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Black Tie CBD 99% CBN Isolate 5g Review

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Stepping into the limelight of the cannabis domain, the Black Tie CBD 99%+ CBN Isolate captures attention with its remarkably high concentration of cannabinol, also known as CBN. This minor cannabinoid, clocked at an impressive 99.06% purity, provides a sanctuary for those who seek the embrace of CBN's potential tranquilizing effects. For the discerning consumer, the offering includes a range of sizes, with the 5g option generously delivering a hefty 5000mg of CBN—adequate for crafting an extensive lineup of personalized remedies.

Black Tie CBD is not just another name in the vast sea of hemp producers; it shines as a beacon of commitment to quality and purity. Their 99%+ CBN Isolate is a THC-free masterpiece, opening doors for individuals to explore the realms of CBN while steering clear of THC's intoxicating influence. This is especially appealing for those who must navigate the complexities of THC consumption, whether due to personal preferences or job-related stipulations.

Hands-on Experience

Engaging with the Black Tie CBD's CBN Isolate begins with an appreciation of its thoughtfully designed packaging. The company avoids lumping their precious isolate into one unwieldy container; instead, they distribute it thoughtfully into 1-gram portions. This clever move not only safeguards the product's pristine condition but also eases the user's journey into crafting precise, personalized dosages. While remaining a specialized offering in its niche, the isolate's price tag is carefully calibrated, reflecting the formidable purity and the suite of advantages it ushers in.

On arrival, the product's professional and inconspicuous packaging earns a nod of approval. The containers, sturdy and meticulously sealed, are custodians of the isolate's untouched state. The fine, crystalline substance it houses is a breeze to work with, quickly becoming a cornerstone for a myriad of individualized concoctions.

This CBN isolate is more than a simple product; it's a testament to the brand's dedication to safety and informed usage. Detailed guidelines and cautionary advice accompany the product, ensuring it is wielded properly and with respect for its potency. Although it possesses no distinct flavor, which may seem unremarkable to the palate, its real value lies in its ability to be effortlessly adapted into personal tinctures, oils, or salves—here is where Black Tie CBD's product truly shines.

What We Like About This Product

  • High Purity: The outstanding 99.06% CBN content showcases the product's strength and efficacy.
  • Flexible Usage: Easy to merge into a plethora of custom-made solutions, the isolate's versatility is a commendable feature.
  • THC Free: The deliberate exclusion of THC broadens the product's appeal for those who must abstain from psychoactive effects.
  • Professional Packaging: Durably packed, the product promises a prolonged lifespan and a satisfying user experience.
  • Brand Reputation: The sterling reputation of Black Tie CBD, cemented by their unwavering focus on quality and consumer enlightenment, speaks volumes.


  • The product's specialization may seem daunting to newcomers dipping their toes into the world of CBD creations.
  • Meticulous handling and accurate measurement are required for proper dosing, which may present a hurdle for some enthusiasts.
  • Given the recommendation against direct consumption, the options for using it straight from the container are somewhat curtailed.


  • Purity: Boasts a remarkable 99.06% CBN content per each gram, underscoring its potent nature.
  • Quantity Options: Flexibility is key, with availability in 1g, 2g, or 5g quantities to suit diverse needs.
  • Intended Use: Ideal for concocting custom aids to enhance sleep or to act as a sedative, tailoring to personal health goals.
  • Brand Integrity: Black Tie CBD's reputation for delivering superior hemp-derived products is well-earned and widely recognized.


  • Offers a sedative touch, often improving the user's sleep quality and overall nocturnal tranquility.
  • May play a supportive role in managing pain, potentially a boon for those seeking adjunctive options in pain management.
  • Contributes to the modulation of immune system activity, an area ripe for further scientific exploration to fully unveil its benefits.
  • Users are advised to proceed with caution, as it may induce drowsiness, particularly critical for those tasked with operating machinery or driving.

Final Verdict

The refined Black Tie CBD 99%+ CBN Isolate is tailor-made for the savvy CBD connoisseur who desires the freedom to create their own distinct blends. With its stellar purity, adaptability, and a THC-free formula, it emerges as an unparalleled choice for those in quest of customized sleep support or adjunct pain management solutions. Although it may not be the go-to choice for novices or those who favor convenience, it is an exemplary foundation for aficionados yearning to fine-tune their CBD journey. For those well-versed in the nuances of CBD and its myriad applications, Black Tie CBD's CBN Isolate is undeniably a judicious addition to consider for one's wellness arsenal.

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