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Koi CBD Oil Tincture Broad Spectrum Natural Flavor 2000mg Review

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The world of wellness has been swept up by a wave of enthusiasm for CBD offerings, with Koi Naturals emerging as a distinguished name in the arena. Their Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture is a shining example of their devotion to purity and comprehensive disclosure. This tincture comes in a natural flavor and boasts a potent 2000mg of CBD in every 30ml bottle, ensuring a potent and enriching experience for its users.

Whether you're looking to integrate it beneath your tongue or mix it into your favorite food and drink, this tincture is crafted to suit a variety of uses. It is unencumbered by synthetic flavors and boasts Koi PRIZM™, a distinctive full-spectrum CBD concoction that underpins the brand's pledge to offer an untainted and encompassing wellness product. For those who prefer to steer clear of THC while still reaping the therapeutic virtues of CBD, this THC-free formulation is a prime choice.

Hands-on Experience

On arrival, the Koi CBD Oil Tincture's packaging communicates an air of sophistication and high standards, reflective of the brand's esteem for quality. The inclusion of a precise dropper aids in administering exact dosages with minimal fuss.

In the realm of value-for-money, this tincture stands out as a judicious investment in one's health regimen. With a CBD concentration that equates to roughly 66.67 mg per serving, the price tag of $3.33 per dose corresponds to a favorable market position in terms of CBD content. To be more precise, the cost amounts to $0.05 per 1 mg of CBD, which is a competitive rate, more so for a broad-spectrum offering.

The tincture's natural undertones are reminiscent of the earth, perfect for purists keen on savoring unadulterated CBD. Its adaptability is a bonus—it can slip into your meals or drinks without overshadowing their flavors. Its use is as straightforward as it gets: a few drops under the tongue, hold for 15–20 seconds, and swallow. The absorption is swift, and for those just beginning their CBD journey, Koi Naturals recommends a three-hour wait after your initial dose to fully gauge its impact on your system.

What We Like About This Product

  • High-Quality Broad Spectrum CBD: Enriched with a diverse range of cannabinoids and terpenes for a comprehensive CBD experience devoid of THC.
  • Vegan-Certified: With VegeCert's seal of approval, this tincture offers peace of mind for those embracing a plant-based lifestyle.
  • USA-Grown Hemp: The reliance on domestic hemp cultivation ensures adherence to rigorous agricultural standards and supports quality assurance.
  • All-Natural: Committed to wellness, the formula is untouched by artificial flavors, pesticides, or solvents, resonating with consumers who prioritize their health.


The virtues of the Koi CBD Oil Tincture are plentiful, yet some may find the singular flavor profile lacking, particularly if their palate leans towards masked or enhanced flavors often found in other CBD oils. More so, while it offers commendable value in CBD content, the expense may be prohibitive for those adhering to stringent budgets, especially if daily, long-term usage is part of their health strategy.


  • Each bottle houses a generous 2000mg of CBD
  • A substantial 66.67mg of CBD is packed into each serving
  • The natural flavor is designed for a pure, unadulterated CBD sensation
  • The broad-spectrum formula is rich with various cannabinoids and terpenes
  • It offers versatility in use: sublingual or as an addition to food and drinks


  • It may serve as a beacon of calm for those navigating daily stress and tension
  • Aids in managing bodily inflammation and discomfort
  • Has the potential to enhance sleep quality for a more restful night
  • Completely free of THC, sidestepping concerns over psychoactive repercussions
  • Optimized for quick assimilation through sublingual application

Final Verdict

When it comes to selecting a CBD product, the Koi CBD Oil Tincture stands tall as a fierce competitor. Its potent level of CBD, coupled with the meticulous attention to detail in its creation, renders it a trustworthy ally for those in pursuit of CBD's possible advantages minus THC's presence. For habitual users who hold natural composition and vegan-friendly credentials in high regard, Koi Naturals' offering is an outstanding product warranting consideration. Despite its premium pricing, the caliber of the product justifies the expenditure, presenting itself as a sound investment for one's holistic health and welfare.

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