.


  • The necessity for keeping it chilled may pose a slight inconvenience.
  • The nuanced effects of CBN may be too potent for a select few, leading to unintended mild intoxication.
  • Daytime usage could be challenging if a sense of drowsiness sets in.


  • With the precision of a scientist, the metered dropper promotes accurate dosage every time.
  • Expertly crafted for those seeking solace in the night, it's a lullaby in liquid form.
  • The terpene profile boasts a bounty of beta-caryophyllene, known for its soothing embrace.
  • The absence of detectable THC ensures the product is a sanctuary for those avoiding highs.


  • Sleep Support: The alliance of CBN and CBD in this elixir holds the promise of slumberous nights.
  • Non-Intoxicating: This mixture is crafted to calm without the cloudiness, though CBN's character may still gently sway some.
  • Terpene Benefits: A symphony of natural terpenes works in concert to amplify the healing harmony, creating a richer therapeutic chorus.
  • Usage Considerations: Tailored for evening use, this tincture could be the missing puzzle piece for those augmenting their cannabinoid regimen.

Final Verdict

Delving into the depths of the 3Chi CBN:CBD Oil Tincture, one finds a clear commitment to night-time solace and repose. The meticulous selection of ingredients, the precision of extraction, and the careful crafting of the formula reflect in its impressive score of 9.13. While storage and individual reactions are considerations to bear in mind, they pale in comparison to the wellness wonder this tincture represents. Priced at $53.99, 3Chi offers a harmonious junction of supreme quality and value, firmly placing it as a worthy ally in the pursuit of health and harmony.

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