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Social CBD Lemon Ginger CBD Oil Drops 2000mg Review

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Dive into a world where wellness meets taste with Social CBD's Lemon Ginger Isolate CBD Oil Drops. As part of the renowned Social CBD family, previously branded as Select CBD, this tincture is a standout in its class. Imagine a 1oz bottle teeming with 2000mg of CBD – it's a powerhouse of purity that delivers a serious punch. Within, you'll find CBD isolate, the epitome of THC-free formulation. But the magic doesn't end there; this elixir is a symphony of health-boosting extras like zesty ginger, age-old turmeric, and uplifting lemon essential oil, all cradled in an MCT oil base to ensure every drop is absorbed with ease.

Every aspect of the Social CBD's Lemon Ginger tincture is crafted with your well-being and joy in mind. Vegan folks to those avoiding soy and sugar can rejoice – this oil is a tailor-made fit for various dietary needs. Flavor is king here, with lemon ginger taking the stage and a hint of stevia lending just enough sweetness. The sophisticated bottle design is not just easy on the eyes – its dropper is a nod to practicality, making the CBD experience both effective and enjoyable.

Hands-on Experience

When the Lemon Ginger Isolate CBD Oil Drops arrived, I was taken by the minimalist chic of the packaging. The branding is tasteful, and the dark glass bottle is a thoughtful touch to shield the oil from light. At an attractive price point, the value is clear given the premium ingredients and the sheer strength of the CBD contained within.

The dropper is a small but mighty tool, ensuring you can tailor your dose to your precise needs. The oil's texture is spot on, gliding out of the dropper with ease. As for flavor, the lemon ginger offers a zingy escape from the often less inviting hemp taste, made just right by stevia's understated sweetness.

For those of us who are THC-sensitive, the promise of an isolate-based concoction is comforting. During my personal trial, adding the oil into my morning tea became a ritual; if not, I'd savor it sublingually. The MCT oil proved to be a faithful companion, ushering in the benefits swiftly. It wasn't just about mental clarity – the ginger and turmeric duo seemed to tenderly quell the occasional stomach upset I faced.

What We Like About This Product

  • A bountiful 2000mg dose of CBD assures potent and reliable results.
  • The lemon ginger flavor is an invitation to delight the senses.
  • The pure CBD isolate ensures a THC-free adventure, ideal for the THC-conscious.
  • Ginger and turmeric join forces, bringing additional wellness advantages.
  • Whether you're vegan, avoid soy, or skip sugar, this tincture is crafted just for you.
  • The balance of cost and quality shines, making this potent CBD oil a smart pick.


Amidst its many praises, Social CBD's Lemon Ginger Isolate CBD Oil Drops do come with a few caveats. For the full-spectrum aficionados, the absence of other cannabinoids might mean missing out on the synergistic 'entourage effect.' Flavor is subjective, and while many will find solace in the lemon ginger twist, it might not suit the purists who seek the unadorned taste of hemp. A heads-up for the coconut-intolerant – this tincture does include MCT oil sourced from coconuts.


The standout features of Social CBD's Lemon Ginger Isolate CBD Oil Drops include:

  • The streamlined purity of the CBD isolate brings simplicity and effectiveness.
  • A flavor profile that dances on the palate with natural zest.
  • No THC means you enjoy the benefits with a clear head.
  • It's a friend to many diets, being vegan, soy, and sugar-free.
  • Dosing is a breeze with the thoughtful dropper included.


  • Revitalizing Flavor: The lively twist of lemon and ginger brightens the day and delights the taste buds.
  • Concentration Boost: The robust potency might just clear the fog and calm the nerves.
  • Digestive Comfort: Embrace the soothing embrace of ginger and turmeric for your digestive well-being.
  • Efficient Absorption: MCT oil enhances how your body takes in CBD, making for a speedy and effective experience.
  • No Sugar High: Stevia offers sweetness without the sugar spike, keeping things balanced.
  • Clear-headed Relief: THC-free, this oil is perfect for those who prefer their wellness without any high.

Final Verdict

In the crowded CBD marketplace, Social CBD's Lemon Ginger Isolate CBD Oil Drops shine through as a top-notch performer. This brew marries high-potency CBD with the enlivening presence of lemon and ginger for a therapeutic experience that's as enjoyable as it is beneficial. While it might sidestep the full-spectrum effects some seek, it's hard to overlook the unparalleled quality, tastiness, and health perks it offers. Whether you're testing the CBD waters or you're a seasoned aficionado, these Lemon Ginger CBD Oil Drops come highly recommended for their strength, purity, and great taste.

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